Bridget’s Mouth

All during high school I pursued a beautiful, but overprotected Catholic girl who really had little or no romantic interest in me. This situation provided me with little opportunity to experience the kinds of sexual encounters I fantasized about, thus I was still rather naïve and inexperienced when the same beautiful girl was leaving my […]

Creampie for Husband

“Will you eat your semen off of your partner?” That was the card I drew in the middle of a game called Sex is Fun. My wife, J, and I were sitting just in our underwear in front of our fireplace and enjoying its warmth on a cold winter’s night. J said that I would […]

Bad Girl – Good Load

Katie could barely focus enough on the bottle to see that the head of it pointed right at her. “Truth” she said… and the question…’what turns you on most?’ A “good girls” most dreaded question echoed off the dorm room walls. “I have fantasies about watching men jerk off,” Katie said before she realized the […]

A Very Thorough Medical Exam

“There! One more consultation and I can call it a day!” I think to myself as I close the door behind the second last patient for the day. I am in somewhat of a hurry to get away from the surgery, as I have a racquetball appointment with the guys at the club and I’m […]

12 Nights of Submission

November 1997 In college, I lusted after one guy for three years. His name was Jonathon. He was an arrogant bastard knowing he was God’s answer to most girls’ wet dreams. Naturally beautiful, his features would have almost been feminine if not for his broad jaw and constant stubble. A long tussle of light brown […]

A Hot Day In The Shower

You know, when my wife told me she’d let our ‘granny flat’ to a student she’d met at the beauty salon I was annoyed. I like my privacy, and we didn’t need the money. Things didn’t improve when you arrived either. You acted like you owned the place – noisy, untidy – I felt as […]

Naked Tease

I’m a very lucky man! I have a beautiful young wife who I love very much. She is a petite 24 year old hottie who turns heads wherever she goes. She stands only 5″ 2″ tall and weighs only 105 pounds, but it’s all in the right places, presenting a very curvy figure. Her tight […]

My Sexy Squirting Sister

As the big dick pounded the blonde teenie on the television screen the two young girls fucked themselves on the bed. Amanda, the host, was a slim, stunning girl with long brown hair and smallish breasts. Her friend, Natalie, was a similar build with short, blonde hair and slightly bigger tits. Natalie was fucking her […]

Cum Obsession

My name is Kate. I’m 20 years old, and I have a confession to make. I love cum. I’m addicted to seeing it, feeling it, and tasting it. I love the way it slides down my throat and how I can smear it all over my tits. But I’ve always had one problem with cum […]

A Man’s Place

I couldn’t believe my luck, a raise! Finally, after working three years in this stinking company as Marketing Manager, and I finally get a raise. Okay, granted, it took for the company to be bought out, have a number of people sacked, and to squirm like mad to do it, but I got there! 5000 […]

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