Nina’s Dad Took My Cherry

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Nina and I had been best friends since we were five. We did everything together. I was part of her family and she was part of my family. So it was only natural that in the summer after we graduated from high school I’d go on vacation with her and her parents. Nina’s two older sisters, Nelly and Nora, weren’t coming with us because they were both engaged now and went on vacation with their fiancés.

Nina’s parents were driving us up to the cabin in the mountains that they shared with Mr Peterson’s sisters and brother and Nina and I were having a great time in the backseat. Nina was whispering to me that she and Shane Allen had finally gone all the way the previous night. I wasn’t very surprised, but still slightly shocked. I didn’t really like any of the guys we hung out with and I was hoping that when I started my new job at the end of the summer I’d meet more mature guys that I could hopefully lose my virginity to.

I could see Mr Peterson’s eyes on us in the rear-view mirror. He must know what we were talking about and I blushed, even though I wasn’t the one who’d done it. It was great to be back at the cabin. I’d been there many times with the Petersons and it was like a second home to me. Since Nelly and Nora weren’t there Nina and I got the luxury of a bedroom each. The bedrooms were very nice for one person, but incredibly cramped for two as there was only one bed in each room. The bed was bigger than a single bed, but smaller than a double bed and we’d always fidgeted a lot trying to get to sleep when we were younger. Of course, since we weren’t sharing a bed anymore, there’d be no more of the fingering games Nina and I had played in the past.

The first couple of days were great. We hiked a lot each day, swam in the cold stream and cooked our food over the camp fire. I was starting to notice Mr Peterson a lot more. He had a great body for a guy who was almost 50, not very hairy, but very tanned. Seeing him in his speedos also made me suspect that he had quite a lot to offer a horny girl He was looking at me a lot more as well and I loved to show myself off in my two piece bathing suit in front of him. I’m 5’7 and of normal build. My tits are a C cup and very firm, especially when I’d been swimming in the stream. My hair and my eyes are dark and I shave my entire body. Mr Peterson seemed to appreciate looking at me and since his glances made me feel really good I made sure I walked past him a lot and sat up close to him when he talked with me. A couple of times his hand brushed past my nipples and sent fire to the pit of my stomach. I was starting to feel jealous of Nina for having had sex, but I knew that I didn’t want Shane Allen. I wanted Mr Peterson. Unfortunately I couldn’t have him so I spent a couple of frustrated nights in my bedroom, satisfying myself with my fingers.

When we’d been at the cabin for a week we decided to hike on a new trail. We were almost back at the cabin when we hit a small chasm with a log across it. Mr Peterson helped me across and then Mrs Peterson and Nina were crossing. All of a sudden Mrs Peterson lost her footing and she and Nina fell down the steep hill into the little stream at the bottom of the chasm. We quickly established that they were conscious but that they’d both broken legs and arms. Mr Peterson sent me to call for rescue.

Mr Peterson and I followed the ambulance with Mrs Peterson and Nina to the hospital. When the doctor had looked at them he said that they had concussions and broken limbs, so they had to stay in hospital for 1-2 weeks, but it was nothing serious. Mr Peterson and I got into the car in silence and headed back to the cabin.

“It looks like it’s just gonna be you and me for the rest of the stay here, Annette,” Mr Peterson said. “Is that OK with you or do you want me to call your parents to come and pick you up?”

“That’s great by me,” I said and tried not to sound too happy. I was upset about the accident but I couldn’t believe my luck. I was going to have Mr Peterson to myself for a whole week. Hopefully he felt the way I did.

We stopped at the Chinese restaurant to get some food to take back up on the mountain. When we got there it had started raining and my t-shirt got soaked in the short run to the cabin. We sat down and started eating our food and I could tell that Mr Peterson’s eyes were glued to my wet t-shirt. I smiled at him and he seemed to come back from wherever his mind was.

“Your clothes are wet, Annette,” he said. “I think you’d better get out of them so you don’t catch pneumonia.”

“OK, Mr Peterson,” I said and stood up in front of him, pulling off my t-shirt and my shorts and then I felt my bra and panties. They were slightly damp as well so I pulled them off before I sat down next to Mr Peterson again. The night air was stiffening my dark nipples, making them stand out like arrows. Mr Peterson couldn’t stop looking at me.

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