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As I masturbated I watched his face, his eyes never moved from between my legs, he was flushed and seemed to be breathing a little heavy and even though I had asked him not to he was very gently stroking his cock in time to my movements.

When my orgasm hit, it was so intense that I squeezed my legs together hard over my hand, the walls of my pussy contracted and pulsed over the fingers buried deep inside me as juices flooded over them and I gasped for breath, shuddering as a muscle in my thigh jumped, twitching as I rubbed my clitoris hard.

Eventually I relaxed flopping back with my legs wide open, a little chill breeze playing across the damp of my pussy from the air conditioning.

I sat up, wiped myself with a tissue and slowly pulled my panties back on.

The tech looked at me a little confused and perhaps a little embarrassed to be standing there holding his cock while I was seemingly getting dressed.

He looked even more puzzled as I slipped my skirt off then sat back down.

“You like women in panties, don’t you?” I said.

“Yes.” He replied a little hesitantly.

“Because I have put them back on to give you a little treat.” I said.

Sitting on the edge of the table so that my buttocks were perched on the very edge I leant back and opened my legs, my panties were wet and clinging, I had pulled them up tight against me so that they moulded to the shape of my mound and sank a little between my lips.

As he watched me his hand started to pump his cock faster.

“Stand between my knees.” I said.

He moved forward and I opened my legs a little more to a accommodate him.

“Stop and tell me just before you are going to cum.” I said.

He looked up from between my legs.

“Don’t worry; I won’t let it go on you.” He replied a little breathless.

“It’s not that.” I said “as I told you before have a little treat for you.”

He was starting to breathe hard as he stroked his hand up and down, from the look on his face I thought that he was going to shoot his load as he watched me press a finger to my panties checking between my legs to make sure the material lay nicely along my slit, highlighting it in a perfect ‘camel toe.’

Looking back up at the tech I could see that he was nearly there, a thick vein stood out along his shaft, the head glistened with the same clear liquid that had splashed on my leg little bubbles forming as he pulled the foreskin back and forth.

As I watched him warmth was growing between my legs and there was a tingle in my pussy as my own need built again.

“Are you going to cum?” I asked him.

“Nearly,” he managed to gasp.

I could scarcely believe what I was doing, as I spread my legs wider.

“If you come closer I will let you rub just the tip of your cock against my panties.”

He was trembling as he moved between my thighs and very gently touched the head of his cock against the soft white material.

“Hold it against me while you stroke it.” I said.

He circled his index finger and thumb around his cock, just below the helmet holding it still as he pressed it against my panties, he moved his other hand back and forth over the shaft in a fast rhythm, every time he moved his hand up the shaft the pressure caused the head to twitch a little against my slit, tickling my lips.

He was being too gentle and it was driving me mad, I moved my hips.

“Rub it up and down.” I said.

He got the message, holding it firm just under the head he rubbed it back and forth over my panties leaving a thin band of wetness as he guided it over the soft material sliding it up and down my slit.

As he rubbed the head of his penis over my panties I couldn’t resist the urge any longer and started to rub my clit.

He watched as I pushed my finger under the waist band and rubbed it back and forth gasping as I pressed still hyper sensitive from my last orgasm.

The pressure of his cock on my panties was actually pushing my lips apart a little; only the thin material was stopping the end of his cock from slipping it into me.

“I’m sorry I can’t hold on any longer.” He said.

I stared at his hand fascinated as he pulled the head away from my panties and began pumping his cock frantically, I was close to orgasm and worked my fingers to match his manic pace concentrating on my throbbing clit, tossing my head back and pushing my hips up against my hand to increase the pressure.

I looked back down to his cock just in time to see the first load of cum shoot from the tip and land on my stomach, he went to pull it away but I cried out,

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