Seducing The Virgin Next Door

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“You weren’t satisfied now?”

“It was nice, but you’ll learn to do better.”

“Oh please, promise you’ll teach me.”

“I promise. As long as you keep coming over to fuck me and don’t fuck anyone else, I’ll teach you how to satisfy me completely.”

“I promise, Simon. I promise. I want to make you happy.”

“Good girl. Now get dressed and go home. Your parents will be home soon and you need a shower.”

Karen put her bikini back on and Simon smiled as he saw the little bruises that were starting to appear all over her body. She’d soon learn to mask the telltale signs of fucking. He lay back, completely satisfied and smiled at his own genius. Karen was going to make a good little mistress for him.

Karen came back that night, and every day that week. She eagerly participated in his games as he made her go for hours on end with dildos in her cunt before he fucked her. She became more and more dependant on his cock. When Simon had sold his house and moved it was time for her to go away to college. On the eve of her departure she announced that she wasn’t going to go to her chosen college, but she was going to go to the one in the city down the road. Her parents paid for her dorm room, but she never set foot in the dorm. On Simon’s request she moved into his penthouse apartment and became his mistress. Simon soon discovered that he had a particular fetish for pregnant 18-year olds.

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