Seduced by My English Teacher

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“Both.” I responded. “Turn around and present that fine ass of yours, I’ve some prep work to do.”

I grabbed my pack. “I’ve got K-Y, which I prefer, but also Vaseline, which I don’t like as much, but it has one clear advantage, its virtually water proof. Have you ever been butt fucked underwater?” And with that I took a large glob of the jelly and began pushing it into her rectum.

She responded immediately by pushing her hips back and fucking my fingers with her anal canal.

“My turn.” She said, grabbing a handful of the greasy stuff and coating my dick liberally.

We slid back into the water and moved to the other edge of the small swimming hole where the water was a little less than tit deep. She turned around and rested her arms on the smooth rocks which lined the bank. I fondled her tits from behind and kissed her neck.

“Ease that bad boy in my dirty little hole. I haven’t done this in far too long and with your size, it’ll take a couple of minutes.” She requested.

I interrupted her instructions to, ‘go slow’ by quickly inserting just the head of my bone hard young cock past her anal ring.

“Oh, that’s nice, hold it there for a sec.” She exclaimed as she slowly began to work her butt in small circles, slowly inching my cock into her rectum.

After a couple of minutes, she slowly pushed her full ass in my direction, impaling herself on my rock hard member.

“I think I feel the tickly of pubic hair on my ass, so I think—I sure hope—that’s all of it. I’m pretty sure no man has ever been this close to my colon before. Let me do the work for a while, just stand there and let me fuck your cock.” She quietly intoned.

Thank God for the greasy stuff, lubrication did not become an issue, but the jelly makes ass fucking a little less sensitive than water soluble lube. But, as long as it’s neither dry not full of shit, there just isn’t any such thing as a bad butt fuck with a willing, attractive and anally experienced young woman.

We started slowly and she transferred the lead to me. She diddled her clit and rotated that full ass like a professional. The cold water slowed my response and as time went on, she showed no signs of wanting me to, ‘get it over with.’

I started to increase my pace, now taking her tender little hole with full strokes. More than once I pulled out of her completely as I attempted to put off the inevitable. She moaned with disappointment when my cock would leave her anal cavity, but cooed like a dove when I shoved it back in. She got nasty.

“I’m your anal bitch, fuck that ass and fuck it hard.” She ordered.

Her fingers increased their pace on her little twat and I felt her anal canal contract around my dick as she came, thrusting her body back against me, almost hard enough to knock me over. As I continued to stroke her shitter, she continued to cum in a small series of little orgasms.

“Bang it, baby. Fuck that ass like you mean it. Make me scream. Fuck that tight little shitter! I want your cum in my ass, deep and long. Make it burn. Make me take your cock in my special hole.” She was almost screaming.

And, as she reached down to tickly my balls I unloaded in her ass with a howl at the completion of a totally nasty, but completely satisfying, butt fuck.

I fucked those massive tits a couple of hours later at another stopping point, one out in the open, but a mile away from any potentials viewers—unless they were looking through spy glasses. I shot cum all over her face, but much of it went directly into her little mouth.

The rest of the weekend continued in form. I was young and horny and she was young, horny and hadn’t gotten any for much of the school year. We fucked in the barn, we fucked in the big creek a few hundred yards from our house and we fucked in her bed and mine. We snuck out and fucked in the middle of the lawn in the moon light, doggie style, as I slapped that fine, firm, full butt in perfect rhythm with my frenzied thrusts.

I fucked her ass up against a fence behind the barn, pulling up my pants and pulling down her skirt over her pantyless ass seconds before my mom walked out to join us, hoping that dear old mom wouldn’t notice the wet spot on my jeans or the cum running down Martha’s legs as it slowly seeped from her gaping ass hole.

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