Office Fun Illustrated

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“Press it to me again.”

He pushed the head of his cock to my panties and I could feel it pulsing as he squirted rope after rope of sticky white cum over them, he was still working his hand back and forth so each time he tugged his foreskin over the head his knuckles were rubbing against my pussy as he crushed the end of his cock against me.

My panties had ridden right up and although my slit was still covered his penis was actually brushing against a little bit of my labia poking out of the sopping material.

The sensation was too much and my second orgasm ripped through me.

My juices flooded out into panties that were already soaked in his cum.

Caught up in my orgasm I needed more sensation grabbed his hand with mine and pushed down crushing his cock against my pussy and held it to me as we both came down from our orgasm, the last little spurts of his cum dribbling down over my panties and bare swollen lips, trickling over my thighs in sticky little rivulets.

We parted and I pulled my sopping panties, wrapped them in some tissue and dropped them in the bin intending to dispose of them later.

The tech was pulling his boxers up over his now flaccid cock, he still looked a little red and out of breath but grinned at me as he caught my eye, then noticed the large damp patch on the decorator’s sheet.

I picked up my skirt and said.

“Now you know why I took this off, I didn’t want to get it messy.”

With that I went to the ladies to freshen up, enjoying the naughtiness of walking the corridors naked from the waist down.

When I got back to the office the tech had turned the sheet back over and dumped a paint can over the top of the damp patch in an attempt to hide the evidence.

We went to my computer and downloaded the pictures from his phone, I copied them to a disc so that I could take a copy home, emailed them to Steve then deleted the images, I looked up at the tech and said, “you can’t be to careful with a works pc.”

He laughed, “Damn right, some of the tech guys are a little weird.”

We said our goodbyes and he left as I was gathering up my things. I was just going to leave then remembered the panties in my draw from yesterday and the ruined pair in the bin, when I went to retrieve them I found that they were gone!

There was only one explanation; the tech must have taken them when I was freshening up in the ladies, it seemed he really did have a thing about panties after all.

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