Older Is Better

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“We can’t do this,” Janet said. “Half of our crew is here and I have a boyfriend.”

“I’m sorry,” Kevin replied. “I can’t help myself. I have been attracted to you ever since we first met at the office. I’m sure you hear that line all the time from all the guys that hit on you at work, but it’s the truth.”

“Well, I find you attractive, too, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are co-workers and I have my boyfriend to think about. We should keep our relationship purely professional.”

“You’re right,” Kevin conceded.

The party kept on going and Kevin and Janet only spoke a few more times as the night went on as their groups intermingled. As the evening wore on many of the guests began to head home for the night because they had to work at the office in the morning. Around 10pm there were only about 8 people left at the party, luckily for Kevin, Janet had remained.

Kevin invited everyone inside as the night air began to get a little chilly. He popped in a movie and refreshed everyone’s drink. By this time most of the guests were at least a little, if not a lot, on the tipsy side. Kevin only had seating for about 6 in his entertainment room so a couple of people were sitting on the large pillows on the floor. One of them was Janet. About twenty minutes into the movie Janet complained that she was a little chilly, and Kevin saw another window of opportunity. He was seated in his favorite chair. It was a giant over-stuffed swivel recliner that was almost as big as a love-seat, but not quite. He invited Janet to join him in the seat under the blanket he had draped over his lap. Janet looked around the room to see who was still there and might be watching. To her surprise most of the guests had fallen asleep within the first 20 minutes of the movie starting. She figured as long as no one was really awake to see, it couldn’t really hurt to sit there with him for awhile before she headed home to Brad.

She climbed up next to Kevin and was surprised and comforted by how much sitting room the large chair provided the two of them. Kevin draped the blanket over them both and they both went back to watching the movie.

As the movie went on Janet kept thinking back to the kiss in the hallway, and how Kevin’s thick arms had completely engulfed her and made her feel so tiny and feminine. Kevin was so much different from her boyfriend Brad. Brad was extremely thin and only a few inches taller than Janet. Kevin was massive compared to Janet’s petite frame. His arms were easily as big around as one of Brad’s thighs. Without thinking about it Janet leaned into Kevin’s shoulder to be nearer to those muscular arms.

As she inched closer Kevin saw his opening and placed his arm around her shoulders, and she snuggled up closely to his chest. Kevin glanced around the entertainment room, and found that all of the guests but he and Janet had now fallen asleep. He slowly slid his free hand over to Janet’s midsection and began to lightly caress her midriff with his fingertips. He watched for Janet’s reaction so he could stop if she was unreceptive. To his delight Janet just closed her eyes and snuggled up closer to his chest. Kevin knew it was now or never.

He continued caressing her firm belly and slowly worked his way up to her bikini top. He slid his hand over the top of her left breast, and again watched Janet’s reaction, so he could decide whether or not to continue. Janet rotated her body so he could get a better angle so he began to slip his hand inside her bikini top. Kevin worked his way back and forth between Janet’s perfect 34B breasts. Spending several minutes on each nipple. He lightly tweaked and pinched each nipple and had them standing at full attention.

Kevin now decided to go for all the marbles. He slowly slid his hand back down Janet’s taut belly and worked his way toward her bikini bottoms. To his complete shock, Janet actually spread her legs for him before he even got past her pierced belly-button. She draped her left leg over Kevin’s leg, and her right leg over the side of the chair. Kevin made his move quickly before her conscience could snap her out of it.

He slid his hand under her bikini bottoms and brushed his fingertips along her clean-shaven mound. He lightly flicked her clitoris a couple of times but couldn’t resist the temptation to place a finger inside the hole that was radiating so much heat toward his hand. He pushed his middle finger inside her in one swift motion, and she was so wet there was almost no resistance.

Janet immediately wrapped both of her arms around Kevin’s single arm, embracing his arm in a vice-like grip. She began rotating her pelvis around to match Kevin’s probing strokes with his finger. Within minutes Kevin had Janet on the verge of orgasm. Janet knew that she couldn’t allow this to happen with so many of their coworkers right next to them. She knew she would be much too loud and might wake one of them.

Janet grabbed Kevin’s hand and whispered in his ear, “Not out here. There’s too many poeple, and we might wake one of them up. Can we go to your room?”

Kevin thought he had died and gone to heaven. He immediately stood up from the chair and picked Janet up like she was nothing. He carried her to his bedroom and gently placed her on the bed. He turned down the lights and locked the door behind him. He stepped over to Janet at the edge of the bed and slowly began kissing her.

Janet returned the kiss and began to remove her bikini. Once her bikini was off she embraced Kevin and pulled him onto her and the bed in one motion. She began pawing at his shorts trying to get them off. Soon they were both lying naked in a firm embrace their lips trying to quench the fires that had been stoking for weeks.

Kevin slowly kissed his way around Janet’s neck and ears. Then he worked his way down to her chest, spending several minutes on Janet’s firm nipples. He began moving down her tummy and softly kissed around her belly-button ring. He then confidently made his way to her now soaking love nest. He began by softly thrusting his tongue inside her, which brought immediate moans of approval from Janet. She reached out to hold onto the hair on his head like she always did with Brad, and found nothing but Kevin’s clean-shaven head. She moved her hands to her pelvis and began grinding herself to the rhythms of Kevin’s tongue. Kevin then inserted a finger deep iside her, and curled the tip of his finger and put immediate pressure on Janet’s g-spot. Brad had never done this to her and Janet came instantly and violently. She locked her legs around Kevin’s head and thrust her lips and clitoris against Kevin’s tongue. She finally relaxed after the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

Kevin was a little surprised that Janet had come so quickly and was afraid that he might have spoiled his opportunity for further action that night. Janet was panting and out of breath but managed to ask Kevin, “Where did you learn to do that?”

To which Kevin replied, “Well, with our age difference I’ve probably been doing this sort of thing a little longer than you. I’ve learned a few tricks over the years.”

“Oh. I’ve never come that quickly before. Even during sex, and I’ve NEVER had an orgasm during oral sex. That was fantastic. I am so wet right now, I need you inside me!” Janet gasped.

Kevin worked his way back up so that their eyes were at the same level. He used his thighs to push Janet’s legs slightly farther apart and placed his now throbbing member against Janet’s soaking wet slit.

Janet tensed slightly with anticipation. She actually found herself a little concerned and wondered what Kevin would feel like. She had seen enough nude magazine’s and done enough girl-talk to know that her boyfriend Brad was of average size, but he was definitely on the smaller end of the spectrum. He had been the only guy she had ever slept with and he was about 5 1/2″ long and not very thick. This had suited her just fine. She had always been afraid of anything larger because of her petite size.

But now she had this hulk of a man over her, who actually doubled her body weight, and was several inches taller than Brad. She was very worried that she was in for some pain. As Kevin pushed his cock into her, he was very gentle. Janet was so wet from her orgasm just a few moments earlier that Kevin was actually able to push all the way in in one stroke. Janet was pleased to find that although Kevin was quite a bit bigger than Brad, it wasn’t painful. In fact, she felt fuller and more turned on than she had been since her first couple of times with Brad when they were just 16. She decided Kevin was about 6 1/2″ long and about as thick as her wrist. Almost twice as thick as Brad.

Kevin could feel how tight Janet was. It felt like having his cock caressed by a velvet vice. He took it slow at first so she could get used to the thickness. Kevin hadn’t been with a woman this young in years. He had forgotten how nice it was to be with a girl that still had a firm stomach, and a tight pussy. All the women he had been dating in their late 20’s and early 30’s rarely had these attributes.

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