Panty Mouth

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This is a 100% true and factual story.

She was shaking, and looked like a nervous little peacock as she walked back to her car with her panties stuffed into her mouth. Her arms were folded under her breasts and she could see his car through the corner of her right eye as he drove by her side, 50 feet away. She knew he was watching her every move as she walked through the strip mall parking lot. Her heart was racing from the afternoon’s events.

Never had anyone pushed her this far before. Never had she ever met anyone like him before. Never had she imagined it could feel this good.

Finally, she was experiencing what she had fantasized about since she was young. Finally, she was experiencing what she had written about in her stories. Finally, she was experiencing what she had read about for years on Realxstory. Finally, she was part of the story.

It was that same day, Saturday, that her first story was published on that he sent the email. She was excited when she saw it because it was her first email titled “Realxstory Feedback”. Never in a million years did she think that she could write erotica and that someone would actually read and like her story. He left a phone number and his email address.

His email said “Very nice story dear. I believe every word of it, as I have done very similar domination of young ladies just like yourself. You are fairly new to this site, but I am proud of you for putting your emotion on display for Me. You are very interesting to me. If you are truly interested in exploring and finding out about yourself, call Me, yes call Me slut… Don’t step back, call and I will convince you of your submissive desires…..don’t miss out on this chance.”

She responded back to him on Sunday. After all, he was her first. “Thank you for your feedback on ‘Kiss of Fire.’ I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I have never experienced what I wrote. I’m very new to BDSM but have been reading realxstory stories for years. I wrote that one in an airport while waiting for a plane. I also submitted three others that were precursors to the one you read. Not sure if they will make it on the site. I write them all at airports and find the time goes by a lot faster when you’re sitting there fantasizing and writing. Where do you live in So Cal?”

He wrote back “I would love to explore the idea of experiencing the stories your wrote. I travel every week as well, but really have never thoughts of writing erotic stories while in the airport. …I live 35 miles east of LA….any interest in talking or discussing your fantasies? Let me know.” Once again he left his phone number and told her to call.

Rather than calling, she sent a teasing email on Monday saying, “I am interested in talking to you. Where do you travel? What airport? If you see a short, big breasted gal in high heels and a dress, furiously writing and crossing and uncrossing her legs, it could be me working on my next story.”

Later that day, she sent another email saying, “I’m so excited. I just got another story approved. It’s the first story I wrote. Please let me know what you think?”

His response was “I take it that you are not interested in talking. Congrats for your new story, I will go read it…”

After reading this, she thought about how selfish she was. He was nice enough to respond to her first story and willing to go read the next one. Why couldn’t she at least give him a call? She looked at his email address and noticed that he sent his messages through his company site. After looking up the company on the Internet, she saw that he was an executive. He seemed legit. And, they were in the same field. Perhaps they had people in common.

Knowing she had meetings the rest of the afternoon, she sent an email saying “How about the end of the work day?” He replied “That will be great. Just call when you can. I look forward to it.”

As a busy executive, people were always interrupting her in her office so, she decided to call him from a private conference room away from everyone else. She ducked into a room on the first floor, with a view of the building exit. While she was talking to him, she could watch all the office workers leaving for the day.

She sat in a conference chair and apprehensively dialed his number. They made the obligatory introductions and began talking. There was something about his voice that was turning her on and pulling her out of executive mode and into another realm. It was the long uncomfortable pauses, the tone, and the questions he asked about her stories. She knew that her stories exposed some of her fantasies but he saw beyond her words. He could see into her psyche.

He knew she had little experience in BDSM. He could tell by her writing. He could also tell that she craved to be submissive and had a burning desire to have someone draw it out of her, someone with experience, someone like him.

As he talked, her breathing changed and she was getting more and more excited. He asked her what she was wearing. She said “A skirt, high heels, and a sweater.” He asked if she was wearing panties. She said, “Yes. A thong.”

“Lift up your skirt.” He said.

She did… then started breathing even heavier. She could see several of her friends just outside the window, leaving for the day.

“Spread your legs.” He commanded.

“Yes” she said quietly.

“You lowered your voice,” he said.

“That’s because I’m at work in a conference room.” She said.

“Put your fingers over your panties and rub them over your pussy.”

She sighed and then spread her legs

“You are enjoying this aren’t you? You are wet.”

She was wet and said “Yes.”

“Yes what?’ He said

“Yes Sir.” she replied

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