Nurse Zenka’s Helping Hand

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After the man caught his breath, he gazed upon his savior with longing eyes. “Nurse Zenka, you’re beautiful,” he exclaimed.

She smiled at him. “You once were blind, but now can see.”

He smiled back. “You saved a wretch like me.”

Zenka let out a heavy sigh and put her scrubs back on. She turned to him. “You can get dressed now.”

The man nodded approvingly.

Zenka opened the door and called for an orderly. “You can send this man home,” she told him.

Zenka opened the door to the adjoining room. Amy was at the desk. Her face was flushed and she looked at her boss with wide eyes. “Nurse Zenka…that was simply amazing. This is your greatest triumph yet.”

“Possibly,” Zenka said. “Did you learn anything today, Nurse Amy?”

“Yes, I sure did.”

Zenka moved closer to the transcription desk where Amy was sitting. “Did you get all of that?”

“Yes…well…most of it,” Amy said.

Zenka looked down to see that Amy’s black panties were on the floor around her ankles. Amy locked her knees together and a look of awkwardness swept over her face.

Zenka shot her an accusing look. “Explain yourself, Nurse.”

Amy looked up at her slowly. “I…I was just trying to follow along,” she said bashfully.

Zenka stared at her for a moment, then she checked her watch. “I want to see you in my office at 9 o’clock sharp tomorrow. I will deal with you then.”

Amy grabbed her panties off the floor quickly and tried to compose herself. “Yes, ma’am. Have a good rest of your day off.”

Zenka moved to the door. When she reached it, she paused and turned back to her colleague. “Oh, and Amy? Do yourself a favor and leave your panties at home.”

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