Seducing The Virgin Next Door

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Simon was pushing his lawnmower up and down the lawn. He hated cutting the grass. He’d never wanted to buy a house with a lawn in the first place, heck, he hadn’t wanted to buy a house. He’d wanted a penthouse. But his ex-wife had been adamant. She loved gardening; she was going to spend hours making their garden a haven of colours and smells. The bitch had made it into the garden maybe once in their three years in the house. Every week it was the same. Nag, nag, nag to get Simon to cut the grass. And now the bitch had left him with this stupid house that he didn’t want and couldn’t sell because none of the viewers liked his ex-wife’s décor. Simon’s life really sucked.

Well, there was one advantage to mowing the lawn. It gave him an opportunity to ogle Karen, the beautiful redhead next door. She’d caught his eye already three years ago when Simon and his ex-wife moved in and she’d become so much more beautiful in that time. And now she was legal. As Simon came home from work the other day he’d seen balloons and signs shouting out the fact that it was her 18th birthday. He felt a familiar stir in his pants as he watched her. He hadn’t gotten laid in 4 months, he was desperate for pussy and he was sure Karen would be a great lay. She was rather tall, about 5’9″, she had an athletic body that was covered in freckles. Her tits were lovely and firm, somewhere between B and C-cup, he judged. And judging from the miniscule bikini bottoms she insisted on wearing she either shaved completely or left only a tiny little bush. He knew he had to have her.

Karen was watering her mom’s flower baskets when Mr Keller next door called her over. Karen liked Mr Keller. He was younger than the other neighbours, early to mid-30’s, she guessed. He was rather good looking too and she knew that she was going to miss seeing him when he moved.

“Hi Mr Keller,” she smiled.

“Hi Karen,” his eyes met hers. “Do you still make those bags out of people’s old clothes that you used to sell at the craft fair?”

“You bet! It’s made me a lot of money for my college fund over the years.”

“Are you in need of any more clothes to use?”

“I always need more material. I usually go down to the charity shop. Designer labels are particularly popular.”

“Well, my ex-wife left a lot of her old clothes when she took off and I can’t get her to come back and pick them up. I’ve taken a week off work to clear out the house and get it sold so you’d do me a big favour if you’d come over and take what you can use so that I can throw the rest of it out.”


“The sooner the better.”

“OK, let me just lock the doors and I’ll be right over,” Karen skipped into the house and grabbed her material sack and the keys. She was just about to knock on Simon’s door when he opened it. He took her up to the bedroom and opened the closets for Karen to see.

“Wow, Mr Keller,” she gasped when she saw the treasure trove that Simon’s wife had left behind. “You could sell this to the second-hand boutique and make a lot of money.”

“I don’t care about the money,” he said, masking the bitterness in his voice. “I just want to get rid of it and if it can make money for your college fund then at least it’ll do something good.”

“Thank you so much, Mr Keller,” Karen dove straight into the closet again, taking masses of designer wear off the hangers. The contents of the closet filled not only her sack, but also two plastic bags that Simon supplied her with.

“There’s some underwear too,” Simon said and opened one of the underwear drawers.

Karen gasped as she saw the fine silk materials and the beautiful lace. She knew she was going to be able to use the lace, maybe even the silk. She wondered what underwear like that felt like. It was proper grown-up underwear that her mom didn’t let her buy. She took one bra and felt it between her fingers.

“It’s so soft,” she mumbled.

“It’s beautiful,” Simon agreed, imagining what it would be like to buy lingerie for Karen. All the stuff his ex-wife had left behind was lingerie that he’d bought for her.

Karen picked up the bras and put them in her bags and proceeded to the next drawer that was filled with panties. She started picking them up and then she suddenly gasped and stepped back, blushing all over her body.

“What’s the matter Karen,” Simon said, standing right behind her and knowing perfectly well what she’d found.

“Uhm, I think I’m done here, Mr Keller,” Karen stuttered.

“Is it the dildos?” he asked and put his hands on her shoulders.

“Yes,” Karen whispered in reply.

“Have you never seen a dildo before?”

“No, I didn’t think married women kept them.”

“Oh they do,” Simon’s body brushed against Karen’s back now. “There’s nothing sexier for a man to watch his wife fucking herself with a dildo, pleasuring herself before his eyes.”

“Really?” Karen uttered in disbelief. “Some of them are so big.”

“That’s the size of an erect penis, sweetheart. When a woman is turned on it will fit snugly inside her vagina.”

“Then what are the small ones for?”

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