Penis Cream

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She continued to rub the soothing cream over his shaft. It was glistening both with the cream and the dew of its own arousal, dripping copiously from the tip. “How is your penis feeling now? Not so itchy?”

“No, Francess… but it’s starting to feel… like I might have to… you know…”

“Like you might need to ejaculate?”

“… yes…”

“Most men feel that way when we apply penis cream. But try not to do it, Arnold. I don’t want you to go soft and floppy on me before I finish rubbing the cream in good.”

Arnold tried honestly to control himself, but the stimulation of the penile massage overpowered his limited will power. “… oh, Francess, it feels so… I don’t think I can… it’s going to…” he stammered as he felt the momentum of orgasm building in his loins. Suddenly he gasped as Francess encircled the neck of his scrotal sac with her fingers and squeezed tightly, pinching shut the semen ducts and stopping short his impending ejaculation. The young man bit his lip in pain and disappointment.

“I’m sorry, Arnold, but I can’t let you have a release. Try to hold it in for me, now.” She held his sac tightly until he regained control, lightly running her fingers along the length of his swollen shaft. “Poor little dick, so fat and red. It wants to squirt so badly, doesn’t it?”

Arnold was unconsciously trying to pull his hands free to finish the job she had interrupted. “Oh, yes, Francess!”

“Now you see why I had to tie your hands? I don’t think you could keep from masturbating yourself right now, could you?”

“…no… I couldn’t…”

The procedure was repeated several more times. Each time, in spite of Arnold’s best efforts, he lost control, only to be cut short by Francess’ firm and knowing grip on his tender male glands. At last she stopped the application and looked at his rosy glowing member. “There now, that’s enough, I think. How does your penis feel now?”

“Better… it doesn’t itch any more… but.”

“How about the other feeling. Still feel like you need to ejaculate?”

“Oh yes, Francess, I feel so… I really need to…”

She smiled up at him, hefting his sac gently. “I know, Arnold. I can feel how full your sac is. You really built up a lot of pre-ejaculatory tension, didn’t you. Do you want Francess to let it out for you?”

“Oh please! Please!”, wiggling and dancing in excitement, his hands still bound behind his back.

She smiled again, and then to his delight unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. Her heavy breasts spilled out and spilled massively down her chest. “There. Now you won’t make a mess on my blouse.” Taking his shaft in her fingers she resumed slowly stroking.

He looked down at her pendulous naked breasts. “You mean… you want me to… here on your…?”

“Yeah,” she grinned. “You’ve got to shoot it somewhere, don’t you? Just let it go all over my big bare breasts. I think you’ll like that, squirting your sperm on my breasts.”

The sight of such an exciting target pushed Arnold over the edge. His legs trembled and hips thrust forward. Francess, never missing a stroke, drew him forward and pressed his throbbing penis deep into the cleavage of her bare bosoms, just as he erupted in stream after stream of pearly semen.

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