Paid Into Lesbian Facesitting

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I cursed at myself for letting this happen but tried to reason to myself that I couldn’t blame her for taking things further.

I closed my eyes and, without being told to, pursed my lips again and kissed her mound through her panties.

This time I could faintly taste her arousal and I realized she was getting wet.

She wiggled her ass in response to my kiss; instead of meeting me halfway she just continued to use me for her own desires.

Knowing she wasn’t going let me go without getting off, I swallowed my doubts and regrets and kissed her again.

“Ahh, I knew you would learn to love me,” she cooed.

“That’s right, kiss me, my little lesbian slut.”

I felt annoyed at that remark but told myself she was just playing it for the video.

Deciding to at least play my part well, I stuck my tongue out and ran it slowly over her slit.

I hesitated for a moment when I tasted a wet spot on her panties, but found the taste to be surprisingly arousing.

Her taste was stronger than my own and I couldn’t deny the tingling in my own pussy as I pressed my tongue against Miri’s and felt the dampness on her thong increase.

I kissed the skin right next to her thong and licked over the edge of her thong before moving back to the center, growing slowly addicted to the sweet taste of her juices.

Just as I was getting into it, she lifted up.

I tried to lap at her but she inched away, just out of reach.

“Eager little pet, aren’t you?” she giggled, and I blushed.

It was shameful how quickly she had turned me into liking this and I wondered if she expected I was bisexual, or just planned to abuse me.

My thoughts were broken when she turned around once more to face me.

“You want to kiss my pussy?” She asked seductively, trailing a finger over her thong, wet with her juices and my saliva.

I nodded slightly and strained my neck to reach her, but she giggled and pushed my head down with one hand.

“Beg me.”

I closed my eyes and shook my head in defiance.

I was willing to submit to her, but begging was something else.

She had forced this upon me, not the other way around.

I opened my eyes when the smell of her arousal suddenly increased tenfold, and I found myself looking right at her pussy.

She had pulled her thong aside with one hand and spread her lips with the other, giving me an up close and personal view of her very wet pussy.

I swallowed as I stared at it. The smell was overwhelming.

Again I tried to reach for her pussy with my tongue but she was lightning fast in backing away.

I groaned, not planning to give her the satisfaction of hearing me beg, but she was determined to get me to submit.

Miri ran a finger around her lips and plunged it inside her slick cunt, caressing her walls and ensuring her finger was drenched in her juices before pulling back out.

With a wink she touched the tip of my nose and I immediately lapped at it, savoring the taste of her cream.

“More?” She asked as she continued to finger herself, and I nodded.

But she just continued to move her finger in and around her pussy, occasionally flicking and rubbing her clit.

She was growing wetter by the minute and every now and then a drop of her juices would splatter my face, which I eagerly tried to lick up.

“Beg,” she murmured, but I shook my head.

She let her thong fall back into place and moved to get up and off the bed.

“W-wait!” I stammered without thinking.

She smirked down at me but didn’t move, towering over me with her feet on either side of my face.

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