On the Job Training_Gay Story

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“You taking that cock like a real pro, Mr. Smith,” Tony exhaled. “You love it don’t you, you old faggot.”

Becoming one with my character I responded accordingly, “Yes sir. I love having your big cock buried ball deep in my virgin hole. Please don’t stop fucking my ass, sir. Fuck me like your little bitch.”

For another fifteen minutes I bounced up and down on Tony’s butt missile as the camera guys circled, getting several close ups of his cock stretching my hole. They also focused in on my hard dick as it bounced up and down, drizzling precum. I spun around and fucked Tony face to face as he jerked my spitting cock.

“Dude, I think your faucet is broken, it won’t stop leaking,” he snickered. “Good thing you called a plumber.”

Getting into my role, I replied, “Yes sir, this is no do-it-yourself job. Thank goodness I found a pro that knows his way around a steel pipe.”

Tony reached over to his tool belt and whipped out a knife. With one quick motion he sliced the tape restraining my hands behind my head. “Guess you don’t need that anymore. I got a feeling you ain’t gonna be fighting no more.”

With my hands free, I reached around and massaged his big nuts as he continued to fuck my ass. I could feel the jizz beginning to boil just below the surface of his wrinkled sack.

I also ran my hands over his toned torso, tweaking his nipples and getting a positive response from my male lover.

“Oh, yea bitch, now you’re learning how to flip my switch.”

He grabbed me roughly and yanked my ass down hard onto his erection. I could feel his cock swell deep in my ass and it pulsated with warmth, clearly nearing ejaculation.

“Where do you want my load, whore?” Tony asked. “You want me to shoot my wad up your virgin hole?”

So lost in the hot sex, I answered, on auto-pilot, “Yea stud, unload up my ass.”

The director piped in, “Wrong answer, Jack. We need a money shot.”

“Oh, yea, I forgot,” I replied, slightly embarrassed that I had become so caught up in the sex that I was ignoring the movie. “I want you to shoot in my mouth and all over my face, sir.”

“Yea, faggot,” Tony answered, “Just what I expected from you.”

“Do you want to come in my mouth?” I implored.

Without answering, Tony lifted me off his enormous cock and pushed me back onto the kitchen table, my head again hanging off the edge. He straddled my head from behind and ordered, “Open up cunt, I’m gonna screw that throat till I’m ready to cum on your face.”

With deep, fast strokes, Tony rammed his cock down my throat again and again, my tongue lubing the bottom of his massive shaft and getting furtive tastes of his ripe balls as he bottomed out down my throat.

My hands now free, I was furiously stroking my raging boner, nearing my second mind blowing orgasm of the day, the dried and crusty remains of my first pop shot still evident on my sweaty body.

Without further warning, Tony motioned to the camera and shouted, “Ready” before ripping his dick from my mouth and with a bloody scream, as he rested his sweaty sack on my extended tongue, erupted with a torrent of hot, salty jizz. I felt the first few jets land on my thighs and dick, lubing my motion as I furiously jerked my own boner. The next several shots landed on my chest and finally I felt several well aimed loads hit my tongue and face.

“Yea, bitch, take that,” Tony screamed. “Swallow my fucking load you little cocksucking whore. You wanted me to cum on your face, well there you go, cunt.”

As I got my first taste of man sauce, my own cock erupted, shooting several creamy wads of spunk onto my chest and belly, mixing with Tony’s seed and leaving my torso covered in thick haze of cum. Exhausted, I reached up and worked the spooge into my chest, scooping up handfuls and pouring it into my eager mouth. Simultaneously, I milked Tony’s slowly deflating pecker, sucking every last drop of semen from his magnificent tool. I watched as the cameras came in close to get every last detail of the money shot.

“Yea, suck me dry you fucking cum slut,” Tony sighed.

“That’s a wrap on the sex,” Eric directed. “And it was fucking hot, men,” he exclaimed.

“Tony, put back on your tool belt and the plumber’s shirt but leave it unbuttoned,” Eric instructed. “Jack, just sit at the table, completely naked, the jizz still running down your body and pretend like you are writing out a check. We’ll get some final dialogue before exiting the scene.”

Tony’s cock was now flaccid, but it was still thick and powerful, and I honestly could not take my eyes off of it.

Eric shouted action and Tony scratched his balls, “Damn Mr. Smith, your pipes were really backed up. Lucky for you I got here just in time to unclog them.” As he finished his dialogue, he gave his cock a quick yank and whacked me on the shoulder with the big fleshy organ.

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