Panty Flashing, Shopping for Shoes

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Susan has the need to flash only she becomes the one being flashed.

Susan, a 40-year-old cougar was horny again. Her need to flash came more often now with the advent of the warmer weather. She loved showing unsuspecting men her shapely body so long as it appeared accidental. The sexual feeling she received from flashing herself didn’t work if men suspected she was flashing them intentionally. Besides, not wanting to be confronted, attacked, and/or raped, just wanting to sexually tease them, she’d rather leave the men scratching their heads while wondering if she had flashed them accidentally or intentionally.

Being that she was living in a new city, a place where she had never flashed before, no one knew her here. They’d never recognize her would never suspect her of flashing them. Whether flashing men a down blouse or an up skirt, it was the same to her, so long as she flashed some part of her body for her to masturbate over all that they saw of her later. Unless she was wearing a sun dress without a bra or a low cut, unbuttoned top, harder to flash her bra, cleavage, and tits, it was easier to flash her panties. Something she always enjoyed doing on a bus and/or train, just the act of crossing and uncrossing her legs flashed her panties to the man sitting across from her.

Without being too obvious, not wearing her shortest skirt, she wore the one that climbed up her leg in the way that a man’s hand does during a good night kiss. She wore her sheer, white bikini panties, the one that showed her dark patch of blonde, trimmed, pubic hair whenever her skirt climbed high enough and whenever she spread her legs open wide enough. She was getting excited just thinking about flashing her panties. Visible through her sheer blouse and bra, her nipples were already erect and hard and she could feel that familiar warm, wet sensation between her legs.

Being that the best place to flash was the mall, she headed for the shoe store but not just any shoe store. The store she chose to flash in had to have a man helping women. Moreover, even though any man would suffice in her need to flash her panty, she preferred flashing younger men to older men. Yet, not just any man, a younger and attractive man was always more sexually exciting for her to flash than flashing an older and an unattractive man.

Having seen it all before, harder to flash older men without them thinking that she was flashing them intentionally, she received more of a reaction from a younger man. Younger men were always so much more sexually excitable, especially when seeing the panties of an older woman. Perhaps, she made them think of their mother flashing them her panties. Further, she enjoyed witnessing their reactions to them seeing her panties while watching their erections tent their pants with the more flashes of her panties that she showed. She imagined them going home and masturbating over all that they saw of her. Wishing she was a fly on the wall, she only wished she could watch them masturbating over the sexy thoughts of her.

A small instate shoe store chain, Shoe Showcase was her chosen place to flash her panties. Preferring to go there on a weekday instead of a weekend, she preferred when the store was less crowded, as soon as they opened or just before closing. Today, she went there twenty minutes before closing. She hated flashing her panties when there were other women who knew what she was doing and giving her dirty, judgmental looks. Instead of making her feel sexy, their dirty looks made her feel slutty. Even though she knew she was an exhibitionistic slut, she didn’t need to be reminded about her lack of modesty and morals by envious woman who didn’t possess the body she had. Besides, whenever she was the only customer, she had the undivided attention of the shoe salesman.

She opened the door of the store and walked the aisles looking at shoes. She scoped out the store as if she was going to rob the place while hoping the manager, an older man in his forties, would go in back and leave his junior salesman alone so that she could flash him without him interfering and ruining her sexy fun.

“Michael, I’m going to leave a few minutes early. I have an errand to run and a bank deposit still to make.”

“Okay, Glenn. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She browsed the shoes before picking out a black pair of sexy heels and taking a seat to try them on and to begin her flashing.

“I can help you with those,” said Michael, a twenty-something-year-old salesman.

As soon as he squatted down to fit her, she relaxed her knees and caught him looking between her legs. Even though she wasn’t showing much yet, she wondered what he saw of her for him to look again but longer this time. Definitely, whatever he was seeing he liked. She did have long legs and shapely thighs and she wore her bright white panties because they were easy to spot than colored or black ones. Oh, yeah, when she was flashing her bright white lingerie, as if she was flashing her high beams, there was no mistaking that the one being flashed could see her the triangular piece of panty between her legs.

Because their thighs were so big, obese woman had to open their knees wide to flash their panties but she didn’t. Even when she sat with her knees closed tightly together, someone sitting across from her could still see the patch of panty over her knees. This time she gave him something to see when she parted her knees a little more by merely leaning down to feel the shoe on her foot. She had his attention now. He was looking and when he stood, she noticed his bulge in his pants that he tried covering with the shoebox. With the shoe not even starting yet, that was easy.

She brushed her blonde hair back that had fallen in front of face when she was looking down at her shoe and he was staring in between her legs. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes and smiled.

“Do you have these in brown?”

“I’ll go check in back,” he said turning to leave.

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