On the Job Training_Gay Story

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Again reading the corny dialogue from my cue cards, I answered, “Thanks for that first class roto-rootering. Any recommendation on how to prevent my pipes from clogging up in the future?”

“I can put you on a preventive program of regular weekly maintenance,” Tony winked. “Shall we say same place same time next week?”

“Absolutely,” I exclaim.

“Cut!” Eric directed. “That was fantastic guys. Jack, you played that heterosexual first time role great. And the sex was fucking sizzling…guys will be rubbing out loads for years to this video.”

“Thanks,” I managed, torn between the intense feelings I had enjoyed being fucked by a man for the first time and the shame and embarrassment I knew I should be feeling. Eric’s compliment brought it home; my ass getting pounded had been caught on film and was going to be in porn stores across the country for any hard-up pervert to watch any time he felt like it.

Jessie threw me a towel and whispered in my ear, “How the fuck do you do it Jack? I’m not sure I could take Tony’s big dick ball deep in my pussy and no fucking way would I let him get close to my ass with that weapon.”

I forgot that the cute little makeup chick was still there and had been watching me get sodomized by the big, gay stud. While I should have been embarrassed, I was actually feeling pretty proud of my performance.

“I’m a pro,” I responded, finding it hard to keep a straight face. “I do this for a living.”

“I wish every bottom got into his work as much as you do, Jack,” Eric interjected. “Hey, if you’re interested we are shooting a gangbang flick downtown tomorrow and I could use another bottom. It’s an all day shoot and you will get paid double time.”

Double the money and quadruple the dick I thought, and as my cock began to stir, I knew what my answer had to be. “I’ll be there, Eric.”

On my drive home, the dull pain still throbbing in my ass, I jerked out another load thinking about the hot man sex I’d be having tomorrow. I’d have to remember to send Bruno a “thank you” card along with the $500 I owed him.

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