Older Is Better

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After about 10 slow strokes Kevin began to quicken his pace a little. Suddenly though, after only about a minute of love-making he felt Janet tense up under him, and was worried he was hurting her as he worked faster. He pulled back a little bit to give her some relief. At this moment Janet reached down with her right hand and began furiously rubbing her clit and wrapped both legs around Kevin thrusting him all the way back inside her. She was being rocked by her second orgasm in minutes. She grinded her clit firmly on Kevin’s pubic bone as wave after wave of pleasure sent electric pulses through her body. Kevin’s thickness intensified her orgasm and her pussy gripped him in a love-making death-lock. She had just had the two most intense orgasms of her life within minutes of each other. Kevin had made her come instantly during oral sex, which she had never even come once before. And now he had made her come with only a few thrusts from his perfect member. Janet began to wonder what she may have been missing the last few years of her life.

She gently pushed Kevin over to the side, and once again Kevin was a little afraid that he may have ended his night by being too smooth. But to his delight Janet immediately straddled him and impaled herself on his now aching cock. She slid all the way down his shaft, and then began rotating her hips so that her clitoris was grinding at the base of Kevin’s pubic bone. After only a few minutes of this, her body shuddered with a third orgasm. Janet was in heaven. She had never come three times with Brad before. In fact she was usually lucky to actually come before or with Brad at all. He always seemed to come so quickly.

Now Kevin was absolutely rock hard. The sight of seeing this firm and fit twenty year old grinding herself to orgasm on his pole, had him in a frenzy. He lifted Janet off of him and rolled her back over onto her back. He placed his stiff cock back against her opening and softly pushed back inside her. He began slowly at first but worked his way to full length thrusts after only a few strokes. He had Janet lifting her legs off of the bed with each successive thrust of his swollen shaft. Just then Janet had her fourth orgasm and reached back down again and began furiously rubbing her clit as she almost doubled over into the fetal position due to the intensity with which she was cumming.

This only turned Kevin on all the more. He increased his pace as Janet relaxed back and attempted to wind down from her orgasm, but Kevin wouldn’t allow it. He kept quickening his pace and sliding his cock in deeper and harder with each thrust. Janet could feel another orgasm building inside her, and couldn’t believe that this man was capable of doing this to her, or that her body had had this potential all along. As Janet burst into her fifth and final orgasm she could feel Kevin’s cock swelling even larger inside her. After the last few electric pulses zipped through her body she knew Kevin was about to release his load. With one last deep thrust Kevin slipped his cock out of Janet’s soaked and beaten gap. On instinct, Janet reached up with her left hand and began stroking Kevin’s throbbing cock to bring him to orgasm. This is how she had always finished Brad off, but this time was different. Kevin’s shaft was so big she couldn’t get her hand all the way around it, and he shot load after load of hot steaming cum all over her stomach and chest. It seemed to go on for minutes. His load easily was more than any two of Brad’s. He then got a towel and wiped their bodies down, and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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