Panty Mouth

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“Better” He said.

“Put your fingers inside your panties and tell me how wet your are.” He ordered.

She looked out the window and saw the CEO and several executives leaving the office. Oh God! If only they knew what she was doing! She could be in really big trouble if they found out.

As she was putting her fingers in her panties her legs began to close.

“Open your legs” He commanded.

How did he know they were closing? She thought.

“Put your fingers on your clit and rub them in a circular motion.” He said.

As soon as she touched her clit, she wanted to cum. It never took her long. Masturbating was her favorite pastime. She started to moan as she rubbed her clit. She wanted to cum so badly.

She didn’t care that she was in an unlocked conference room right off the building entrance. She didn’t care that she could see her staff and colleagues leaving for the day. She didn’t care that she was on the phone with a stranger. She just wanted to cum. His voice and his commands were driving her crazy.

“I’m going to cum.” She said.

“You must ask for permission first.” He said.

“Please, may I cum?” She asked.

There was a long pause.

“Please Sir, May I cum?” She asked again.

“Spread your legs” He said.

Again, she thought. How did he know that her legs were beginning to close? She was so excited that her wiggling was making her sink lower into the chair

“Press your finger on your clit.” He said.

As she did this, she started to moan. She couldn’t take it any more. She needed to cum.


“You may cum” He said.

Just as she was almost finished cumming, a tall, African American, female security guard walked into the room and said, “Excuse me. I was looking for some privacy.”

She sat up straight and looked all flush at the guard, who appeared more masculine than feminine and said, “OK.” Her fingers were still on her clit, with her hands under the table. She couldn’t believe how close she came to getting caught having phone sex in the conference room. She wondered if the guard had any idea what she was doing. She must have been a sight to see… blushing, sloped in the chair, with an embarrassed, guilty look on her face.

She said “Oh my God! The security guard just came in the room.”

He said, “You did good. I will call you later tonight to discuss our meeting tomorrow.”

Still breathing heavy, she sat in the chair for quite some time, shocked at her behavior. What the hell was happening to her? She thought. How could she be doing this while at work?

The second phone call that night sent her in a frenzy. As soon as she heard his voice, she slipped into another mode. She was so drawn to him. His voice turned her on, so slow, he took his time between sentences, leaving long uncomfortable pauses that made her squirm with excitement. She couldn’t stop her body from moving and wiggling like she was about to have sex when he talked to her. He made her feel like a combination of little girl and slut, both at the same time.

“What are you wearing?” He asked

“A skirt and top from work. No panties.” She said. She had taken them off as soon as she got home and immediately masturbated thinking about what happened in the conference room that day

“Take off your clothes and spread your legs on the bed.” He commanded.

She couldn’t get her clothes off fast enough. She lay on her bed and spread her legs as far apart as she could. She was shaking with excitement.

“Put your hands on your clit and rub it.” He said.

As soon as she started rubbing her clit, she wanted to cum. But he kept tormenting her, slowly asking her questions about her stories, their origin, her fantasies and discussing his arrangements for them to meet the next day. She wasn’t ready to meet him so quickly and was trying her hardest to postpone it to another time. But he was persistent.

She couldn’t hold it in much longer and needed to cum. “I’m going to cum.” She said.

“You must first ask for permission to cum.” He said.

“May I cum?” She asked.

There was a long pause.

She was panting harder now

“Pleeeeeeease Sir, may I cum?” She asked again.

“Yes.” He said.

As she came, she started moaning and screaming.

“Put your fingers in your cunt and fuck yourself.” He commanded.

Her fingers were only in there a few seconds and she was about to cum again. Her legs were shaking and moving all over the bed.

“Spread your legs” He said.

How did he know again that her legs weren’t where he wanted them? She thought.

“Please may I cum?” She asked panting again

There was a long pause. He was listening to her breathing. He knew she couldn’t hold it in much longer.

“Ask again.” He said.

“Please may I cum again?” She asked.

There was another long pause.

“Are you there?” She asked.

“Please may I cum Sir?” She asked again.

“Are you going to meet me tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yes.” She said hesitantly.

“You may cum.” He said.

Once again she screamed and moaned and her body shook in excitement.

“Your welcome.” He said.

“Thank you.” She replied.

“I will call you in the morning and make arrangements for us to meet tomorrow.” He said and then hung up.

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