Seducing the Indian Maid

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Then Subhash said,”How do you manage on your meagre salary then?” Sushila simply shrugged her shoulders.

Subhash again prodded,” Sushila, dont you want anything for yourself? New sarees, New ornaments, you are a nice woman, but you have nothing to adorn yourself with, how do you live such a life? Dont you get disheartened?”

Sushila said,” Sahab, we are poor people, we cannot think of such things, we just have to live life the way it is.”

Subhash again started leading her,” But would you not like if you had a few good things for yourself.”

Sushila said,” Who would not like it sahab.”

Subhash said,” Look Sushila, I can suggest something to you, but that is between me and you only.”

Sushila did not say anything but for the first time she took her eyes off the floor and looked at subhash directly as if for the first time realising his intentions. Subhash went on,” Look, you know how Nirmala is… I am not happy with her, but I cannot destroy my family because of the kids, You also are un happy, Your husband beats you and does nothing for you or the family. Something can be worked out where both of us can find a mutually beneficial thing, without anyone finding out anything.”

Sushila said,”What are you suggesting sahab?” Try as he might Subhash could not bring himself to say anything directly.

Subhash went on,” Look, I will give you extra money for all the days that Nirmala is not here, and every time when she is not here, and you can use the money for yourself.”

Suddenly, Sushila blurted out,” What if my husband or memsahab finds out, I will be ruined.”

Subhash knew he had her then, emboldened he said,” How will they find out? You and me are not telling anyone anything? So there is no possibility of that.”Sushila just kept quiet.

This emboldened Subhash further, He asked her,”So what do you say?” Sushila was quiet.

Subhash was getting bolder by the moment. He asked,” What are you wearing?”

Sushila was again quiet. He said, “I want to see what you are wearing.” She just stood there not moving. Subhash got up suddenly, his hand touched her waist between the sari and the blouse.

” Show me what you are wearing under this, woman!” Subhash demanded. Sushila just stood there not moving or saying anything. Subhash squeezed her breast over her blouse, she raised her hand and clutched his palm as if to stop him, but she did not, she just kept her hand loosely over his, while he started fondling her breasts. She wore no bra, and he could trace out the nipples under the thin material of the blouse. A deep breath exhaled from her mouth caught his attention.

Subhash asked her,” Like it?” She just nodded and looked at him, the lust very much in her eyes now.

Subhash put his right hand lower squeezed Sushila’s buttock over her sari, and asked her,”What are you wearing under your saree and petticoat?” She lowered her eyes and said,”Panty!” He was surprised, because “Panty” was the first english word he had heard her use, the conversation earlier and all the six years he had known her was always in Marathi.(The local regional language.)

Subhash squeezed her hips hard, and said,” Show it to me.” Sushila moaned as if in pain,”Aah!” she took a step back and raised her saree…he could see that the were a faded rust color, and torn at the front a bit, with her pubic hair coming out of the hole, the hole was almost 2″ in diameter. She immediately left her sari as if shy.

Subhash snarled,”Who said you could stop showing your cunt? Lift it up again and do not lower it till I ask you to.” She again lifted it.

This time subhash inserted his finger in the hole of her panty and started fingering Sushila’s clit. Long strokes, but soft, not wanting to end anything in a hurry. She started squirming, he knew she was liking it. She suddenly lifted her saree with both her palms, and pulled down her panties. Subhash, knew that this was to give him better access to her cunt. But, he was in the mood to tease her, so he continued his strokes on her clitoris, and softly as ever, he did not want to make her come yet. She held his wrist and desperately and pushed it as if telling him she wants it in her cunt. Subhash finally had pity on her and put his index finger and his middle finger inside her.

Sushila was slushing wet inside, Subhash was surprised that a woman could produce so much juice from her pussy. Anyway, her face was telling him that she was in seventh heaven and he was not the one to rob her of her pleasure. He started stroking her inside with his fingers. In and out motion, but very slowly, there was not a word being said but her eyes had closed and she was breathing very heavily, and every now and then a moan would escape from her lips, telling him everything he needed to know as to where she was at…. He started increasing the speed, she held his wrist hard and was aiding in pushing it inside her, as if she wanted the whole hand inside. Rapid strokes…. and now her breath was hard and coming in short gasps.

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