On the Job Training_Gay Story

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Even as I gagged, Tony only laughed, “Come on bitch, I know you can handle it. Just relax. And watch those teeth.”

I thought I was going to choke to death as I gagged on his fuckstick, but when I felt Tony’s pubes tickling my nose and his nuts bouncing off my chin, I knew I had taken all he had to give. My eyes were watering, my jaw ached, and I couldn’t breath, but I felt an immense feeling of accomplishment deepthroating this stud’s entire massive tool.

“Use that tongue, cocksucker. Get that cock nice and lubed cause the next hole of yours I invade may be a little less accommodating.”

I knew he was talking about fucking my asshole, a seriously scary thought, but at the moment I could only concentrate on the massive log buried ball-deep down my throat. He began to fuck my face with slow, deep strokes, withdrawing most of his cock, only the head still lodged in my mouth before thrusting forward, his sweaty nuts bouncing off my cleanly shaven chin.

Tony was fucking my face with such ferocious strokes that I could feel my hard cock bouncing up and down as he jostled my body, my cock actually slapping against my belly as I was face fucked like a rag doll.

For the next several minutes of oral assault, the two cameramen filmed various angles of my throat getting ravaged, Tony pulling his spit covered boner from my abused mouth and slapping my face several times as he grunted his approval, “Yea, queerboy, suck that big cock. Look at me while you throat my pipe. Fucking suck it faggot.”

“You have a very talented mouth, Mr. Smith,” Tony said as he pulled his glistening sword from my raw thraot. “Now let’s see how that puckered little hole of yours handles my pipe cleaner.” He roughly grabbed my elbows and hoisted me up, throwing me back down onto the butcher block kitchen table, my cock reaching skyward, harder than I can ever remember it.

Walking around behind me, his proud, wet cock standing at complete attention, he grabbed my head and bends it backward over the edge of the table. With my throat cavity wide open and straddling my head from behind, he returned to fucking my throat with deep, powerful strokes, this time his jizz filled nuts bouncing off my forehead as he bottomed out down my pie hole. He reached down and slapped my hard cock several times then turned his attention to roughly tweaking my stiff nipples.

“Fantastic action, Tony,” Eric directed, his voice full of energy and excitement. “Keep it up and fuck this guy like a $2 whore.”

Finally, Tony pulled his boner from my stretched throat. “Nice foreplay, Mr. Smith,” Tony grunted, “You ready for some serious fucking now?”

Even if I wanted to resist, I was too far gone at this point. I have never been more sexually charged in my life. My cock was so hard it ached and I could feel the precum almost continuously flowing from my mostly ignored dick.

Tony walked around to the other end of the table and grabbed my ankles, pulling my body toward the edge, my ass just hanging over. He threw my feet up on his massive shoulders, my ass fully open to his upcoming invasion. Nastily, he spit on his huge erection, grabbed his tool, and positioned his cockhead at the puckered entrance to my never-before-fucked hole.

“No way that monster’s going in my ass,” I shouted. And I really fucking meant it.

Tony roughly grabbed my balls and squeezed, knocking the wind from my body. “Shut up bitch,” he growled as he pushed the head of his spit lubed tool against my hole. “You called a plumber but I know you secretly hoped a big dicked ass fucker would show up and rape your happily married virgin butt.”

With a violent push, the mushroomed head of his fat cock penetrated my sphincter.

“Holy fucking shit!!!”, I screamed, the pain radiating from my bum not worth a million dollars let alone a mere $1,000.

“Fuck you’ve got a tight little hole, Mr. Smith,” Tony said, the sweat from his brow dripping on my nude body. “Lucky for you I carry a bottle of pipe lube,” he continued, pulling a bottle of lubricant from his tool box. He squirted a huge dollop on his cock and worked it in slowly as he inched his cock deeper into my unresponsive hole.

I groaned in agony as this big fucker literally ripped me in two. I felt every single inch of his cock as it was stuffed up my bung. I felt the big pulsating vein and the warmth of his rod as he stretched my hole to the max. I struggled against his advances, to no avail as my bound arms were useless and Tony had a firm grip on my waist.

As I began to feel that my ass would explode, the pain slowly began to subside. Tony bottomed out and left his cock buried to the hilt for what seem like several minutes as my ass adjusted to his massive girth. With slow, steady strokes, Tony started to fuck my ass like a pro.

“You like that, don’t you bitch,” Tony purred, his cock beginning to jackhammer in and out of my tattered hole.

Picking up the picture of my make-believe wife, he continued, “I bet she’d like this big cock buried in her tight ass. Would you like to watch me fucking your wife Mr. Smith?”

“Yea, sure, I guess,” I mumbled, finding it hard to speak with Tony’s baseball bat shoved up my bum.

“While I fuck your ass, tell me about your wife. Describe her tits, Mr. Smith.”

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