Panty Flashing, Shopping for Shoes

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When he returned with the brown shoes she noticed his zipper was down. Now either he peed and forgot to zipper himself or he pulled his zipper down purposely. Either he was playing with himself in back or he’s a flasher too and was flashing her. Well, two can play this game, only she wondered how far he’d go. It’s much more difficult for a man to flash a woman than it is for a woman to flash a man. All a woman had to do was to lean forward to give a man a down blouse view of her bra and cleavage or slowly cross her legs to give a man an up skirt view of her panties.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she said accepting the shoes while staring at his unzipped zipper while wondering what his cock looked like and while wondering if he was circumcised or uncircumcised.

As soon as he squatted down again, she could see his white cotton underwear. Obviously, she was as enamored seeing his underwear as he was seeing hers. Her preferred choice because she could more clearly see the bulges, he was wearing briefs instead of boxers. As her knees opened wider, her skirt climbed higher. The point of no return and going right to the top level to her panty flashing, being that he wanted to play too, she was ready for the next step.

“What do you have in boots?”

“Boots? We have quite a large selection in sizes, styles, and colors,” he said with a smile while staring at her white, sheer, bikini panties. She knew that in this bright light that he could see her patch of blonde pubic hair. “Only, if you don’t mind, being that it’s after closing time and with the mall closing soon, I’m going to lock the front door,” he said with a bit of trepidation. “I don’t want any more customers coming in after the long day I’ve had already,” he explained to her as his justification for locking the store.

“Sure, no problem,” she said knowing that he was up to something and not minding being that she was up to something too.

“What kind of boots?” Waiting to ask her the question until he was standing in front of her and staring in between her legs at her exposed panties again, she was enjoying how horny this young man appeared to be. He was making her arousing her with the sexual anticipation of what might happen next.

“Black boots, calf high, size 9,” she said knowing full well that she took a size 10.

A game she enjoyed playing, the best way to flash him, really flash him her panty, was for him to struggle to fit a boot a size to small on her foot.

“I’ll be right back,” he said and disappeared in back again.

Being that he was gone longer than necessary to retrieve a pair of boots, she wondered what he was doing back them. Figuring he was in back masturbating over seeing her panty, she wished she had the balls to step around the counter and peek and peep on him in the backroom but before she could even get up from her chair, he returned with her boots. He held the shoebox in front of him and when he squatted down again, his cock was out of his underwear and hanging there by the unzipped material at the front of his pants. Oh, my God, with him flashing her, the shoe was on the other foot and she couldn’t believe her eyes. With his dark, tuft of pubic hair sticking out of his pants, the entire side of his erection was visible. A first time for everything, in all the times she’s flashed her panties in a shoe store never has the salesman flashed her his cock.

Being that she was a professional flasher herself, she knew he was flashing her on purpose. His face was red and his breathing was shallow. She could tell he was as sexually excited seeing her panties and flashing her his cock as she was sexually excited flashing him her panties and seeing his cock. Wondering where this would lead, she was ready to play his game instead of having him play her game. Only, being that she was sitting there with her skirt up to her crotch and her legs spread wide open while he fruitlessly tried fitting her with boots that obviously didn’t fit her, she was still in a position to tease him a little more.

She wondered if she flashed him even more of her panty by raising her leg if she’d sexually excite him even more. Figuring the stiffer and bigger his cock grew, the better her chances were of seeing his hard monster popping out of his pants. After flashing her panties and after he flashed her part of his cock, in her horny state now, she wouldn’t mind seeing his young, hard prick. He was young and good looking. She wondered what would she do if his cock was sticking straight out of his pants. Would she stare at his exposed prick? Would she reach out and touch his cock, wrap her fingers around his cock, and stroke his cock before taking his cock in her mouth to suck his cock?

She wondered what he’d do if he was so exposed with his cock sticking straight out of his pants? Would he pretend that he didn’t know and notice that he was so exposed? Or would he act embarrassed? Would he force her to touch him? Would he impale her mouth with his prick? Or would he take her around back, bend her over, lift up her short skirt, pull down her bikini panty, and fuck her?

The real question was, what would she do? When all she wanted to do was to flash her panties to him, never expecting him to flash her his cock, would she allow him to have his wicked way with her hot body? How so deliciously wicked, she didn’t know and wouldn’t know what she’d do and how she’d react, until she reached that point of no return.

Unable to zip the boot, she placed her foot in the too small boot while he struggled to fit her. There was just no way that her foot was fitting in that boot. Allowing him to raise her leg, when he lifted her leg, she opened her knees as wide as she did when having sex in the backseat with her last date. With her skirt nearly up to her waist and her legs spread wide open that he could count the tread count of her panty, she watched his eyes transfixed on her crotch. In the way that he was looking, staring, and leering at her panty clad pussy, she wished she wasn’t wearing any underwear. How much further would his eyes bulge out of his head and his cock tent his pants, if he was staring at her exposed pussy instead of her white panty?

Instead of measuring her foot, he was determined to squeeze her foot in this too small boot, no doubt to prolong the view of her panty. After a strong grab of her leg and a big push of her foot, enough of a push to bend her knee and to unexpectedly cause him to fall forward, his mouth was now so close to her cunt. As if he was getting ready to fall to his knees between her legs and lick her through her panties, she was so ready to feel his fingers push her panty aside before feeling his tongue licking her and lapping her, while his fingers fucked her. Only, he didn’t make a move to touch her panty clad pussy. Instead he gave up.

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