Replacement Husband

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She feels her pussy getting real wet. That taboo dick was to be hers soon. About ten minutes later Glen enters the room.

“Come here an’ lay down next to me so we can talk” Karyl says pulling the sheet down.

He comes over and crawls in under the sheet. Karyl turns so that she was facing him. Props up on one elbow allowing her son a clear view of a full breast. The scheming mother knows that it was visible to her son. The fact was that the material of the nightie hides nothing. She was hoping he looks down. Karyl didn’t wear the bottoms.

“Glen,” she starts, “Are’ya aware your father an’ I haven’t been spending too much time together?”

“This is not the divorce speech?” the concerned son quickly interjects.

“No dear,” she chuckles stroking a handsome cheek, “That’s not what this is about. She assures, “We’ll be married for a while now.”

“What is it, Mom?” the concerned son asks.

“Well—,” she reveals delicately, “You father hasn’t been—, well—, servin’ me like a husband in here.”

“In the bedroom?” He innocently says, “You mean you ain’t been gettin’ any?”

Karyl gives a shy grin to her son. A chuckle emits from her ruby lips. His childlike remark reminds the sexy mother that a boy was still in that man’s body. She loved him so.

“Yes, son,” she repeats, “I’m not gettin’ any.”

“That’s terrible!” He consoles.

The boy leans back to give his mother the once over. Karyl feels her cunt become wetter. He had to see the expose love hole. She wants him to see it.

“You’re beautiful, Mom,” Glen continues, “He should be treatin’ ya like his wife.”

Karyl glances down. She notices a huge bulge in the sheet. His knows his cock was hard. Knowing that made her pussy throb even more. Karyl could feel her nipples getting big and hard.

“It’s been a long while,” Karyl laments rolling over onto her back,” A very long while since your father made me feel like his wife.”

She knows her nipples are standing tall. Her pussy was totality expose. She smiles lovingly at Glen.

“Glen, roll over an’ lay on top of mommy” Karyl requests in a soft voice

“Why?” he asks

“I just wanna a lovin’ man to hold me,” she justifies, “An’ I believe my son fits that category.”

The obedient son rolls on top of his mother. As he did Karyl gently pulls the pink teddy up. The curvy legs spread to allow him to lay in-between them.

Karyl starts to run her fingers through his hair. She goes down over his neck. His hard body feels wonderful on hers.

Karyl could feel the young massive cock pressing against her mound. It feels erect and ready. Only the robe was between the stiff cock and the naked pussy.

“Raise up for a minute,” the sexual driven mother lies, “the knot in your robe is hurtin’ me,”

Karyl reaches down and unties the robe as he lifts. It falls open. He immediately lay back down.

The mother feels the taboo cock touching her wet pussy. Thrill waves radiate from her cunt surging throughout her body. Karyl runs her hands up under the robe.

A pair of gentle hands rubs up and down solid back. At the same time a foot runs up and down the muscular leg. Her son has an awesome body.

“Mother,” Glen asks softly with a pulsating cock lying against her wet pussy, “Do you want me to service you like Dad is supposed to?”

That question had her love juices are flowing freely. It brings down societal norms. Karyl just had to have that massive cock of his deep inside of her.

“Glen,” Karyl she cautiously asks, “Is that what you want to do?”

He moves down a little. As he did Karyl brings her knees up. The slender legs spread wide.

“If I can make you happy,” Glen answers, “Yes it is what I want.”

Karyl feels the head of her son’s cock slip down between the entrance of her wet pussy. It so wet, the head easily slips just inside the quivering lips.

“Yes, my son,” Karyl tells him, “It is what I want.”

Karyl feels the head of his hard cock enter. It slides in easy and deeper. Soon the teenage cock was fully inside throbbing pussy.

“Ahhhhhh!” Karyl moans moving a tight cunt up and down on the long shaft.

Her son’s wasn’t just long he was wide as well. Karyl feels the taboo tool slowly start to slide it in and out. It meticulously fucks the horny mother. It feels so wonderful.

“Oh yes!” Karyl whispers huskily in his ear. “Give your mommy all of that big hard cock.” She groans loudly, “Fuck me.”

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