Panty Mouth

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She didn’t even know where she was supposed to meet him. He told her to start driving down the freeway at 4:00 pm and he would do the same. The plan was that they would meet half way. He would call her when he left his office and tell her where to go. There was something about his voice and the way he spoke to her that made her want more, made her feel different than ever before, made her curious to see who this man really was.

Except for his verbal description, she had no idea what he looked like. At his request, she had sent him her picture, something she never does unless she receives one first. He said that he would send a picture to her if she agreed to meet him. But he never did. She broke all her rules with this one. Why? She didn’t know.

He was standing outside his car when she pulled up to the sports bar. He was almost exactly as she pictured and as he described himself to her over the phone. Tall, blue eyes, blonde hair with gray, 190 pounds. He was wearing business clothes and looked very intelligent and professional, which made her feel much more comfortable.

As soon as they entered the restaurant, she told him that she needed to use the restroom. He pointed her in the right direction and said that he would meet her at the table. She noticed that her hands were shaking as she washed them. She was a nervous wreck when she left the restroom and walked to his booth.

He tried to calm her down by making small talk about work, music, goals, etc. He told her that she was attractive and he liked what he saw and what she was wearing, a pale pink pleated skirt that landed just above the knee, white tank top, three quarter sleeve hot pink sweater, and 3-inch high-heeled pale pink pumps. She asked him some questions and liked the way he took charge when the waitress came by. He was attractive, funny, intelligent and in control, and she liked that.

As she sipped her wine, she became more comfortable. “You are not as nervous now” he commented. He began asking her questions about her stories and their background. She told him everything. How some parts of the Taxi Story were really true. How she actually did expose her breasts to the cabbie after playing her violin at the lipstick lesbian wedding. How she couldn’t control herself that night because she hadn’t been with a man in many, many months and was extremely horny. How she ran into her house immediately after the cabbie sucked her nipples, took out her vibrator, started masturbating, and created the story in her head.

As she watched him, listened to his voice, and answered his probing questions, she became more and more submissive, moving further and further into the zone. He watched as her breathing changed and her eyes shifted from executive in charge to submissive. When she excused herself to go to the bathroom, he said “Take off your panties and bring them back to me.”

She looked at him with a quizzical look and said “Really?” He looked at her with his piercing blue eyes and said, “Yes.”

She sat on the stool and as she was going to the bathroom, she noticed how wet her panties were. She also noticed a little brown spot on her cute little hot pink thong with purple polka dots and bow. Oh no! She thought. She had cut herself shaving her pussy that morning and it must have left a spot on her g-string. She was so embarrassed. How could she give these to him with a spot? What would he think about her when he looked at it?

She tried to wash it off but the stain wouldn’t come out. At the same time, she knew he was waiting for her. She cleaned the spot to the best of her ability, really quickly, and then left the bathroom. Unfortunately, the spot was still there, a little fainter, but still there. She was shaking when she got back into the booth.

He told her to give him her panties and she slowly pulled them out of her purse and handed them to him. He told her to lift up her skirt so that her butt was directly on the padded booth bench. She looked around the restaurant. It was crowded and there were several men sitting at the bar, which was right next to their table. Hoping that nobody saw her, she slowly moved her skirt so that her ass was directly on the seat.

When he held up her panties at the table for everyone in the restaurant to see, she put her hand over her forehead and eyes and hid herself in shame and embarrassment. Oh God! She thought. Not only was everyone going to see her panties, they were also going to see the spot.

He placed her panties on the table and moved his hands along them like he was petting a kitten. Slowly, gently moving his hand from left to right, caressing her panties. To her, it felt like he was caressing her pussy. Her clit was throbbing and her body was squirming. She could feel her juices flowing on the seat. Again, she put her hand on her forehead covering her eyes in embarrassment.

He said “You are wetting the seat aren’t’ you?” She started to squirm on the seat. She didn’t know quite where to place her legs or her arms. He made her so nervous and so self-conscious of her movements. Should she cross them or just keep them where they were? He pressed his leg against hers. Her hands were under the table. She wanted so badly to touch his leg but being new to submission, she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to behave. Should she touch him or not? As he continued to talk, her breathing became heavier.

“I want to taste your wetness.” He said. “Stick your finger in your cunt and bring it up to me so that I can taste it.”

She looked at him and pleaded “But there’s people here, even families.”

“I don’t care,” He said.

She looked around trying to figure out how she would do this without anyone seeing. If she placed her finger in her cunt through the front of her body, the two tables across the aisle would surely notice. If she leaned to her right and came in under her left thigh, the men at the bar would see that she was touching herself but would not actually see her pussy.

So, she slowly lifted her left cheek, placed her finger in her pussy. Oh my God! She thought. I’m soaked and it’s all over the seat!

“Let me taste it.’ He said.

She pulled her fingers out of her pussy, slowly lifted her hand up, and looked at him. Breathing deeper and heavier, she felt like a wild animal. He looked straight through her as he licked the juices from her finger. Her body was shaking on the seat.

He put his hand up her cunt and moved his fingers around inside her and then licked them off. She was panting. He reached under her sweater, into her bra and pinched her left nipple. She shook again and wet the seat.

The waitress came and delivered the appetizer. She could barely speak. She was weak and dripping on the seat. As he made small talk with the waitress, she didn’t even listen to what they were saying or participate in the conversation. She couldn’t. She was under his spell and he knew it. There was nothing she could do. She was helpless. He was talking to her as he placed some food on her plate. She didn’t know what he said. She wasn’t hungry or thirsty. She remembered him saying, “Eat your food. You’ll need the energy.” She felt drunk but it wasn’t from the wine, it was from him.

He paid the bill and escorted her out of the restaurant. “Do you want to go to my car or yours?” He asked.

“Yours.” She said quietly.

When she got up from the table, she noticed a strange flowery smell and suddenly realized that it was her. She had been dripping on the seat and left her scent in the booth. Oh no! She thought. Someone will surely notice what a slut she really is.

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