You Didn’t Know You Wanted Cock

Let me set the scene… I walk into the room in nothing but my 7″ strap-on and a smile. My wetness is already seeping down my legs, god dammit, I am so turned on by the thought of taking you!!!!! You are on the bed, handcuffed to the headboard just as I left you an […]

Get Her Cumming!

I was so excited about our camping trip, that I packed early, not being able to wait for our fun weekend trip. I had a few changes of thick clothes and an extra pair of shoes. You said we’d go with some friends of yours, but we’d have our own tent, so I brought a […]

Sex with Sister

I woke up with a tingling sensation between my legs. I looked down and saw my nude sister stroking my cock and licking the head. “What are you doing Carla?” I asked. “I want to get it hard because I want to feel it inside me again.” She said. I lay my head back on […]

A Second Chance At Love

“No, I would love it,” Jim said, a little too eager. He felt his face flush again. Then his eyes grew wide as she watched Jenny turn and stretch to place her coffee cup on the coffee table behind her. As she reached back, her legs parted, giving Jim a perfect view directly up her […]

Horny Checkout Lady

Brenda was a till operator at the local supermarket. I recognised her while I was shopping from when I used to work on the door at a local nightclub. She was a good bit older than me and the other lads used to work her when she came in. Apparently she’d been a bit of […]

Family Holiday

I had not really had a holiday this year except for a few days away with my husband Chas earlier in the year. So when my mum said did I fancy going with her and my aunty to Cephallonia, one of the Greek islands at the end of September for ten days I jumped at […]

Creaming for Carmela

We moved to New Mexico when my husband’s father decided to retire early from his business and pass it on to his son. I had visited here many times but never quite took to it. My family is from Maine. Thanks to the exclusive country club membership sponsored by my in-laws and a ton of […]

My Cousin’s Milk

When I was about 18, my adult cousin was in her very early 20’s. Her brother (he was 17) and I were spending the night in her house since her husband was down south visiting his sick mother who was close to death. This left Ann alone with her young baby who was barely 6 […]

Wifely Needs

After four and a half years of marriage you might think that you know everything there is to know about your spouse. After four and a half years you may think you know their wants, their desires, their dreams, and most importantly, their fantasies. I didn’t. My wife Robin was always a very sexual woman […]

Surprised By Mom

The summer was drawing to a close, and my life had turned quite boring after the night by the pool with my sisters introducing me to the pleasures of water sports. Both Pam and Sue had kept very much to themselves, at least when it came to me, and I think both felt a bit […]

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