Reversing Rolls

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She slid the white stockings off my hairy legs and began to apply the foam. When she was satisfied she got to work with her electric shaver. She looked like she was enjoy this. I felt ridiculous in my white panties and satin bra, and now having my legs shaved!

Soon later Sophie said, “There. Now for the moisturiser.” And she generously started massaging it into my new silky smooth legs. Without needing to be told I slid the white stockings back onto my legs. It was now much easier to put them on, they really did “slide”.

“Tiffany, I’m jealous! I wish I had legs like that!” Sophie teased. “While the electric shaver is out, I might as well shave those disgustingly hairy armpits. They really wouldn’t go well with that silky baby doll you was fondling”. Without warning Sophie made my armpits silky smooth. By now I felt extremely bare. A layer of hair over your legs and under your arms really does keep them warm. But now I only have stockings to keep my silky smooth legs warm.

Sophie stood back and admired her work so far. She looked extremely satisfied.

“Oh my what am I thinking?!” Sophie blurted out. “Those legs need a base, missy. Every girl knows stockings and high heels is a must.”

Walking towards me with a pair of black mary-jane 6″ heels, Sophie demanded “stretch your legs honey” and she inched the heels onto my feet.

“You even have pretty girlie feet! Just look how curvy they are, and not to mention how small they are! I think I’ve got bigger feet!”

Sophie turns around and presses her feet against mine to compare. She was right. My feet are almost exactly the same size. I always use to get teased in school because of my feet, especially when I went bowling. Asking for size 5 was embarrassing, all my friends were asking for 7 to 9s!

“It’s my genres!” I tried to protest. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Tiffany. I think its really cute. Many girls would kill to have those curves.”

Buckling them up, Sophie ordered me to stand up and give a model-style walk up and down. It wasn’t that hard to stand in them, considering they were 6″!

“Your a natural.” Sophie giggled. “No I’m not! I look stupid!” “Well I’m sure you’ll have that walk perfected in no time my little Tiffy-wiffy.” She walked over to me and gave me a light kiss on my head.

“Now, I’m getting hungry.”

“Yeah I’m a bit peckish actually.” I said as I began taking off the high heels.

“No you don’t!” Sophie promptly stopped me. “I’ll be downstairs having some lunch. Put these on sweetie.” Sophie handed me a pale pink halter top and denim mini-skirt.

“But I’m hungry! You’ve had your fun Sophie.” I fretted. “Put them on, now! Otherwise that little clitty won’t come near me for a whole year!” She kissed me and walked out of the room “I’m sure your do the right thing my Tiffy.”

I picked up the pink halter top and put it over my head and tied it at the back. The silky top made my skin feel soft. I balanced on once heel and put one leg through into the denim mini-skirt. I almost lost balance at one point wearing the 6″ heels. My whole body was now completely encapsulated in girlie lingerie and clothes. I could feel every part of my body; like I had suddenly become much more sensitive. It’s probably the soft silky halter top, panties and stockings. It made my skin feel delicate.

Almost as though as if Sophie was a mind reader she knew I had finished dressing and shouted upstairs “Have you finished yet princess?” “Yes Sophie.” “Good girl. Now get that cute body of yours down here missy.” “OK I’ll be a minute”

I started to undress, first taking off the high heels to make it easier. I slid down my stockings and panties, took off the halter top and bra. It took me almost 5 minutes to get the bra off! Just as I almost finally had it unhooked Sophie stormed into the room.

“…where the hel. What the hell are you doing?!” “I’m just taking it all off. I’m hungry and I need my lunch. You’ve already made me skip breakfast!”

“No your fucking not.” She screamed. “You better get all of YOUR clothes back on right now missy.”

“But I can’t go down dressed like this! What if someone sees me! And they’re not my clothes! Stop treating me like I’m a girl!” I said nervously.

“So little of a man as to be no man at all. Look at your little cherry. I can’t even see it any more” I looked down to see my member completely limp. “That thing might as well be cut off, I mean, it’s not like you can do anything with that.”

“That’s a lie! You use to scream when I was fucking your pussy.”

“My finger hunny. I use to stroke my clit so I could reach orgasm. You wouldn’t be able to give me a real orgasm with that gumdrop. Might as well cut it off.” She laughed.

“It’s not a gumdrop Sophie. Please don’t talk about it that way!”

“Awh don’t worry honey. I’m not too bothered about having sex any more. I’m going to teach you how two girlies have sex. Now get those clothes back on. Besides, if anyone sees you they’ll think your a cutie. You look adorable in your new clothes sweetie. And know that I don’t like shouting at you, but you better start to learn how to follow orders.”

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