Replacement Husband

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She presents a rounded hard ass saying, “You know it ain’t a complete act of incest until you butt fuck me.”

Karyl reaches behind and grabs a set of fine ass cheeks. A brown anus was offered. A pair of mature, sexy legs slightly widen.

“Fuck me, son,” she bags, “Fuck your mother up the ass.” With an inviting wiggle she adds lustfully, “Butt fuck your whore mother raw!”

Glen needs no more encouragement. The excited teenager drops down between his parent’s legs. The robe falls off now leaving both completely naked. He mounts Karyl and positions a stiff cock to penetrate the alluring asshole. He places the head at the opening.

“Mom,” Glen promise while shoving the shaft in, “prepare for the best ass fuckin’ you’re ever had!”

“Ohhhhhh, shit!” Karyl reacts to the initial penetration, “It feels so gooood!”

Glen was up to the balls in his mother’s ass. It was warm, tight and wonderful. He humps her like a dog in heat.

“Mom,” Glen says pumping her hard, “you’re ass is so firm. So good!” He impels deeper into the willing orifice.

Karyl had never allowed herself to be ass banged. Now for her son. A man with the largest cock ever to be inside, she allowed him in her bowel. She knows this meant not sitting too comfortable for a while. It would be worth it.

“Faster!” Karyl implores, “Faster! Make your bitch mother cum!”

“That’s exactly what I’ll do!” He increases the rhythms. Glen shoves as deep as possible up Karyl’s ass. The feel is was just too good to believe. The son wishes he could have butt-fucking this ass years ago.

“You’re doin’ it, baby!” Karyl squeals “This is a great ass fuckin’!” She announces, “I’m gonna cum!” She orders, “Feel my cunt! Feel how wet it is!”

Glen places a hand on his mother’s wet pussy and begin to masturbate the clit.

“I’m cumming!” Glen yells.

Karyl hunches her ass back into the plunging rod. She wants ever ounce of her son’s cum up her bowels.

“Ahhhhhh!” she screams from the delightful sensation.

“Oh gawd!” He yells, ‘I’m cummin’, Momma!” He yowled wildly, “I’m cummin’ right up your ass!”

Glen fires what seems to be a gallon of cum up Karyl’s ass. Her anus sphincter tenses around the hard shaft. It was so tight he couldn’t move. It was the closest hole he had ever had a cock in.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh!” Karyl shrieks, “Iiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Their bodies again shimmers and quakes together. They did one has tonic pose. Then the taboo lover’s falls apart. His cock make a ‘pop’ leaving her ass.

She laid down on his sweat-covered chest. Glen’s softening cock flops aimlessly. She slowly runs fingers through his hair. Kissing his forehead gently.

Glen strokes her back in the same manner. He was still amazed at what had just taken place. Twenty-four hours ago they are just son and mother. Now they are lovers. He wondered how long this was going to last.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Karyl promises, she seems to realize what was on his mind, “This is just the beginning.” She kisses him on the lips predicting, “You’ll sleep with me whenever your father is gone.” She adds with an ironic tone, “Which means we will be sleepin’ together a lot.”

The tired teenager groans in pleasure. He pulls his mother closer. He strokes her short hair lovingly.

“That was incredible,” Karyl says into his chest, “Are’ya sure you’ve never been with a woman before?”

“I never says I wasn’t with a woman, Mother,” Glen corrects, “I says I didn’t have a girl friend.”

“So you’re the fuck ’em an’ leave ’em type?” Karyl remarks.

“Until now,” he responds.

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