Nurse Zenka’s Helping Hand

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If there was one thing Zenka hated, it was being interrupted while masturbating. As the phone on her nightstand began to ring, she cursed softly to herself and used her free hand to pick it up. Caller ID informed her that it was the hospital. She sighed, and answered, “This better be good.”

It was Nurse Amy on the other end. “I’m sorry, Zenka. I know this is supposed to be your day off, but technically, you’re on call. You have to get down here right away. They just brought a patient in. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Zenka groaned. “I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” She picked her naked body up lazily from the bed and stood in front of her full-length mirror. She grabbed a few hair pins off of the dresser and put her dark brown hair into a bun. She remained there for a moment and regarded her milky white form in the mirror. At 39, her body was still in amazing shape. Her 38D breasts heaved as she stretched and bent down to get some scrubs from the drawer. She turned around and looked at her ass. It was firm and curvy. Her hand went down to her neatly trimmed pussy for a moment. Dammit, she thought. If only they had called two minutes later. She pulled open another drawer and was about to reach for her bra and panties, but she paused, and looking at her naked body in mirror again, she said, “Fuck it. They’re not paying me enough to wear underwear.” She hastily put on her scrub top and bottoms and headed for the hospital.

A petite Asian woman met Zenka as she reached her floor. Nurse Amy Chan was looking concerned. She handed Zenka a chart. “They brought him in about an hour ago. It’s just bizarre. He says he can’t see anything, but there’s nothing physically wrong with him.”

Zenka looked puzzled. “Hysterical blindness? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it outside of an episode of M*A*S*H. What else were you able to get out of him?”

Nurse Amy frowned. “Apparently, he lost both his job and his girlfriend in the last six months. He woke up this morning and was unable to see anything. As I said, nothing appears to be the matter. We did the tests and shined a light in his eyes and his pupils dilated just fine.”

Zenka perused the chart. “Bring him to the observation room. I want you taking notes on this, Amy. You are bound to get difficult patients on my days off in the future.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Amy answered seriously. Her pony-tailed jet black hair that went down to her butt fluttered in the air as she hurried to retrieve the patient.

Zenka affixed a microphone to her V-neck collar. After the patient had been placed on a bed in the observation room, she told Nurse Amy put on her headphones and to observe behind the two-way mirror and begin transcribing the conversation.

The door to the observation swung open and Zenka saw a confused looking man sitting on the bed, staring blankly. He was decent looking guy in his late 30s who appeared to be about 6’0 and 190 pounds. “Mr. Carruthers, I am Nurse Zenka. What seems to be the trouble today?”

The man turned in her general direction. “I don’t know. I went to bed last night and everything seemed fine. When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t see a thing.”

Zenka looked at his chart again. “Do you know how much a night in a psych ward costs an uninsured man like yourself? You’d have to be crazy to stay here.”

The man smiled faintly, but his visage conveyed a tangible fear.

Zenka removed a small flashlight from her pocket. “Mr. Carruthers, I’m going to be doing some tests. Please look straight ahead at me.” As she flashed the light into his eyes, she notice his pupils dilate accordingly. Amy was right. There was nothing wrong with his eyes. Zenka crouched down a bit lower, her loose-fitting V-neck top revealing an ample amount of cleavage. “Mr. Carruthers, look down for a moment, please.” He looked down and was gazing straight at her bosom, but nothing was registering. She put the chart down and put her hands on his neck to check for anything irregular. “Do you have any allergies?”

“No,” he said. “None.”

She moved to his shoulders. “Has anything like this ever happened to you before?”

“No, never.”

She felt along his chest and stomach. “Has anything unusual happened to you recently?”

“No, not really.”

She lifted up his hospital gown and noticed his flaccid cock surrounded by a patch of black hair. Mr. Carruthers hadn’t been expecting this and looked a little embarrassed.

“They took my underwear,” he said meekly.

“That’s so you won’t hang yourself with them,” she replied. “Have you been having any erectile dysfunction lately?”

“No, not at all.”

“Do you enjoy an active sex life?” she asked.

“Well, not lately, Nurse Zenka,” he offered.

Zenka sighed. “Well, Mr. Carruthers, there’s nothing physically wrong with you. I think what we have here a case of good old-fashioned conversion disorder.”

He offered a bemused look. “What’s that?”

“It’s where you brain tells you there’s something wrong with you, even when there isn’t. Basically, your mind is playing tricks on you. You can see as well as I can.”

“No, I can’t,” he shot back angrily. “I would never willingly do this to myself.”

“Mr. Carruthers, the brain is a complex organ. We find this often happens to people under times of great stress. It’s also usually coupled with feelings of low self-esteem. Have you experienced anything like this recently?”

“Well, it hasn’t exactly been a stress-free time for me lately. And my self-esteem has definitely been higher,” he offered.

Zenka looked at him and her voice spoke with an air of gravity. “Mr. Carruthers, I’d like to try out some new experimental therapy I learned recently while on sabbatical in Europe.”

He nodded slowly. “If you think it will help.”

“Excellent,” she said. “Now if you’ll remove your gown lay back on the bed, please? I think you’ll find even the smallest of actions can do wonders for your self-esteem.”

The pensive man removed his gown and lay naked on the bed.

Zenka sat down on the bed beside him.

“Do you think this will work?” he asked beseechingly.

“Don’t worry,” she replied. “I haven’t lost a patient yet.”

She guided her hand to his still flaccid member and began to gently caress it. “I’m going to try and test your other reflexes now, Mr. Carruthers,” she said liltingly.

The shock of having his penis touched startled him. He began to speak but she interrupted him.

“Mr. Carruthers, please! I am a trained medical professional!” she exclaimed. As she massaged his cock, she slowly began to feel it stiffen.

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