Seduced by My English Teacher

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My eleventh grade English teacher was a short, full figured woman of 23 in her first year as a full fledged teacher. She had a classic hour glass figure, huge tits and a very full butt with wider than average hips. She was not the type that I was attracted to. I liked ’em tall, lean and hard. Interestingly, her waist was tiny.

Martha was not beautiful, but she had a sexy, flirting smile that hinted at nasty. I was a straight ‘A’ student and she took an early interest in me and me college pursuits. I never had any thoughts about fucking her. She was a teacher, she wasn’t my type, and I certainly never felt that an opportunity would present itself.

At the end of the school year, just following my eighteenth birthday, my folks invited her to spend the weekend at our farm. My dad taught at the same HS and knew her from school. Her apartment lease was up; she was taking a summer job somewhere else and needed a place to stay for a few days.

My dad was working on his Doctorate and was gone that weekend. He was putting the final touches on his dissertation and was locked in a library at the University a couple of hours away. Martha took over the upstairs guest bedroom, sharing a bathroom with me. It was an odd arrangement; I actually had to go through her room at the top of the stairs to get to the bathroom. My parents slept downstairs.

As was the custom, I would give her a tour of the three hundred acre farm, to include the barns and other out buildings. I suggested that we could take a long hike the next morning to see the entire spread, which had numerous creeks and streams and pristine old growth forests. Having grown up in the city, she had never been in a barn, or visited a working farm.

She was very friendly. She told me to call her Martha. She grabbed me more often than needed as she climbed around in the barn. We actually laid down in the hay, face to face, very close and she asked me increasingly intimate questions about girls, dating and my sex life. She had that womanly smell that all teen boys find intoxicating. I think we were about to kiss when my mother yelled that dinner was ready. At that point, I felt confident that, before the weekend was over, we were going to fuck. I just wasn’t sure where or when.

Dad was going to leave very early the next morning. They all had a little too much to drink. Mom and dad turned in early, I now realize, to do some serious fucking of there own. I also knew that once they were done, they were very sound sleepers. Their bedroom was in a one story section way at the other end of the rambling old farm house, not under the upstairs bedrooms. It was an old, solidly built house and noise didn’t really travel. Since the upstairs bedroom was exposed, there was no chance that mom or dad would bound up the stairs, out of respect for their house guest’s privacy.

I had no idea what to expect. Martha and I sat at the dining room table and chatted for another 30 minutes or so before moving upstairs. I didn’t drink, and she had imbibed less than my folks obviously had. She went ahead of me, giving me an excellent view of that full ass. She had more than a little wiggle in that ass, and I got a boner.

Martha had a little unpacking to do and offered me the bathroom first. I jerked off as my fantasy of nailing this full figured young woman got the better of me. I came out of the bathroom in boxers, lean and muscular with a healthy tan and the remnants of a hard on. She checked me out from head to toe and commented on how fit I looked. She took over the bathroom. I went into my bedroom and closed the door—but didn’t lock it.

A while later she lightly tapped on my bedroom door; without waiting for a response, she ‘invited’ herself in. She was wearing a thin cotton night shirt. Amazingly, even without her bra, her huge breasts were standing firm and upright with not a hint of sag. That would change with age. Her ass and pussy were hardly covered by equally flimsy, ‘boy shorts’, and I could clearly see her dark muff through the fabric. She turned around and bent over to look at something on my bookshelf, giving me a delightful view of that, again, surprisingly firm posterior. I could just see the wisp of cunt hair as she slightly spread her sturdy young legs.

“Are you tired?” She asked. “I’m not, so if you’re not, I thought we could finish our discussion from earlier—in the barn.”

Without waiting for a reply she very casually sat on the edge of my bed and then rolled on her side, replicating the same position we had been in the barn.

“You’re a really good looking young man.” She observed. “I bet you drive those little high school girls crazy.”

We could have continued with the flirtation. She could have asked increasingly more suggestive questions, and I could have playfully dodged them. My dick was getting hard, and in my boxers, she couldn’t–—didn’t—miss it. I guess she thought she was going to seduce me, having no idea that I had been sexually active with a variety of girls and women for some time.

I was sizing up her mouth. It was small, but sexy. Did she suck cock? Did she do it well? Could she take my slightly fatter and longer than average one in that sexy little mouth? Was she on the pill? Would she take the high hard one up the butt? Was she just looking to make out with the cute HS kid or get fucked? So many questions needed to be answered.

By this time our lips were less than six inches apart and I thought, what the fuck. I reached up, softly caressed her cheek, ran my fingers through her hair and closed the distance. We exchanged a wet warm probing kiss. Her hand dropped to my boxers and she began to stroke my cock through the fabric, moaning appreciatively as she confirmed its length, girth and hardness.

Taking the initiative, I raised up off the bed and just took off the boxers, surprising her momentarily with my boldness. She slowly and carefully began stroking my boner. She sat up and removed the night shirt. I’ve never been that excited about big titted women, but hers were inspiring.

Following normal male instinct, I buried my face in those massive mammary glands and began licking the cleft and softly stroking her nipples. She responded immediately. Unlike many women, she loved having her tits played with and, having some experience in that department, I had perfected the right touch.

She cupped my balls with her hand and hinting at what might follow, softly rimmed my pucker with her middle finger. My other hand crept down to her pubes and I firmly stroked her hairy little bush through her shorts. As if on cue, she raised that big, beautiful ass of hers off the bed and I skinned the shorts down her legs.

At that point in my life, I thought there was nothing as erotic as doing a 69. Later I learned that it’s hard for either person to really enjoy the oral exploration of the other when you’re both lapping each others crotch. In any event, I reversed direction, pulled her on top of me in a kneeling position and proceeded to give her surprisingly tiny little pussy my best oral efforts.

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