Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers

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“You have no idea how many times I have wanted to be in a situation like this too.” I said shutting off the engine in the parking lot of the Bar we were headed for. Turning to her I asked, “May I do something I have been dying too all evening?” She nodded as I leaned down and brushed her lips with mine, my tongue slipped between them and she took a deep breath . My hand, which had gone behind her neck to tilt her face toward me now went down across her bare shoulders to find her right breast and gently stroke the nipple through her blouse and bra. Her kiss became far more animated as I let my had trail lower and lower finally slipping up under her skirt on the inside of her left thigh and, as they opened, to the mound at the top. The heat between her legs was evident, as was the moisture, when at last our lips parted she said….”I think it is time for that drink now.”

Two drinks later we were back in the parking lot, she had resumed her place next to me with the subtle difference that now her right hand was in my lap caressing and rubbing my hard-on as she kissed my neck….”Make love to me on the beach.” She whispered against my neck. While the idea was one of some merit, summer evenings at the coast are seldom warm enough for that kind of activity.

“Sand gets into everything, “ I said, “How about a room?” Of course she agreed, but what she was not aware of was that I wanted to remove her clothes and enjoy her body, her entire body, and for that she needed to be in a motel room and nude.

I was nervous as I went into the office of the Motel on Ocean, but the proprietor was very quick on the uptake. Looking out the window into the Cadillac and the very visible legs in the front seat, without looking at me he said. “You want a room for two with a queen bed.” Not a question, but a statement, to which I replied, “Yes sir, thank you.”

Second floor, no luggage, turned on the TV for the glow and we kissed again, and again, and again, then pulling her blouse over her head, she walked around the bed and after pulling the bedspread back, laid down and held out her arms to me. I stood next to the bed, removed my shirt and stepped out of my loafers. Next, I unzipped my pants, and pulled them and my jockey shorts down, stepping out of them. I looked back at her as I straightened up. I had been ready to enter the military, 195 lbs. Well muscled from push ups and sit ups, broad swimmers shoulders, tapering to a narrow waist, she was positively drooling as I stood there. Laying down next to her, we kissed again and as I nuzzeled her neck, I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, leaning up long enough to pull it from her arms, and appraise her small breasts with the silver dollar sized areole and the nipples that stood up firm and proud as I bent to tongue each one individually, once again proving that smaller breasts are often more sensitive. Soon she was shedding her dress and panty-hose as quickly as possible yet not moving her upper body from the ministrations of my tongue. I continued downward, nibbling and licking her stomach, kissing my way down to her triangle of hair…as I reached it, I moved into position between her legs and began to kiss the inside of her thighs. Torture can be a good thing when done with soft lips and tongue….her moans were increasing as I drew nearer her center, kissing her outer lips, gently sucking first one and then the other into my mouth, she began to open like a flower. “Oh, God!” She said “He never does that for me.” “You are amazing!” “Ohhhhhhh, please, just a little more….just a little more….ohhhh, unnngghhhh.” Her moans turned into breathless grunts as her first climax shook her to the core. Then, before she had the time to come down completely, I took her back up to the top by engulfing her clit with my lips and tickling just the tip of it, inside the hood, circling it round and round with just the tip of my tongue until the sounds that were emanating from her throat were nothing but a series of animalistic grunts ending in her legs shuddering and shaking. Her pussy was wide open now, convulsing, desiring to be filled….she was in the throes of orgasm as I moved my mouth back up to her breast, her breath, a sudden rushing intake of air as I bent almost double in order to keep her nipple in my mouth and impale her with my cock.

The silken opening of her lovely center, closed around me as she felt the length of me delving into her depths and pressing against her cervix….”I see why all the girls love you.” She breathed as she arched her back and pressed her pubic bone down against my cock. Her pubic bone was almost painful as she rocked it back and forth on me dragging herself from one orgasm to another, milking me with her internal muscles, she hooked her heels behind my thighs, urging me on to a faster pace. Pounding into her, she began to cling to me, holding me deep within her…breath ragged, whispered words of encouragement, riding me for all she was worth, faster, harder, her pubic bone moved to a different angle to allow for the deepest possible penetration. Harder, her heels drummed against my ass, I placed my elbows above her shoulders to hold her in place as I began increase the speed of my drive into her….harder and harder….deeper, faster thrusts, against me….”ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, the orgasm is coming….hot, hot, hot, so hot, gonna cumm, gonna cum hard, Oh my God!” She was crying, whimpering, biting into my shoulder as she screamed in order to smother her voice, and then collapse, she was unconscious, and I was terrified. I pulled my now soft cock from her body, it was not soft because of my orgasm, I had not had one yet, it was the thought that I had killed my friends mother that drained the blood from my cock and my face. I had no idea what to do, I knelt over her and stared at her, she was breathing, I began to breathe again too. With relief, I noted that she was not dead, I turned around and leaned back against the head board, then I got up and removed my cigarettes from my shirt. My respiration had begun to return to normal as I lit the cigarette and drew the smoke deeply into my lungs, leaning back against the headboard again, she sighed and rolled over against me.

“That was the most intense sex I have ever had in my life!” She said. “Where in the hell did you learn how to do that?” I smiled and said, “well, you are not actually my first older woman, but you certainly were the hottest.” This drew and interesting look from her, as she leaned up on elbow and looked at me. “Really?” She said, “So what have these other older women done for you in the past?” “I am not sure what you mean.” I said, and then, leaning down she breathed on my cock and asked…”Did they ever do this?” As her hot mouth closed around my now stiffening cock, I felt the head hit the back of her throat and then I felt her throat open up and I looked in awe as knealt above me and deep-throated me….she did this before Linda Lovelace’s unique talent was immortalized on the big screen. I have the ability to hold back my climax for an incredible amount of time and I was doing so now. She looked into my eyes as her mouth traveled up and down my seven plus inch cock, it glistened with her saliva, and as I smiled at her and enjoyed what she was doing, she began with renewed determination until finally, I decided to let it all go, I began to take deep breathes, the hyperventilation leading to the lightheaded feeling of impending orgasm, then with a low groan I filled her mouth and throat with my fluids, she moaned and licked and slurped and swallowed, then without removing her mouth from my cock she laid back down on her side, with her head on my stomach and my cock in her mouth. Only one word escaped my mouth in answer to the question she asked prior to engulfing me. “Never.”

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