Seeing My Sister

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School was out. I had just graduated from high school, and would be starting at Notre Dame in the fall. My academics were very good, and I had received a full-ride scholarship, so while it was not necessary that I find summer employment, my parents insisted that I do so. They seemed to think it was good to have a daily routine — to be required to be somewhere once in a while. Secretly I agree with them, but really I would rather be in charge of my own time.

Being good at academics provides other benefits as well. I worked hard at whatever was required of me, and developed a reputation as a dependable guy. Living in a very small town meant that my reputation of “good worker” preceded me, and I became pretty employable. So while I had to work because my parents said so, I was able to score a pretty great job.

I worked at the local Post Office, afternoon shift. I didn’t start until noon, and I was finished by 5:30. The pay was pretty decent, and I didn’t have to get up early! My evenings were free, so I was pretty set for the summer, it seemed.

My twin sister, Becky, was so much like me, and yet so different. She had likewise received a scholarship for college, though she was going to U.S.C.. There was going to be some football rivalry in the family! She loved working early mornings. She generally didn’t go out as much as I did, and was usually in bed several hours before me. Consequently she got a summer job at the supermarket in town, early morning shift. She worked 5:00 AM until noon. It meant we wouldn’t see each other during the day, but we’d have dinner together with the family.

My sister and I were moderately close. We would have done anything for one another, and there was absolutely no negativity between us. We did not seek to do everything together, or even necessarily have the same group of friends. We often ended up at the same social gatherings, but that may have been because we were in such a small town. I love my sister very much, and we do have a special bond that I think only twins have, but we were not joined at the hip by any means.

As the summer progressed we both noticed how we were seeing much less of each other than ever before. We had, after all, gone to the same elementary, middle, and high schools. We’d been in the same classes. But now we never saw each other before 6 PM, dinner time. I think we both started to acknowledge that we would really be separated like never before when college started in the fall. Neither of us seemed to care for this idea, and we started creating excuses to spend time together in the evenings, watching a movie or playing a game with our parents.

We often talked in the evenings, on a variety of topics. Becky and I were pretty comfortable with one another — we had a very normal set of parents. They talked to us about sex, made us understand that it wasn’t something dirty and awful. Our parents even talked to us about masturbation, and how it was a normal thing and there shouldn’t be guilt feelings attached to it. Becky and I had talked about masturbating, and we both knew the other did it. But that was as far as my interest went.

Usually, when we spent our evenings together at home, they would end with Becky going to bed while I either went out or spent time online or playing a game. I felt like I was getting closer to my sister, and was upset that it was only going to end in late August. She was feeling the same, but we both knew this is what life was like.

My parents had a pretty liberal alcohol policy, and I started having a beer or two before bed as part of my nightly routine. I figured I might build up my alcohol resistance before college, so I wouldn’t be a lightweight when the dorm parties happened. This had one negative consequence: I was getting up every night around 4 AM to use the bathroom. Small price to pay, I thought.

About the third week of summer, around 4:15 AM, I got up to drain my bladder, and I realized the bathroom was occupied — we only have the one bathroom in the house. Obviously Becky was getting ready for work. The shower was running and I had to pee something fierce. I didn’t know what to do — we have a clear glass shower door, there was no way I could use the bathroom while she was showering. I stood there and waited for the shower to stop. By 4:30 things were nearly disastrous, and I decided I would use the kitchen sink. Oh I know how gross that is, but this was urgent. I ran plenty of water afterward, and cleaned the sink really thoroughly, but this was not a very good solution.

Afterward I went back to bed, only to hear the shower stop as soon as I lay down. “Of course,” I though. By this point I was pretty wide awake, and I listened to the sounds of my sister getting ready, having breakfast, and leaving. Once the house was quiet I started dozing again.

This happened again the following night. I could not wait for Becky to finish, and I used the kitchen sink. “This is crazy,” I thought, “I have to talk to her and see if there isn’t some system we can work out.”

That evening, after dinner, Becky and I watched a movie together. Our parents went out, so we were alone.

“Hey Becky, you take a long time in the bathrooms in the mornings!” I said, with mock anger.

She blinked in surprise. “You’re sawing logs that time of day, why do you care?”

“Well,” I replied, “every morning I’ve had to go pee right at the time you have the shower running, and I have to wait and wait. It’s rather uncomfortable, you know.”

“Oops!” She said. “I actually run the shower for a long time before I get into it. It is so cold in that bathroom I use the shower to heat it up. You should have knocked, you know. I would have covered up and turned around if it was an emergency.”

“I know, I just didn’t want to surprise you, and I’m not thrilled about the idea of going pee with you right next to me.”

“Well next time it happens,” she said, “just knock.” I might not even be in the shower yet. Don’t be so squeamish!”

We went back to our movie, and when it ended she went to bed, and I got a beer.

I didn’t end up having any issue for several nights. It was the following week when, once again, I was standing outside the bathroom door, listening to the shower, trying to decide if I should knock or not. I decided to go back to bed and try to wait for her. As I was entering my room I heard Becky’s bedroom door open — apparently she ran the shower and went back to bed! I turned to tell her to wait a minute, and as I opened my mouth I saw that she was naked.

“Becky!” She looked at me and instantly tried to cover herself as she dashed into the bathroom. Clearly she had not been expecting anyone to be up.

Now, I am an 18 year old guy, so yes, I did look her up and down. Not with the intent of seeing a sexy naked woman. My sister and I had never ever experimented. Not even the “I’ll show you mine” sort of experimenting. We just never seemed to have the urge. I did notice, on this occasion, that she was definitely not a little girl any more.

Neither my sister nor me was particularly good looking. We weren’t on sports teams, we focused on academics, and we had the physics to match. We weren’t fat, just…unimpressive.

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