Virgin Hooked On An Older Man

**This is a true story, which yes, is long and slow a bit in the beginning but, it does get better.** I was brought up with strick parents. Sex was taboo, wasn’t allowed to watch movies rated over PG-13, wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend, had to be inside the house by dark. Being the […]

Milking Time

I was staying the night with Laura and Bob; they were conveniently sited near one of our major suppliers and I took the opportunity to visit them about twice a year when I had a meeting. Laura was my wife’s cousin, a pretty, rather conventional woman my own age. She had nice legs and a […]

Cindy Exposed

When Al Tanner called Sam into his office, he was apprehensive. Things had gotten kind of weird at work lately. He had a feeling it involved his wife Cindy, who also worked at Apex Enterprises. “Close the door, Sam.” He assumed that wasn’t a good sign, and he was right. “We have a bit of […]

Poolside Pussy

Priscilla Larson is usually called “Prissy” by her friends, but the name is a joke, and everybody knows it. There is nothing the least bit prissy about her. She loves putting her sexy body on display, but she loves it even more when the men or women looking at her want to go much farther […]

A Girlfriend Shared

*For those who have been following any of my stories, you may have noticed a penchant for public nudity, exhibitionism, nudism, and so forth. That is and will always be my first and foremost genre. This story is a change of pace. I’m going outside my zone and I’m writing a different kind of story. […]

I Won Her In A Poker Game!

This is a story of erotic fiction. It is meant to be enjoyed by adults with an open mind. If you are not such a person…please do not read this story… This happened about ten years ago. The story starts slowly as there is a lot to explain, but there is enough to interest most […]

Anal Attraction

It has been many months since we first experimented with anal sex. Although you professed to enjoy it – after the initial pain and although I was very gentle and careful – I have been concerned about your safety and comfort so I haven’t broached the subject again. Besides, every time we make love, it […]

Mother’s Seduction

I had known that I wanted my mother since I first became sexually aroused. I would look at porn mags and think of what a woman must look like in the flesh. I would pretend to accidentally walk in on her at different times, seeing her body and recording it in my memory. I suspected […]

Taste of her Ass

Since starting my first professional job a few weeks ago, I had quickly begun an intimate relationship with an associate director at the firm, a tall, broad-shouldered and grey haired man who was at least thirty years my senior. At nineteen years old and very naïve, I hadn’t considered the implications for my career the […]

A Story of Foot Love and Lust

I spent many years on the road, working as a stand up comedian and radio personality. I retired about four years ago, but the experiences I have had over the years will last me a lifetime. Here is a story, completely true, about one of those experiences. I was dating a nice young lady back […]

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