Reversing Rolls

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“Wakey wakey sleepy-head.”

I hear as I wipe the sleep from my eyes.

“Did you sleep well honey?”

“Yes thanks Sophie. I always sleep well when it’s by your side.”

“Aww. I do too. We should be getting along. It’s 8am, and we have a meeting to attend to.” Like a puppet on strings, jumping to Sophie’s command, I promptly swung my legs out of bed – I know how worked up she can get when she thinks I’m ignoring her.

Sophie walked out of the room leaving me to do my usual morning business; beat myself out of bed, wash, put my suit on, and go downstairs for breakfast.

“Hey honey,” Sophie said softly as she put a bowl filled with melon chunks on the table. “Seen as your not taking much care of your own body, your weight, I’ll have to give you a little hand.” I can’t really blame her. I suppose I am getting on the plump side. In fact, sometimes Sophie jokingly refers to my chest as “my breasts.”

I walked over to the fridge, trying to be as little sarcastic as possible “Thanks darling, I appreciate you trying to help me, but I think I’ll stick to a bacon sandwich.”

Sophie snapped, slamming the fridge door on my fingers, “No you don’t! You’ll eat this melon or nothing.”

“Come on Sophie, gimmie a break. What’s up with you today? You don’t control this body.” She’s not normally this controlling, I thought. For all the years I’ve known her, since I met her in university, she never showed any sign of a dominant attitude. In actual fact, in our very active sex life I was normally the one in control of everything. Never will she change that.

“Look, Gary, if you want to eat your bacon sandwich, fine. But don’t you dare think for one minute you will be getting any sex for the rest of the week.” I laughed thinking she was joking. I continued onto the fridge pulling out the bacon rashes. Sophie stormed out of the room.

I’m not going to follow her and see if she’s OK, I thought. She’s obviously just in one of her little temper swings, it’ll pass in no time. How wrong I was.

I hear the door slam and I run to it trying to catch Sophie on the way out. I hear her take off in MY car, most probably on the way to work.

Left to ponder how my life got to where it had I thought about when we first met in university, only just a year ago, and we had been courting for over a year. Sophie was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. A brunette with a body to die for. She had these mysteriously seductive green eyes. Whenever she locked eyes on me, my body would quiver, and I would feel weak inside. I still do.

But one thing that has always left me in fear with Sophie is that she has always been very secretive. She doesn’t let me in on much, “mind your own business” as she use to say. I find it hard to get close to her. She’s always been like that – kept me “on edge” and wanting more. She loves to tease me with her perfect curves in some extra short mini-skirt, even if it was in public.

Later that day, after I had to take public transport to work, I pondered what happened in the morning. Sophie didn’t even make it into work. I haven’t a clue where she went when she stormed out this morning – it was the last time I saw her.

6pm, 7pm, 8pm – no sign of her. Then suddenly come 8.33pm I hear a key entering the door. I run out from the living room and stood in awe. It was Sophie and she looked absolutely amazing, her hair now had blonde and pink streaks, a tight black mini-skirt lay on her cute waist, and a white blouse. She looks like she has been out for the day, shopping, as she has many bags around her feet.

I couldn’t control myself, “Sophie, y-y-you look amazing,” I stammered.

She promptly snapped, “I should hope so. It cost you a lot of money.”

“Me? Whh-what do you mean cost me money?,” I said nervously.

“Well a girl can’t look this good without a credit card.” She reached into her purse and chucked my credit towards me. My heart began to race, I mean, this looks expensive.

Stammering once again “Ss-ophie, I-i er-rr – how much was it?”

“Are you trying to tell me I’m not worth it, Gary? I thought you knew better than that. A girl like me can never have enough money, and especially never enough shopping.”

She had never done anything like this before, I thought it must of been because of the silly melon-business this morning. She didn’t seem that annoyed, though. She seemed more annoyed at the assumption that I thought she wasn’t worth the money, or that I couldn’t trust her with my credit card. And to tell you the truth – I don’t. She’s always been a big spender, and now I needed to find out exactly what she bought.

Bending downwards I reached towards the bags to see what was in them. Without warning Sophie slapped my hand and pushed me back.

“Not yet honey. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to spoil your surprise early.”

She called me honey, that’s a good sign. But why is she so calm, and being so seemingly nice yet she stormed out this morning in one of her girlie huffy-puffy tantrums. And wait a minute – what surprise? It must be some handcuffs and bondage toys. I’ve always said to her that I would like to experiment in the bedroom, and even to try being a submissive.

Sophie walked upstairs with her bags, purposely swaying her perfectly curved hips side to side in her mini-skirt.

I couldn’t help by follow after her like a dog on a leash. I walked upstairs cautiously, she was acting weird, and I dare say I was a little scared.

Peeking through the crack in our bedroom door I could see her opening and closing draws, almost like she was organising something. I couldn’t wait for my surprise.

That night we didn’t speak much. We had an early night, but just as Sophie said in the morning, there was no sex. We use to have sex every night, but she just went straight to sleep. I started to fear the worse; she really did mean it – no sex for a week.

I woke up, 8am, just like the previous day. I went to stretch but noticed my hands were tied to the bed post. I looked down at my feet – I was spread eagle across our bed. What the hell was going on!? Well one things for sure… I was surprised!

Two hours passed and no sign of Sophie. Where was she? And how the hell am I going to get to work tied like this? What on earth was she thinking.

Another hour passed, and I was getting extremely agitated. I was thirty, and I desperately needed to pee.

Suddenly Sophie strolled into the room, bold as brass.

“Where the HELL have you been?!” I shrilled. “I’m never going to get into work now, and how the hell am I going to explain myself to my boss?! WHERE was YOU?!”

Sophie looked stunned at me. “Gary, your going to have to learn to control that temper of yours.”

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