Our Journey To Wife Swapping

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Rachel and I have been talking about a threesome for a couple of years now. To be fair it is more my fantasy and she has indulged me with it. To begin with Rachel would just listen and play with my cock while I talked about it. She was always surprised in the early years of our marriage that the fantasy revolved around her getting another cock to play with and not me getting another girl in bed with us. She used to tease me about which of her friends I might like to get into bed with her. On more than one occasion she made it sound quite tempting.

We have been married a while now and have a great sex life when the kids are behaving and going to bed on time. Rachel likes watching sex tapes from time to time and reads stories on this site whilst I massage her and play with her sex with one or two of her toys. She has a nice range of toys that we play with and when we have time and she is in the mood she will let me simulate her being fucked by another man and suck my cock at the same time. She knows I love this and I can never hold out for very long when she is plunging her dildo into her pussy and stroking my cock at the same time. I know what a lucky man I am and she really knows what to do with her lips and tongue to drive a man wild. She’s not such a cum swallower as a cock licker at the point of ejaculation.

Occasionally if we get some time together in the day she will let me take dirty pictures of her in various stages of undress in the sunshine. She looks great in Lycra as she is really slim and petite with lovely pale skin and long brown hair. Rachel has even been patient enough to pose for pictures that I have cut and pasted together so that it simulates her having sex with two men at the same time. It is my favourite fantasy and I’m so lucky that she goes with it. Rachel is not quick to cum and often I’m forced to have sex for an hour or so before it’s the right time for the gentleman to explode. I love the way she has to have my cock for so long but often it means that I need to be over stimulated to cum. I’m sure the guys here know what I mean. It’s on these occasions that Rachel will encourage me to talk in detail about sharing her with another man.

Our stories tend to revolve around one particular couple in our circle of friends and over time Rachel has become much more interested and involved in the idea of having sex with these friends. They live a few hours away from us and visit a couple of times a year if we are lucky. So there is plenty of time for the fantasy element to develop and I know we always have more sex when they are around. Although we have a good size house and the guests stay in the annexe, over time it has become the accepted practice for guests to shower in our ensuite because it is such a great shower, particularly if you have been for a run or a bike ride. I think it is the fact that they have been nude in our private space that gives more liberty to Rachel’s fantasies. We think Paul has seen Rachel’s sex toys too as he went looking for some blister cream a few visits ago after showering and came down talking about the interesting array of torches upstairs that he had stumbled upon.

All of this and the fact that they are a good looking couple that we enjoy being with had led to them becoming the focus of our sharing fantasies. Over the years Paul has mentioned a few things about his wife in bed, including the way she will toss him off real quick if she is tired and we now call this an “Ali”, after his wife, if Rachel does that for me. It’s a good name for a swift wank and helps us talk at the same time about group sex. Rachel will ask me what it’s like having my friends’ wife stroke my cock. I ask her if she would let Ali suck my cock. We talk about what Paul might be doing while his wife is busy stroking my cock, whether he’d be riding his wife or mine or sucking on Rachel’s clit whilst gently fingering her with one hand and rubbing her nipples with the other. You can see we have had many fantasies about this and it always pushes me over the edge when Rachel or I talk about Paul putting his cock in her sex.

After several years of talking about this I have gotten very keen on making them a part of first group sharing experience and Rachel now is open to it. We worried that it might scare them off and ruin our friendship; Rachel worried more about that than expressing any reluctance to open her legs for our friend. I’m still not sure what part that she envisages for Ali. Rachel is now open to having two cocks to play with and will let me play with her with a dildo just so that I can enter her hole after its already been penetrated and pretend I’m getting seconds. One of my favourite photos of her that shows my fantasy is a picture of my cum coming out of her sex whilst her head is over the side of the bed and she is sucking my cock. I had to move quickly to get this shot but it shows her lovely thighs, gorgeous sex and flat stomach, her breasts and my cock entering her mouth. She has that just fucked and now I’m seeing to my husband look about her.

Rachel has never been a fan of anal and although we have tried, for my sake, a couple of times to make it work, she really does have a tight little ass and my cock has never managed to penetrate her. It’s not something that comes up much but recently when watching sex tapes I have been excited by her interest in being Dp’ed. Normally we skip past that part of any sex tapes but recently she has been most vocal at those points. I like to lick her sex whilst she watches porn or play with her sex toys and lick her. I always try and keep track of what she is watching and copy the experience on the screen or mirror the pace of sexual activity in some other way. As I say recently it has been the double penetration that has become a feature and I have been introducing my little finger and a butt plug to my wife’s dark hole. Sometimes I get the mood right and sometimes I just back off and change tack. One thing I was picking up on though was come the day Rachel would be looking for several experiences in her two cock fantasy.

The question was becoming when, not if I would talk to our friends and more to the point, would Paul and Ali come along with our fantasy. We were naturally worried that the whole issue might wreck our friendship either because they would think we were weird sex perverts or that things would never be the same between us afterwards. I’m not sure we are out of the latter yet, but I do know they are as excited as we are. These things have not played out yet and their visit is overdue by a couple of months but it is now only a few weeks away. We have managed to sort that they are on for trying though, and agreed between Paul and I some ground rules.

In recent days Paul and I have spoken frequently. I managed to somehow bring the subject up without it being completely random and unnatural talking about some adult games and things just went from there. I have emailed him some indiscreet pictures too. Paul wasn’t shocked and was definitely on for getting naked with Rachel especially after getting the pics. He has been working on sounding Ali out and I was thrilled that she would be on for it.

I have even shared with Paul how I think we can best make it happen. He says they would like to try it and wouldn’t consider it with anyone else. The four of us really are solid friends. He says he is really keen to see Rachel naked and rub his cock over her body. He has clearly shared the photos I sent with Ali and sent back an image of his home computer monitor showing one of Rachel’s pictures; in the foreground it was clear that his cock is being held by a woman’s hand and I recognised Ali’s ring. There was cum on her hand and on the monitor table. In the picture Rachel is naked with her Dildo in her pussy which is being held in her left hand in a lazy partial penetration shot, she has her sunglasses on and is naked on the balcony laid on a towel. She looks amazing. Rachel and I fucked really hard after we looked at that picture of Paul cock and Ali’s cum covered hand.

Paul and I have agreed that some Dutch courage will be required, and that given that we both have rug rats we will have to be flexible about if we can make this happen. We are all comfortable with the idea of strip poker and that once almost naked will begin with a few gentle dares. I know I will have a hard on from the moment we split the deck and will have a hard time hiding it. The kind of thing we have agreed is that the naked loser of a round will be giving back rubs whilst blind folded and that this will escalate to having to work out who they have been touching with further forfeits for incorrect identification. In this way we think we will move things along at a comfortable pace without anyone being horrified that we have gone from a kiss on the cheek to penetration in two minutes flat. I can see that the initial blindfolded activities will be on our own partners and we will be looking ideally for the girls to volunteer the transition that we are all so anticipating. As the earlier dares progress they will focus on one person exploring with their hands or mouth the body in front of them. A failure to identify correctly who it is will lead to another more sexual task. Within two or three rounds I think the girls will have gone from rubbing buttocks and holding biceps to licking cocks and cosseting testicles. The boys likewise will have gone from neck rubs to tweaking nipples and onto sucking clits.

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