Naughty Teacher and Her Pet

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While you continue your pounding, I reach around and begin to flick my clit just a little. Your cock is already rubbing against it at this angle and my fingers are barely necessary, but a little extra sensation can only make my impending orgasm even better. I smile at the thought, knowing I’m about to get my release. Just as the thought comes to mind, I feel your cock tense inside me and I know I’m not going alone. “Miss Jenny, I want us to cum together,” you say breathlessly. ” Will you cum for me now, Miss Jenny?” I can’t speak, so I nod just once then toss my head back and suddenly we do indeed cum together. Your cock shoots cum deep inside my pussy. I’m milking it for every drop. Over and over, my pussy contracts drawing it out of you; staking a claim on you.

Naughty Teacher and Her Pet

As our orgasms slowly begin to fade, I lie my head on your chest and breathe softly into your neck – my hands resting on your shoulders. “Oh dear boy… I can’t tell you how happy you make Miss Jenny. I see a great future for us if you are interested…”

No response is necessary. It’s pretty clear you are interested as your cock is still rock hard inside of me despite your massive orgasm.

I lie there peacefully for a few minutes longer, allowing you to hold me in your arms as if this scene is perfectly normal and natural. But eventually, I realize I have to go. Reluctantly I pull away from your cock and leave the comfort of your arms to return to my lonely seat. “Take me back to my car,” I instruct you. “It’s getting late.”

You look at me and frown. “Don’t you mean take you home?”

I smile and shake my head. “Oh, you can’t take me home. My husband is there.”

“But your keys…” you begin.

“…are right here in my purse where they’ve been all along,” I finish, with a wink.

You shake your head, but smile, realizing I have deceived you. But you have no complaints! You slowly drive me back to the parking lot to retrieve my car.

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