Replacement Husband

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Karyl Leland had a problem. It was a six-five year old husband. They hadn’t been to sexually active for quiet a few years now. The only thing that did seem to make him happy was business. He was always gone on one trip or another.

This left the forty-two year old woman home a lot. She was going out and getting some on the side. It just wasn’t satisfying the few times she did that. Her only regular company was her son Glen.

They did everything together. Go to movies. The Park. She even escorted him to a school dance. They are close.

Everything between mother and son would change with an accidental exposure. Karyl returns home from taking her husband to the airport. She was contemplating how to spend another mundane week. The woman wasn’t expecting to see what she did.

She accidentally walks in on her son. The boy thinking he was alone in the house was in the kitchen retrieving coke from the refrigerator. He hadn’t a stitch of clothing on.

“Oh I’m sorry Glen,” Karyl apologizes.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of him standing there in front of her naked. He looks so stunning. He had a body of a god. Not an ounce of excess fat. He had an abdomen that was a washboard. The one thing that especially gets the mother’s attention was the manhood hanging between his legs. It must have been at least eight inches limp and very thick.

“That’s okay, Mom,” he says unhurriedly wrapping a towel around the trim torso. “You’ve seen me before as I was growin’ up,” he notes heading toward the shower.

Karyl couldn’t get that cock out of her mind the rest of the day. She wondered how big it would be fully erect if it are eight inch’s limp. The sex stave mother found herself getting turned on by the simple thought of it.

The evening consisted of watching TV. The movie was one with a lot of sexual scenes. Karyl glances over at Glen from time to time. She sees the scenes had taken their toll. Her son was sporting a huge bulge.

“God his cock must be gigantic,” Karyl lustfully admires silently.

“So are’ya seein’ any girls?” she asks as the movie was running the end credits.

“I really don’t have the time with school,” he nonchalantly dismisses.

“Well you should go out an’ find a girl,” Karyl suggests.

“What for?” He puzzles, “Do I need one now?”

“No. Not really,” the pretty mother explains, “It’s just young man like you is usually datin’ by now.” The next question just seemed to jump out, “Hav’a had sex with a girl?” Karyl didn’t know why she asks that one.

This had taken him by surprise. The boy starts to blush. The question made him uncomfortable.

“I said I’m not datin’, Mom,” the boy responds.

Karyl could feel the desire building between her legs. The question of sex had her going. Mental pictures of her son’s rod torturing some poor girl flash in her mind.

“I’m gonna take a shower, Glen announces standing up.

Karyl watches as he walks out of the room. She sits there thinking about what it would be like to have that big rod torturing her. The boy was her son. Why has she gotten so perverted lately?

“This is wrong,” Karyl admonishes herself, “He’s my son,”

The horny mother gets up. She needed go to bed. When passing the bathroom she notices the door was ajar.

Karyl stops and peeks in. Her heart skips a beat at the image waiting her. It was behind the steamed up glass door of the shower.

There was her son was masturbating. The size of it was unbelievable! It must have been ten inches or bigger! It was beautiful! She had to have it!

Karyl steps back. A plan forms in the horny mother’s mind. She raps on the bathroom door.

“What!” he shouts over the shower.

“Glen?” Karyl yells.

“Yeah!” Glen responds.

“After ya get done,” she instructs, “come to my room!” She volunteers, “It’s so we can talk”

“Gotcha, Mother,” he acknowledges

Karyl hurries to her bedroom. The turned on mother strips down naked. She hastily goes through a set of dresser draws to find the right outfit.

She found it! It was a short pink sheer teddy. One she had wore for a construction worker a month back.

As it turned out, it was a waste of money. The man had no romantic bones. All he wants to do was fuck and get home. He wasn’t all that good anyway. She slips on the flimsy nightie top only. The hot mother crawls into bed and waits. Karyl laid thinking about how to make it all come together.

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