Seducing the Indian Maid

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Subhash was a technical engineer in a multi-national firm dealing in engineering components. He was based in Pune, a city in Western India. He would operate from home, attending service calls to customers from his home.

5’10” tall,and good looking, Subhash was married with 2 kids. Being well off financially, Subhash could afford a reasonably good life-style, which by Indian standards is reasonably lavish.

Subhash’s wife Nirmala, was an over-bearing arrogant woman who would not think twice before insulting him in public. Subhash, came from a poor back-ground but a cultured family, so he would not say anything to his wife’s misbehaviour, but he was finding it difficult not to retaliate to his wife time and again. Although, due to his sincerity and hard-work he was doing well in life now.

The sex at home too, after the two kids had got boring, because true to her nature his wife was nothing but selfish in bed. The usual monotony of her achieving her climax and then leaving Subhash high and dry to do what he willed for his pleasure was getting boring for him. Hence, over the years sex was like a performance which would be a bi-weekly affair.

Subhash would dread the nights when he would be expected to perform, insert then keep grinding till his wife would achieve her climax and then he would be pushed off without coming himself. Hardly, what you would call satisfatory for a guy 34 years old and virile! Further, how long can you expect a full-blooded man in his prime to use his hand for masturbatory satisfactions?

It was then Subhash started noticing the maid of their house Sushila. Sushila, had been employed with them for the last six years, about 25 years old when she was employed by Nirmala. Sushila was slim, with small almost non-existent breasts always dressed in a sari, petticoat and a blouse. (Sari-Is the traditional indian dress, it is a long cloth which is draped around by the females in India, Blouse- Is a top to be worn over a saree leaving the stomach exposed, Petticoat-A long skirt which is worn under a sari tied at the waist.) Although, her clothes would not be dirty or torn but they always had evidence of extensive use, and would look worn out always.

Sushila, would come in the morning, sweep, wipe the floor, cook, wash clothes, wash utensils and do each and every job which Nirmala would conjure for her and would listen to the barrage of insults and abuses heaped upon her by Nirmala with a bowed head. She desperately needed this job, because her husband was a good for nothing drunkard, who would drink, abuse and beat her whenever it suited his fancy. Working or staying away from his work whenever it suited his alcoholic stupors. Further, he would not contribute anything towards the family expenditures, so it was left to Sushila to feed them and their child besides. Sushila would start her work in the morning and leave late in the evening. Sushila was dark, very plain faced and silent, one would actually not notice her in the house normally.

Subhash would see her working whenever he would be at home and not taking calls, and off-late he had started noticing her more, especially when she would tuck up her saree while washing clothes or wiping the floor. Stories about her husband beating Sushila would come to his ears from Nirmala, but that would be the story of every other maid in India where alcoholism among the lower classes is rampant. But, owing to his middle-class back-ground and the fear of being exposed and rebuked kept him from doing anything or trying to bed Sushila. Further, with Nirmala always around in the house there was no opportunity either to do anything.

Then one day Nirmala had to go to her parents who lived in a far-off city during summer vacations. Normally, Subhash would accompany her and the kids during these visits, but making an excuse of heavy work-pressure, he persuaded Nirmala to leave early with the kids and said that he would join them later. This was a fabricated excuse, actually, it was lean season always during summers when kids had vacations, but to further justify his excuse, Subhash stayed out complete days for a few days prior to their departure, saying that he was on calls.

The train by which Nirmala and the kids were going left early in the morning, Subhash dropped them off to the station and rushed back home. He was waiting for Sushila to come for her work. When Sushila came, she went about her usual chores of the house, almost oblivious to Subhash’s presence and try as he might Subhash could not bring himself about to talk to her beyond the usual of, “Get Some Water” or “Serve My Food”.

A few hours went by but nothing happened and all the time his heart was beating wildly in his chest. He had got a pack of condoms but slowly it seemed to him that any hope of using them was bleak.

Since, no one was at home and with Nirmala not shouting over her head, Sushila finished her work early and around afternoon itself came up to Subhash and said, “Saheb, I have finished, I want to go.”

Subhash somehow managed to say, “Wait!”

Subhash switched on his computer and then called out to Sushila, he said, ” Do you want to see a movie?”

Sushila refused, She said, ” My kid will be coming home, may I go?” Subhash was planning to show her an x-rated movie on his computer, but it seemed this ploy was not going to work.

Subhash changed his tactics and told Sushila, “Wait, I want to talk to you.”

“Is it true that your husband beats you?” Subhash asked Sushila. She said,”Yes, Sahab!”

” Is it also true that he does not contribute anything towards expenditure?” Subhash pursued further. She again said,”Yes, Sahab!”

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