Seduced by My English Teacher

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I’d been eating pussy for a while. I’d eaten several older women, and they had helped perfect my technique. Not only was I damned good at it, I absolutely loved sucking twat. She figured out pretty quickly that I was not a virgin, at least as far as licking her cunt was concerned.

With no further prompting she began to suck the head of my cock into her mouth and continued to probe my anal opening with a well lubed finger. I stroked her love button with my thumb, lapped her labia and slowly tongue fucked her little twat while inserting my own well lubed finger in her brown eye. She not only didn’t flinch, she moaned appreciatively.

It was no surprise, since I had jacked off only minutes earlier, that she was likely to be the one to get off first. As I quickened my oral pace on her pussy and finger fucked her butt to the second knuckle, she simply held the head of my cock in her mouth and her finger in my butt and went along for the ride.

As she came, she grabbed the edge of a pillow and shoved it in her mouth to keep from waking the dead—or my parents— with an over exuberant reaction to cumming. As was my custom, I continued to eat her out and she came a second time, less forcefully than the first. After the second orgasm, still kneeling over me, she began to suck me off in earnest.

She ticked my balls, continued her anal finger assault and with surprising skill, took my load in her mouth, swallowing much of it but letting some drip out of the side of her mouth. She lovingly slurped up every spilled drop, and then rolled over on her side with a shit eating, or more accurately, cock eating grin. Loving the taste of my own jiz in the mouth or on the face of a woman who has just blown me, I softly licked the spillage off her lips and probed her mouth with my tongue.

She spoke, almost in a daze. “I was planning to seduce you. You’re such a, ‘nice kid’ at school that I was sure you were a virgin. We’ll find out how you fuck, but if the way you eat pussy is any indication, this will be a very satisfying weekend for both of us. You weren’t tentative about all of this at all—hell you were damned bold! You knew we were going to do this, didn’t you, you little faker! You didn’t learn to go down on a woman like that with HS girls in the back seat of your dad’s LTD, did you? Tell your English teacher all about it.”

Now, in today’s world, much of my sexual history might well land some helpful older woman in legal trouble. Without getting into details, I had a relatively advanced sexual education for an eighteen year old. A woman in her 30s, whose husband was working overseas, had given me a graduate education in eating pussy and controlling my need to shoot my load. She was the best, but not the only one.I gave Martha a brief overview.

Without thinking, my hand had dropped back down to her cunt and I began softly stroking it as we talked. At that age, my dick was hard in no time, as she discovered when she let her hand find its way to my crotch. I wanted to fuck her from behind with a full view of that full ass. She indicated that she actually preferred doggie style, head down butt in the air.

I fucked her hard, deep and long, longer, I later learned than she had ever been fucked. Her pussy was surprisingly tight and my cock was fatter than she had experienced, so it was an agonizingly fantastic fuck for both of us. She was not on the pill, but had inserted her diaphragm during her earlier bathroom stop—anticipating that she might need it to block my fertile little swimmers.

As I sensed that we were both getting fatigued, I shot my load deep in her pussy. She had already cum, so I felt no compunction to keep fucking her, even though her cunt was delightfully tight, hot and wet. I pulled my cock out of her steaming twat and cleaned her pussy softly with my tongue. She rolled over and turned around and cleaned the last remains of her cunt juice from my deflating dick.

We fell asleep, awaking twice during the night, once for a straight on, almost romantic, face to face fuck; as dawn approached, another round of oral adventure. As the sun came up, she slipped into the bathroom to remove the diaphragm and returned to her own bed for some much needed rest.

I got up early to see dad off. Mom had a lot of paper work to do in her job as a local magistrate. I let Martha sleep until 8:00, awakening her with coffee and breakfast in bed. I kissed her and boldly rubbed my hand over her still naked pussy.

“What’s on the agenda for today?” She coyly inquired.

A hike, a tour of the farm, up through the woods and along the two streams that intersect the property. We’ll be gone for quite a while and will need to pack lunch and drinks.” I replied with mock seriousness. “Accompanied by, I hope further, exploration of each others bodies.”

“I need to ask you a sensitive question.” She softly intoned, taking on her own serious attitude. “I’ve got great hiking shoes, I’ve hiked in the mountains before, but the problem of, ah, contraception is an issue. I can’t hike comfortably with a diaphragm shoved up my cunt, I don’t take the pill because of weight gain, and I hate rubbers. From our chat last night, I sort of guessed that you wouldn’t be too grossed out if you had to make do and fuck my exquisite not so little ass instead of my pussy?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” I replied. “On the other hand, I had every intention of fucking your poop chute at my earliest convenience.” We both laughed.

I slapped her ass and said. “Eat your breakfast and get ready. The day is wasting away.”

We climbed to the top of the small mountain that defined our farm. Moving along the creek, we came to a clearing in the forest at which the creek turned sharply and had created a natural swimming hole. It was completely hidden from view and no one could have snuck up on us without making a lot of noise. The opening in the trees made the area sunny but surrounded by deep, dense woodlands. My dad and I had built a little platform to sit on and I had hauled some spring hay up to mulch around the edges. The platform had a small lean to at one end in case it rained. I had fucked here before.

I had brought lube in my back pack, both K-Y and Petrolatum Jelly, which was not my first choice, but the only choice for underwater butt fucking, which is what I had in mind.

The water was cold, but the air warm. I started to strip and told her to do the same so we could take a swim. She didn’t even bat an eyelash. We climbed in to the crystal clear water, splashing each other playfully as we quickly graduated to exploring each others bodies, finally sitting on the edge of the ‘dock’, drying off in the warm sun.

I spoke first. “Martha, in my ‘extensive’ experience, I’ve discovered three types of women. Those that won’t let you near their dirty hole, those that take it up the ass, but don’t enjoy it and finally, my favorite type, anal ATM freaks who love it in the ass any time, night or day. You already told me I was going to get a shot at your butt, so which of the latter two are you?” I seriously inquired.

“Let me show you.” She lasciviously replied. “Get on your knees.”

And as I complied, she quickly followed suit, rimming my anal crinkle and fucking my dirty hole with her tongue.

“Does that answer your question?” She inquired with that same, ‘fuck me’ smile. “I love it up the ass. No birth control to worry about, the sense of fullness, the feeling of being, ‘taken’, the taboo nastiness, even the little bit of pain. I get off on it. I can cum with a hard dick up my butt and just wish more guys were better at it, or not grossed out by it. Are we going to swim, or ass fuck?”

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