Reversing Rolls

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“Set me free. NOW.” I pleaded. Sophie walked over to me and sat beside my bound body. “Aww my little baby wants to get free. I’m afraid that won’t be possible. I’ve let you have too much freedom, my little princess. ” Princess?! She’s never called me that before. But I was too busy struggling against my bonds to care.

“Now, I’ve told work that you won’t be in today. Me and you, my little cupcake, are going to have a little fun. But I do warn you, I’ll probably enjoy this more than you.”

“Ww-w-what do you mean Sophie? Can’t we do this later… I have to get into work and finish my…” she cut me short.

“Nonsense. You will stay here with me” Sophie snapped, “Now let’s see…” she mumbled as she made her way over to her wardrobe. Fumbling, almost to verify everything was correctly laid out. She closed the wardrobe and turned round smiling in satisfaction.

Climbing onto the bed my heart began to race. Her shoulder-length brown hair, with blonde and pink streaks, flowing freely around her delicately sculptured face made me get an instant hard on. Going to kiss me, but suddenly pulling back, teasing me over and over again. She knows I love to hate that.

Making her way back down my body, Sophie slides off my boxers.

“I don’t think these suit you, sweetie, you need something for that delicate little clitty of yours.”

“W-w-what? Sophie your starting to scare me.”

Walking over to her cabinet, opening the top draw, fumbling around once again until she found what she wanted. “Awwh look at these. I almost forgot I bought these with your credit card.”

Sophie pulled out a set of keys dangling on a chain from her neck and started to unlock the handcuffs to my feet. “Now you’re going to be a good girl, aren’t you? Any sign of resisting what’s about to come and I promise you will live to regret it.”

Sophie demanded, “Close your eyes.” I was in no position to resist, so I did as instructed. I felt each leg being put through soft hooped-life fabric. Sophie slid the fabric right up to my “little clitty” as she termed it.

“Open.” I followed her command to see a white pair of lace panties, with fluffy pink rims around my crotch. I didn’t know what to say. “Aww look at my cute little girlie-wirlie, she’s speechless. Do you like your new underwear, princess?”

Sophie could see I was loving it. She always knew I had a sissy side, but I dare tell her; I thought I got over that “fetish” years ago. I hid behind my sissy side by trying to be all-macho and live a normal man-ish life.

“You think I’m stupid, don’t you? I mean you really must think I have no common sense. But I can assure you, I do. Ever since I set eyes on you I knew you was just another pathetic little sissy. And I know your loving this right now. I mean just take a look at your little hard clit, you can’t even control yourself.” She was right. I took a look down and realised my new panties were soaked.

“You never were a real man. I mean, look at how small your clitty is. It’s pathetic. You’ve got the most slender, stream-lined legs I’ve ever seen on a “man”, absolutely no hair on your chest, and you even walk with your hips!”

“That’s a lie! I walk nothing like a girl!” I protested. “Oh come on Gary, your hips sway! You’re walk makes men turn!” she giggled. “I’m NOT gay and I don’t walk like a girl. Now get these handcuffs off me!”

“Don’t be so silly. We’ve only just started, honey.” she whispered in my ear as she unlocked one handcuff around my wrist. “You have a choice; I set you free and you walk out of that door, but you will never see me again, or you embrace your predicament.”

She didn’t mean it, did she? I can’t leave Sophie; she’s everything to me. Without her I’m soulless. She unlocked the last handcuff and like a knee-jerk reaction I jumped out of the bed and ran to the door. Cupping the handle I instantly became weak. “Come on Gary, be strong! You can do this!” I thought as I tried with all my strength to turn the handle.

I turned around to see Sophie reaching into her draw again, laying out an assortment of lingerie, dresses, tops, skirts all over our bed.

“Don’t be silly my princess” Sophie cooed, “You’re acting like a spoilt girl, storming out just like I did this morning.” I snapped “No I’m not! And I’m not a girl! Please stop talking about me like that Sophie” I said sternly.

Picking up a white satin bra from her draw she walked over to me and started to put my arm into each hoop, and hooked it at the back. I didn’t resist. Sophie really did know how to mix and match, it went so well with the white panties. I felt strangely erotica, like Sophie had sparked something inside of me that was dormant.

“You do like your new underwear, don’t you Tiffany?” Sophie teased. “No! I look ridiculous! And my names Gary. Please don’t call me that.”

Sophie laughed, “But Gary is a man’s name, my pet, Tiffany really suits you.”

“But I am a man!” She looked down at my panties and laughed in hysterics. “I don’t think so honey! You’ve got a tiny little cherry, I have a bigger one than yours!” I laughed, “Haha very funny Sophie.”

“I think I need to adjust those non-existent breast’s of yours. Here,” Sophie reached into her cabinet, walked back over to me and stuffed each cup with a water-filled balloon.

“You best go easy with these. Breasts are a sacred, fragile part of a girl. I’ll see to it that you’ll have something much more permanent later on. Tiffany, put these on,” Sophie said as she handed me a pair of white stockings.

“No way Sophie! That’s going too far. I’ve had enough of your games. Please stop treating me like this!”

“If you don’t put them on we’re finished!” She looked deadly serious. Her green eyes locked onto mine, and like she was controlling my body, I began to slide them over my delicate legs.

“Awh you look adorable. But that has to go.”

“Wa-what does?” I said as Sophie plucked some hairs from my legs. “Why these tiny hairs. All girlies need to work on their legs. And you can’t wear stockings with hair poking through.”

“No way Sophie! You’re crazy!” my heart raced. It was summer and I always wear shorts in the blistering hot summer. “I’ll look ridiculous! People will notice!”

“Look, you have fine blonde hairs as it is. Nobody would even notice.”

Sophie walked out of the room and left me alone sitting on the bed with the assortment of clothes on the bed. I couldn’t help but reach out and feel the soft silky fabric on some of the items on the bed. Sophie startled me when she walked back into the room and caught me fondling her clothes.

“Aww so you have good taste. Well maybe you can wear that a bit later, but for now we need to sort that gross hair of yours.” In her hand she had her electric shaver and foam. “I can’t seem to find the waxing set, but this will do for now.”

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