On the Job Training_Gay Story

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When I hesitated, unable to respond to Tony’s silly question, he spanked my ass violently. “Tell me about her tits, dammit.”

As I closed my eyes and tried to picture my imaginary wife’s make-believe breasts, my body started to spasm, wave after wave of intense pleasure pulsating through my tortured body.

“Her tits, her tits…” I began, but I didn’t finish as my cock violently erupted, huge ropes of spooge ejaculating from my untouched tool, splashing my stomach and chest in shot after shot of warm, sticky jizz.

“Holy fuck,” Tony exclaimed. “I think you just had the big O, Mr. Smith. Guess I touched your g-spot, huh girly-boy?”

Tony never stopped his relentless assault on my butt. Even after shooting a gallon of spunk all over myself, my cock remained rock hard as this stud continued to plow by backdoor.

“I bet that pretty little wife of yours would love watching her faggot husband getting butt-fucked by the plumber,” Tony chuckled, clearly pleased with his ad libs.

As he continued to pile drive my stretched hole, Tony harassed me further, “Are you going to tell your wife tonight at dinner, here at this very table, how the plumber laid you out and fucked your ass till you blew your load all over your faggot belly?”

Whether unwilling or just unable to answer, the only sounds that escaped my mouth were moans and grunts.

“Whimper like the little bitch you are, Smith,” Tony said, pulling his dick briefly from my rump and slapping my ass several times with his slick spear. Before my ass could begin to recover from his violent assault, he again leaned his entire weight against my body and drove the full length of his boner back into my butt.

“Wholly fucking shit,” I exclaimed, the pain from his attack radiating throughout my body. This time it was me adlibbing, but my sentiments were very heartfelt, “You’re gonna fucking kill me with that thing.”

“Just relax, Smith old boy. You’ll be begging me to fuck you again and again before I’m finished here.”

After pounding my hole for several more minutes, sometimes fast and shallow, other times slow and deep, all for the benefit of the camera guys, Tony withdrew and stood back.

“Tell me Smith,” Tony began, as he continued to stroke his powerful tool, “What’s your favorite position for fucking your cute little wife?”

When I hesitated, my mind swimming as I felt a cold rush of air up my empty poop chute, Eric the director cleared his throat and pointed to the cue card.

“I like making love to her from behind,” I croaked.

Pulling me by my elbows, he jerked me off the table and bent me over the sink he had just recently fixed, my ass sticking up in the air, my face stuffed down the drain.

“Good. I’m tired of looking at that hard dick of yours. I’m gonna give you some deep drilling from behind for a while,” Tony instructed. “Gonna fuck you like a dog, just like you fuck your little wife.”

With a firm hand on the small of my back, keeping me pinned against the sink, he lined up his torturing tool with my still gaping hole and drove his cock home. My dick was pinned against the cabinet, still rock hard, as I felt his balls bounce against mine with every deep, powerful stroke.

He had been fucking my ass for what seemed like hours, although it was probably only fifteen minutes and I wondered how much longer I was going to have to endure his relentless pounding. Thankfully he squirted some more lube on his pistoning cock and as the grease was worked up my ass, I finally started to relax, the feeling that I was going to be ripped in two slowly disappearing.

As I felt the sweat from his hairy body drip onto my back, I started to match the rhythm of his fucking. As he would withdraw, I would move back against his retreating cock and meet his next volley with my own thrust.

“Yea, Mr. Smith, you’re a good little fuckbuddy. I knew I could train that ass.”

I didn’t like hearing that I was starting to enjoy the drilling my ass was taking, but I couldn’t argue with Tony, I was getting into this perverted action. After several more minutes of deep dicking, I was hoping the feeling would never end. If my first eruption had come from pure shock and awe, I could feel a second orgasm building that was the result of prolonged stimulation. This dude was actually bringing my man-cunt near the point of no return.

Abruptly, he withdrew, slapping my ass hard with his open hand.

“You’re turn to do some work, bitch,” Tony remarked, as he lay back on the kitchen floor, his flagpole proudly reaching toward the ceiling.

I was becoming his bitch, because I didn’t hesitate this time, I squatted over his prone body, reverse cowboy and carefully lowered my ass down onto his enormous erection. With my hands still tied behind my head, I was having some difficulty balancing myself. Tony grabbed my waist in his masculine hands and proceeded to bounce me up and down on his joystick.

I sank fully down on his long length, feeling his cock bottom out against some unknown internal organ.

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