Replacement Husband

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“That’s my good boy,” Karyl groans, “Lick mommy’s cunny.”

Glen continues to lick and suck up the glistening slit. He stops short of the clit long enough to tickle it with teasing tongue. It sent chills up and down her spine each time he did.

Soon she feels another orgasm building within her. Karyl reaches down and pulls her son’s face tight into leaking pussy. Her legs go around the corded neck.

The lusting teenager’s tongue is buried deep. Karyl humps to fuck it. Glen’s nose rubs against the protruding clit. It adds the to the almost unbearable sensations.

Karyl couldn’t hold back any longer. The sexually hazed mother bucks wildly. She wants her son to drink all of the escaping juices.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Karyl wails feeling her cunt contracting, “Oh God! Oh Goddamn! You’re good, son!”

The hot flow of the mother’s cum floods into her son’s waiting mouth. He keeps on licking all the cum from the glistening pussy.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhh!” She screams to the final wave of pleasure, “I’m cummin’, baby!”

Karyl’s body tenses and tonics with the last climatic wave. She finally goes flaccid. The mother lays there trying to catch her breath.

“Oh god, Glen,” she pants huskily, “I need you between my legs.” Karyl pulls off the blouse saying, “I really need you inside me!”

The hot mother hastily pulls off the last of the clothing. They goes flying across the room. She immediately moves toward her handsome son.

Karyl climbs up and straddles Glen. She squats just over the still hard cock. The sexy mother’s pussy lips are glistening wet, and are mere inches over the throbbing rod.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” she moans deeply while thrusting her hips down onto Glen’s. “Awwwwwwwww!” She groans impaling her cunt onto his big hard dick. “Oh god yes!” she screams, throwing her head back, “Fuck me, Glen! Fuck momma hard!”

Glen was as aroused as she was. He grabs her by the hips. His hips arches savagely upwards at the same time.

Glen feels his dick ram home. The large cock slides deep inside the same woman who gives birth to him. The woman who had loved him like other ever could.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” She grunts with every thrust of the taboo tool. It didn’t take long for another climax to rise. His ball sac boils with hot cum. His cock pulsates with sensation.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Glen roars loudly. “I’m cummmin! Oh God! I’m cummin’!” he screams in pure ecstasy.

Karyl’s cunt vibrates around her son’s plunging cock. The throbbing vagina milks every last drop of cum. It grips tightly as she had never feels before.

Glen finally stops thrusting. He let go from her hips. The exhausted teenager eyes glazed over.

Karyl just leans forward with an erotic gleam in her eyes. She smiles. The woman wants more of the forbidden large dick.

“I want more, baby,” she purred huskily, “momma wants more of her boy’s big cock.”

The lusting mother sits back up. She begins to grind back and forth, up and down his sensitive cock.

“Oh god!” Glen screams out in pleasure, “You’re a fuckin’ machine, Mom!”

He pulls the rounded ass cheeks closer. A middle fingertip feels the puckered asshole. Glen slides a finger inside his mom’s anus.

“That’s it, Glen honey,” she moans long and loud, “Finger fuck my asshole baby!”

Glen then places another finger into the tight hole. Karyl had never been butt fucked. She had a feeling Glen was about to change that.

Karyl was wild with sexual lust. She bucks and bounces insanely. There was nothing her son could want to do her she wouldn’t permit.

“Touch me Glen!” she huskily yells, “Make me cum! Make mommy cum baby!”

Glen pulls his fingers out of tight asshole. He brings both hands to the front. The left one going to a jiggling breast. The right hand seeking out and finding her swollen, wet clit.

Glen immediately goes to work on it with his thumb and forefinger. He knead it with quickly, jerky motions. He also alternates pinching the hard nipples with his other hand.

Karyl was ready to explode. But she wants Glen’s sperm rushing into her again. Her cunt tightens on his cock like a vise. The sides adhered on the plunging shaft.

To Glen the feeling was fantastic. No girl had ever made her cunt work that way. He was ready to cum again.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!” Karyl wails loudly into the room.

“Oooooooooooooh!” Glen screams, “Fucccccccck!”

Their screams melded in pleasure together. Their bodies twist and contort as one. They are one incredible mother-son fucking unit.

They both end at the same time. Karyl had never had a simultaneous climax with a man before. This was the ultimate fuck. It comes from her son

The hot mother suddenly slides off her son and onto the floor. She figures it was time to experience everything today. Karyl sits up on knees and elbows.

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