Panty Mouth

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He opened his car door for her and she hesitantly stepped in and sat down. She thought that they would just make out a little in the car and then she would be on her way. She panicked as he started the engine. She immediately stepped out of the car thinking she was in danger. What was she doing? She thought. She didn’t even know this guy. He seemed legit, but you never know.

He looked her in the eye and said “I’m only moving the car over to the wall over there for some privacy for us.” For some reason, she believed him and felt like she could trust him. She re-entered the car, but kept her hand near the door handle just in case she needed to make a quick exit.

He parked the car away from everyone, just as he said. She was nervous, very nervous and didn’t quite know where to put her hands, how to sit, should she cross her legs, not cross her legs? Never had anyone made her feel so odd and so helpless.

He said a few words; but she didn’t quite know what he said. She couldn’t focus. Then, he leaned over and kissed her. She melted. Her nerves were running on overdrive and she was having difficulty paying attention to what he was saying or doing. Later that night, she tried to remember everything that had happened but she couldn’t. She was still in shock, in a daze, and bewildered by what had happened.

“Lift up your skirt and open your legs.” He commanded.

She looked at him and did as he asked.

“I want to taste you.” He said.

He placed his fingers inside her cunt and then licked her juices off of his fingertips. She watched him as he did this.

“Keep your legs spread.” He said.

He lifted up her shirt, exposed her double-D breast, and started squeezing her nipples.

She gasped as he pinched harder and harder.

“Put your knees up on the seat, face me and bend over.” He ordered.

She did.

He lifted up the back of her skirt and put his finger in her ass.

She gasped again.

He started moving his finger around in her ass and said, “Your asshole is no longer a virgin.”

She gasped again, loudly this time.

With his finger still in her ass, he told her to sit down on the seat. Her eyes widened as she looked at him. Oh God! She thought. That would mean that she would have to sit on his finger and it would be even deeper in her asshole.

She slowly turned around and sat back in the seat on his finger. Her pussy was dripping wet.

“Sit back and look at me.” He commanded.

She winced as she sat back further in the seat and looked at him. She was panting and breathing heavy.

“Your pussy is wet. You are enjoying my finger in your asshole, aren’t you? He asked, staring deep into her with his blue eyes.

She looked at him, nodded her head and softly said, “Yes.”

“On your knees again.” He ordered.

As she was getting back up on the seat, he removed his finger from her asshole.

“Suck my cock.” He said.

She bent over and began sucking his cock. She couldn’t wait to taste him. He was different from all the others. He understood her need to be controlled. Most men had trouble controlling her independent nature. He didn’t. He was giving her exactly what she wanted and needed.

She started sucking his dick, licking the sides as her mouth moved up and down, in and out. His cock was perfect, nice and hard, with a nice round head.

“Deeper.” He said.

As she tried to go deeper into her mouth, he lifted up her skirt and began fingering her pussy. She started wiggling. She wanted and needed to cum so badly.

“Put your ass up higher in the air.” He said.

She lifted her ass up higher in the seat as she continued to suck his cock.

“I want the man who’s outside watching you to get a good look at your asshole while I finger your pussy.”

She gasped, got scared and immediately started to get down.

“Get back up.” He ordered.

She did. She was shaking. Oh God! She thought. Was there really someone out there looking at her ass and pussy in broad daylight, while she sucked his dick? How could she be such a slut? Maybe he was bluffing?

She tried to look to see if there really was someone there, but he directed her head back to his cock.

“Deeper.” He said.

She tried to get his cock as deep as she could into her mouth, just like the stories she wrote. But, she has a small mouth and gags pretty easily. The harder she tried, the more she gagged.

She was rolling her tongue around his dick as she moved her mouth up and down. She wanted to make him cum, to please him. But, she couldn’t stop thinking about who might be watching her.

Just as she was really getting into sucking his cock, deeper and deeper down her throat, he stopped her.

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