Prison Sex-Gay Story

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We stole kisses in his cell and he would visit me in other areas of the prison where we knew the cameras couldn’t see and do some pretty heavy petting. I wanted to fuck him so bad my pussy got wet every time I even saw him. He never pushed me to do anything I was uncomfortable with.

Then after several months he got the word he would be released. He was going home. I was devestated. He came to Charlie pod to see me the night before he left. We snuck into one of his buddies cells for a little searching of our own. I could not believe what I was doing.

Before I knew it our heavy petting had turned to me naked on a cell bunk. I had never been so turned on in my life, it was so erotic. We could be caught at any moment and that just heightened the pleasure. The other inmates ambled by and a few even stopped to watch us and I was not bothered by it one bit, that just made the sex hotter.

As he was thrusting his thick cock into my dripping pussy I would smile at the other inmates watching. Some of them had their cocks out and were stroking themselves as they watched. David continued to fuck my cunt for at least a half hour. When he came he thrust against me so hard I hit my head on the cell wall and was knocked out.

As I regained conciousness I realized several men had crowded around the bunk. Oddly I was not one bit frightened, I was incredibly excited because I knew one of my deepest fantasies was about to come to reality. A huge black man named Jessie had his monster of a cock near my mouth. I put the tip of his huge cock in my mouth and began to slowly suck and lick the entire length of it. It was so large that it came close to gagging me. I continued to suck on his huge tool for several minutes taking all of it I could down my throat.

After awhile he pulled his cock reluctantly from my willing mouth and said, “Show me your ass baby.” I was only too willing to do anything he asked. I turned on my hands and knees and put my ass in the air for him. I felt him rubbing his cock up and down the slit of my pussy and all I could think was “Fuck me,” and I told him this. As he shoved that big beautiful black cock in my wet pussy I screamed. I had never felt so full in my entire life. He pounded my hole brutally and I loved it.

David stood in the corner of the cell watching. A sexy smile on his beautiful face. I could tell he was enjoying this as much as I was. Jessie continued to pound me over and over, slapping my ass at intervals. I came like I had never came before squirting cum out of my pussy and soaking his groin and balls. I felt his cock contracting and knew he was going to cum in my pussy too. He slammed his cock into me one last time and I felt his hot juices pumping into my cunt.

After he came, before he withdrew from my wet hole he leaned over me and bit my shoulder hard enough to draw blood. “I marked you baby, don’t ever forget it.” I knew that I never would.

I also knew from the look on David’s face my adventure in prison sex was far from over. He walked over to Jessie and whispered something in his ear. Jessie laid down on the bottom cell bunk and pulled me on top of him. His cock was already hard again. He leaned me forward on his chest and I could feel my hard nipples brushing his chest.

I could feel David get onto the bunk behind me. He began to rub his cock up and down the crack of my ass. Jessie lifted me up and lowered my hot cunt onto his huge cock again. David pushed the head of his cock against my tight asshole. He slid just the tip in at first, letting me get used to the sensation. It felt incredible, a cock in my dripping cunt and one in my ass. I pushed back hard against his cock and he buried it to the hilt in my ass. I came immediately soaking both of them with my juices.

They began to thrust both of their cocks into my holes. They were pounding me relentlessly. Harder and harder. Jessie was suckling on my nipples and biting them while David was slapping my ass and pulling on the back of my hair. Both of them slamming into me was too much. I could feel their cocks rubbing against either inside of me.

They both came at the same time spilling their cum into both my holes and burying their cocks to the hilt. The sensation caused me to orgasm again, it was so intense I thought I may pass out. I had never been so sated in my life.

I knew as I got dressed I would be smiling the rest of my shift. I thanked them both for such an incredible encounter. I kissed David one last time and told him I would see him later and went back to work.

Nobody questioned where I had been, they assumed I had been doing a cell search. I returned to work and went about doing my other duties.

Later in the evening David again came to the pod. He asked how can I get ahold of you when I get home. I told him I’m in the phone book.

The next day when I got to work he was gone and it seemed so empty without him. After about a week I got a phone call. Two weeks later I left my husband. Three months after that our relationship was over but I will always remember him and that incredible prison sex.

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