Nina’s Dad Took My Cherry

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“OK baby, this is it,” he whispered and pulled out slightly before he thrust forward and broke my hymen. I cried out in pain but it soon went away as he filled me so completely and kissed away my tears. Instinct took over in me and I wrapped my legs around him.

He started pulling out and pushing back in again. “Oh baby, you’re so lovely and tight. I’ve been waiting to take your cunt for so long, I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to fuck you.”

He was slamming harder inside me now. In and out, in and out at a remarkable speed. Each time he slammed inside me he got deeper. This was so good. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. When Nina told me about fucking Shane Allen she said it was short, painful and messy. This was nothing of the sort. Sure it was a bit messy, the deliciously squishy sounds bore evidence of that, but the pain disappeared as soon as Chuck had taken my cherry and it was anything but short. His long strokes made me moan with pleasure. Every time he pushed inside me my clit was stimulated. I thought this fucking was going to go on forever. I wanted it to go on forever. The pleasure of having this massive cock sliding in and out of my tight wet space like that was like nothing I’d ever felt before.

“Oh Annette, this is so good,” Chuck moaned and started sucking on my tits and biting my nipples.

“Oh Chuck,” I moaned back. “Fuck me more, this is so great.”

He grinned up at me and pulled out. For a moment I thought I’d done something wrong, but he just moved me around and got me on my hands and knees. I’d heard about that. He was going to do me doggie style. Sure enough, the minute I was turned around he slammed his cock back inside my hungry cunt. He got even deeper now and he was going hard and fast.

My tits were bouncing back and forth as he fucked me from behind, each time slamming inside me, bouncing his balls against my clit. He grabbed around me and got hold of one of my tits, squeezing it hard. His other hand found my clit and started massaging it. I couldn’t believe how good this was. Why had I waited so long if this was what being fucked was going to be like.

“Oooooooooooh Chuck,” I moaned out loud as I felt myself lose control. My body started shaking and my pussy started cramping hard around his cock. I cried out loud as I orgasmed in wave upon wave. It didn’t take long for Chuck to cum. I was still convulsing when he slammed deep inside of me and with a loud roar he shot his entire load straight up my cunt. He seemed to be shooting gallons inside me and I loved every second of it.

We collapsed back on the bed. I could see on the towel that I’d bled a little, but all that was leaking out from my pussy now were my juices mixed with Chuck’s cum. He placed a finger at my opening and scooped some up and licked his finger. He then repeated it and let me taste. I’d tasted my own juices before but them on their own was nothing compared with them mixed with cum.

“Oh baby,” Chuck whispered in my ear. “I think you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. I didn’t remember how tight young girls were.”

“I never knew I could fit such a big cock inside my cunt,” I smiled back. “But now that I have, I never want anything else.”

Chuck laughed. “Well, we’ve got at least another week to fuck in every position known to man, and maybe some more.”

“I look forward to that,” I kissed him. “But what happens then?”

“Then we’ll figure out another way of meeting. There’s no way I’m going to let my little fuck toy go now that I’ve just taken you.”

As things turned out, we had three divine weeks of fucking before Mrs Peterson and Nina were released from hospital. By that time we knew that I was pregnant. But that’s a different story.

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