Replacement Husband

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Karyl reaches down grabbing two handfuls of tight ass. Glen starts ramming his mother harder. Karyl couldn’t believe how good it feels. It had been so long since a loving dick had been up her pussy.

It feels big inside her. It feels as if it was going to tear her apart. It feels magnificent.

Soon the sex-hazed mother was bucking up as her son thrust his cock deep. Karyl knows he was about to cum. She pulls his face to a rounded breast. He seizes one of the hard nipples in his mouth. The boy suckles it hungrily.

“That’s it,” Karyl cries out, “Suck it sweetheart!”

Karyl feels Glen’s cock enlarging in her pussy. She lifts legs high in the air. The hot mother pulls the son as deep inside her as possible.

“Oh god!” he announces while exploding sperm into his mother’s cunt, “I’m cummin’!” He shouts shoving even deeper.

The feel of the forbidden hot cum filling her pussy was that was needed. It drives her over the edge. A climax rises forcefully.

“God, Baby!” she screams, “Fuck you’re momma! Make her cum lik’a leaky faucet!” The powerful orgasm had her screeching, “Iiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!”

Their bodies taunt and flex uncontrollably for the next minute. Finally the climaxes end. They just lay there until Glen’s cock goes limp.

It slips from the cum filled pussy. They both are covered with a sheet of sweat. Suddenly Glen gets up and leaves the room. Karyl falls asleep.

The next day they go out to lunch and did a little shopping for the house. Neither spoke of the events of the night before. Karyl was hoping her son wasn’t having ‘the day after’ regrets.

Back home Glen wants another shower. It was a hot day and he feels the walking around had made him too ‘aromatic’. Karyl goes into the front room and settle into an easy chair.

She starts thinking about what they had done. His lack of saying anything had the young sexy mother worried. She fretted he might be disappointed with her.

Glen walks in wearing his robe he goes over to the couch. He flops down on the padded cushions. The robe comes open slightly. There was no doubt her son was wearing only the one piece of clothing.

Without saying a word, he picks up the remote and turns on the TV. Sitting like that in a robe reminds Karyl of his father when they are first married. He was a fine specimen of manhood back then. Evidentially the right genes had gotten passed on.

As Karyl watches her son, she was becoming stimulated again. She moves over and sits down next to him. Her arms goes around the firm waist. Her head lay on the big shoulder.

“Your sucha good son” Karyl sighs.

The satisfied mother glances downward and sees the taboo cock was hanging out. She just stares and admires it. It was such a pleasure-making instrument.

“You’re not upset about last night are’ya?” Karyl asks, the first to speak.

“No mom” he replies.

“I don’t know what comes over me,” she excuses, “I just needed a man so much.”

Karyl eyes remain on the beautiful cock. A hand runs inside his robe. The mother begins rubbing it over her son’s chest. There was a desire to get the teenager hot.

“I’ve hadn’t cum like that since I was a kid,” Karyl tells, “Your rod has made your mother one happy woman.” She wants Glen turned on, so the conniving mother adds, “You made me cum dry!”

Giving a quick look down she sees it was doing the trick. The youthful cock starts rising. It was really such a fine-looking dick.

Finally Karyl could no long stay restraint. The hot mother just had to hold the forbidden cock in her hand. Slowly she reaches down wrapping fingers around its thick shaft.

“Don’t say anything,” Karyl whispers, “Just let me hold it for a minute.”

He just sits there as his mother strokes the rigid cock. Delicately, she runs a thumb over the swollen head then back across it. It was becoming stiffer with the motherly touches.

Karyl slowly moves her hand up and down it in a jacking motion. She then slides the other hand down and gently over his balls.

“Oh baby,” Karyl coos sinking to the floor on knees.

The sex driven mother leans forward. A hot tongue traces the long shaft. Glen leans back watching his mother take the head of the massive cock into an experienced mouth.

He reaches down and grabs his mother’s head. A set of muscular hips starts humping forward. Glen was fucking Karyl’s mouth.

“Oh sweet fuck!” he groans as Karyl flicks a hot tongue over and around the erect cock head, “That feels so good Mom!” He humps faster in her mouth, “You’re gonna make me cum, Mother.”

Karyl wants to taste the sweet juices of her son. She head bobs faster. The mother hums to encouraged the climax.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Glen loudly moans. “Awwwwwwwww! Ughhhhhh!” the teenager grunting.

Karyl feels her son’s cock shaft stiffen. He explodes into her sucking mouth. The hot sperm splashes against the back of her throat. His cock keeps sending streams of cum. Karyl couldn’t swallow fast enough. Soon her mouth was so full it runs out and down her chin.

Glen’s cock subsides. He finally let go of Karyl’s head. She stands up wiping the cum from her face.

“That was great, Mom!” Glen pants, “That was positively the best blowjob ever!”

He pulls her into his arms. They French kissed deeply. Karyl feels the young tongue entering her mouth. Her lips allowing it in.

Glen pushes her back against the couch. He was laying on top of his mother. They continue kissing passionately.

“Now its my turn, ” Glen hotly states.

With that he repositions Karyl on the couch. Glen reaches up underneath the dress. He grabs the waistband of the panties. With one swift move they are pulled down and off.

Glen then scoots down her hot body to get between his mother’s spread legs. Karyl’s inner thighs and pussy was soaked from seeping love juices. The son sits on knees directly over the quivering cunt lips.

Mother,” he reveals lowering onto the hot pussy, “I’ve been wantin’ to eat this cunt all day”

He softly licks and laps her inner thighs. As turned on as Karyl was, she knew it wouldn’t take much. Her son will be making her cum very soon.

His mouth captures the engorged clit. It teases and washes the sensitive skin to bring on a mini-climax.

“Oooooooooo,” she moans faintly.

Karyl didn’t want him to stop. The mother’s curvy legs open wider. Glen’s mouth presses deeper.

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