Older Is Better

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At 20 years of age, Janet was the youngest member of the management team. She had earned her way to the top with her creative marketing ideas and her excellent ability to free-hand artwork. It also didn’t hurt her career that she was 5’5″ tall, 105 pounds, with long brunette hair to the middle of her back. She had almond-shaped green eyes that perfectly accentuated the shape of her face. With her tremendous ability in art, she was a genius when it came to make-up. She had a figure that all of the females at the office would kill for. A firm and perky set of 34B breasts moving down to a yoga-tightened abdomen of 23″ and shaping back around to her best feature: her backside at 34″. She turned heads in every office and was the topic of conversation at every water cooler she passed. There wasn’t a single male employee under 35 who hadn’t asked her out. Even some of the girls had asked her out. But Janet had worked hard to earn her reputation and didn’t want to taint it with inter-office dating. Besides she was living with her boyfried of four years, Brad.

The management team at Janet’s office consisted of three men and three women. The other five members of the team were in their late 20’s and early to mid 30’s. Being the youngest member of the management team, she worked hard to earn the respect of the other managers. She dressed impeccably and commanded respect even from the oldest of her employees.

One of her labels as the “newest” management member was about to change she found out that week. A new manager was transferring in from another branch so that he could attend school nearby. She got a little excited at this news thinking that someone who would be attending classes like she was might be around her own age. To her dismay, the new management team member, Kevin, ended up being 30 years old.

Kevin was about 5’10” tall and weighed about 210 pounds. He kept in good shape by working out at the gym, but the years and his busy schedule had taken a small toll on his waistline at 36″. Still he was definitely more fit than most 30 year old men. He had a very dark tan, Janet learned, because his favorite leisure activity was reading by his pool. He shaved his head completely bald and had a pierced left ear that he wore a small, brilliant diamond earring in. He had a bright smile that contrasted well with his dark skin. He was a good-looking man, Janet thought, but definitely too old for her. Besides she didn’t like bald men anyway, she had always been attracted to extremely thin men with long hair who looked like they just stepped off stage from a rock show. This described her boyfriend Brad to a tee.

As they began working together on a few shifts and assignments handed down from the upper-management, Janet learned that she actually had a lot in common with Kevin. It turned out that Kevin had been a manager for the company since he was only 19 years old, and had a keen insight on many of the challenges she was facing as a young manager. Janet began to confide in Kevin often when she was having trouble in her role as manager.

Kevin quickly took to Janet as well. She actually helped him refocus on his management and he appreciated the opportunity to teach. They became fast friends.

The upper management was beginning to see the tremendous results that Janet and Kevin were having together and actually began consciously scheduling their shifts to coincide. And as so often happens in the workplace, becoming friends lead to so much more.

It started one day when Kevin came in to begin his shift. He had obviously come straight from the gym because he was wearing a tight workout tank-top and workout shorts. Janet noticed him as he walked past on his way to the employee locker room, and was surprised to see how muscular his arms and shoulders were. She just had never noticed before because Kevin always wore long-sleeved shirts and a tie. She had always seen him as one of the best-dressed managers, but now she found herself wondering what he might look like undressed. She quickly put those thoughts aside and tried to act professional, not letting Kevin know that she had been staring at his massive arms wondering what it might feel like to have them wrapped around her. Besides, she already had a boyfriend. She had been seeing her high school sweetheart, Brad, since their sophomore year.

The weeks passed by and the frequency of shifts that Janet and Kevin worked together continually increased. As the shifts increased, so did Kevin’s boldness. He, like every other member of the organization, couldn’t resist Janet’s looks. He figured that their friendship and professional relationship might ascend to the next level with a little prodding.

Kevin invited the management team and crew over to his house for a summer-ending pool party. He knew this was his opportunity to finally see Janet in something skimpy. As great as she looked at work, he was tired of seeing her in her business suits.

The party started off well and had a good company turnout. Kevin was well-liked around the office and everybody wanted to get to know the “new-guy” better. As it is with most corporate parties, it started out as a very conservative night, but Kevin made sure the bar was well-stocked and free drinks were served all night.

Kevin and Janet had spent the evening sipping on a few drinks and mingling with many of their coworkers. They really didn’t speak to each other very much and actually found themselves on opposite sides of the party quite often.

After a couple of hours, a few of the employees fueled up with enough “liquid courage” to finally give the swimming pool a try. Like dominoes, everyone quickly followed suit.

When it came time to slip off the overclothes and hop into the pool, everyone’s eyes locked on Janet. The men and the women were both curious about whether her body was as good as it seemed. Kevin watched from over his drink as Janet removed her loose-fitting top and undid her skirt so that she was left in her form-fitting pink bikini. A few of the guys in the pool responded with mock whistles, to which Janet gave them a quick smile. But, Kevin soon found out, the show was really just beginning.

Janet draped her clothes over a lounge chair and tied her hair back with a quick flick of the wrist. She began confidantly striding over to the stairway entrance of the pool, and in so doing gave Kevin a great view of her perfect ass as she stepped down each of the four steps entering the pool. To Kevin’s delight he saw that Janet was wearing a thong! He couldn’t believe his good fortune. He and many others were shocked that Janet would wear something so revealing to a company function. Kevin immediately felt a stirring in his loins, and realized he had better get in the pool as well if he didn’t want his guests to see him pitching a tent.

The party continued on with most of the guests now enjoying a break from the late afternoon heat by sipping their drinks in the pool. With alcohol consumption, of course comes the need to relieve yourself. Kevin waited for Janet to have to do the inevitable to make his move. As he saw her step out of the pool, towel off, and head toward the main bathroom, he hopped out of the pool and followed her into his house. She stepped into the restroom and Kevin waited patiently outside the door.

Janet opened the door and was surprised to see Kevin standing right in front of the doorway blocking her exit. He was in nothing but his swim trunks and his muscular frame took up a large portion of the doorway. Janet was a little surprised and tried to side-step around Kevin but he moved in front of her and grabbed hold of her by the waist with his muscular arms. She melted into his arms and her head tilted back immediately to accept the kiss she knew was coming. Their lips met with a fire and intensity that neither of them had felt in years. After what seemed like hours, Janet composed herself and gave Kevin a soft push away.

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