Reluctant Swinger

Jill felt a tear well up in her eye, and she sniffled. Her husband David, driving the car beside her heard her and said “It will be ok Jill, this will be fun.” But, Jill thought, no way this was going to be fun. She and David were driving to a local club to meet […]

My Husband Sucks

Sarah sauntered into the kitchen about noon wearing nothing but her birthday suit. “Charles?” “Yes, honey?” Her long red hair looked like she had been riding in her convertible with the top down. But no, she had been riding Joe reverse cowgirl and had a bad case of bed head. Sarah’s husband, more than twice […]

Wife’s Black Cock Fantasy Massage

Recently I had to go to the USA on a business trip. I usually travel alone but on this trip I convinced the company to pay for my wife Jan to travel with me and to also extend the trip for another week for some well earned R&R.I was to be there 1 week before […]

Yellow G-string

My cousin Jess was gripping onto an empty wineglass in her hand and lazily slurping out a few corny words to a drunken guy leaning against a wall. “Ooohhh…I like your stubble…It’s so sexy… Like sandpaper.” She said to the guy, touching his face and giggling. I could see where this was leading. “Party’s over, […]

Replacement Husband

Karyl Leland had a problem. It was a six-five year old husband. They hadn’t been to sexually active for quiet a few years now. The only thing that did seem to make him happy was business. He was always gone on one trip or another. This left the forty-two year old woman home a lot. […]

Sister-In-Law’s Panties

That first time we fucked is still fresh in my mind. I had done some work at her house a few days before our first fuck and since I was home alone I helped myself to her panty drawer. Before I left I made sure to leave a deposit in a very sexy pair of […]

A Play Date

The first time that my husband took control of my exhibitionism was on a “Play Date”. Our children were still young enough to require a babysitter. My husband had just started a new job, which didn’t pay all that well in the beginning. I was a stay at home mom. And we had just purchased […]

Wife’s Idea

It started with my wife Pam. She has a love for cock that I have never witnessed before in anyone else. She is constantly playing with mine, in public and private; she can’t keep her hands off of it. She loves to tease me, loves to watch me grow hard, and loves to suck endlessly […]

What Every Man Wants

There are articles in abundance on what women want and need. There was even a movie recently, with Mel Gibson, about our secret feminine thoughts and desires, men spend hours trying to figure us out and what we need, but do we try to figure them out? You don’t see many about what men need […]

Going for a Jog-Gay story

Like any other day I awoke at 5am and quietly dressed in a pair of grey sweat pants, sweatshirt, and running shoes. I like to stay active and I enjoy a run in the morning–it puts a peaceful hum on me for the rest of the day. Careful to not wake my wife and kids […]

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