Naughty Teacher and Her Pet

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You take your eyes from the road for just a moment and look at me as you answer, “No mam. Just you.”

Not good enough. Perhaps it’s the teacher in me, but I want to hear a concise answer, so I direct you, “Give me a complete sentence. So I can be sure what you mean.”

My hand is still rubbing your cock as you speak. Your voice is slightly strained as you comply: “No one makes my cock as hard as fast as you do, Miss Jenny.”

Well pleased, I offer you a sweet smile and suggest, “Would you like for me to release your cock? It must be getting quite uncomfortable…”

Again, you swallow hard but nod eagerly. “Yes, Miss Jenny, I would like that.”

With no further delay, I reach down and unfasten your pants and slide your zipper down. Your cock immediately springs forth. I rub my finger across the tip and catch a drop of pre-cum that has seeped out. I lick my finger and taste. “Yumm… so sweet for a naughty boy…”

Your eyes are back on the road as traffic is hectic this time of day, but you smile, letting me know I still have your attention.

My hand returns to your cock and I gently cup your balls, giving them a loving massage. They are swollen, just like your cock. Oh, I know you are going to have a treat for me soon!!

We eventually come to a red light. With my hand now slowly stroking the length of your cock, I instruct you to slide your seat back a little. Like a good boy, you once again do as you are told. I continue to stroke up, down, up, down as we sit at the red light.

Just as the light turns green and you start to accelerate, your phone rings. I pause my movement and ask, “Are you going to answer that?” You look at the caller ID and shake your head, breathing heavily, “No, it’s my mom.” Pretending to be disappointed, I admonish, “You should always answer the phone when your mom calls. Take the call.”

Even though I see the hesitation, you can’t say no to Miss Jenny, so you answer the phone. Just as I hear her start to speak on the other end, I lower my head and capture your cock in my mouth, beginning to suck greedily on the head while rubbing your shaft and balls with my hand. I notice the car jerk and I hear you moan. But I smile to myself knowing that you will later look back fondly at this naughty memory of having your teacher suck your cock while you’re driving down the highway talking to your mom – trying to act like nothing is out of the ordinary.

My pussy instantly moistens as the naughty thought hits home with me as well. This is wrong on so many levels, which is what makes it so hot.

I continue my stroking and sucking (and torturing) as I hear you say to your mum, trying hastily to get off the phone, “Okay, got it. I’ll get milk on the way home. I have to go now.”

You end the call and throw the phone into the back seat. You cover my head with your hand and force my mouth lower so that I am now deep-throating you. “Miss Jenny, that wasn’t nice of you.” But I recognize the teasing tone in your voice, and I know you loved it.

As I start to gag, you remove your hand and I raise up just in time to see that we are approaching a dirt road that leads to nowhere. “Get ready to turn,” I say to you.

You frown. “Are you sure? There are no houses down that road… That’s just fields and some old barns…”

“I’m sure,” I say, sitting up and wiping saliva from my mouth. “Because there is no way you can fuck me while we’re driving down this highway. We need to pull over fast.”

With no further arguments, you turn down the road and park on the far side of a dilapidated barn. You put the car in park and turn off the engine.

You reach for the door handle, but before you can open it, I have spun myself on top of you so that I am straddling you—good thing the seat was already pushed back! You realize instantly that we are not getting out of the car. Not because I’m afraid of being seen but because I don’t have a second to waste. I need your cock inside me NOW!

With one swift motion, I insert your saliva covered cock into my soaking wet pussy. You glide in so easily as if you have been diving into my pussy for years – perhaps for years to come, I think…

With your cock inside me, I’m eager to move but first, I reach down and pull my blouse apart — buttons fly everywhere, but it needs to go! I toss the blouse aside and slide my bra above my breasts – no time to remove it. “I want you to suck my breasts while I fuck you,” I explain. “Can you do that for Miss Jenny?” I ask rhetorically.

You smile and nod as your head descends to my breast. “Yes Miss Jenny, whatever you want. I can’t say no to you.”

As you begin to suck and knead my breasts, I begin to slowly ride your cock. Moaning as I adjust to the width and depth of your thick, hard cock. “Oh God,” I say as I go up… And as I go back down, “You fill my tight pussy so well.” Back up again, “MMMmmmm, it’s like you were” …back down again, “meant to be inside my pussy.”

As I continue to grind on your cock slowly, you are eagerly loving on my breasts. You are doing your own bit of confessions in between sucking on each nipple and kissing on each breast: “Miss Jenny, you drive me insane. I want you so bad. I can’t stop thinking about you all day. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long.”

I reach down and pull your face away from my breasts and bring your lips to mine. Now our mouths are grinding on one another in a kiss that’s passionate and aggressive and full of hot sex. Our tongues are intertwined as we delight in the taste of one another. Our heads move from side to side as if we are trying to get just a little closer and can’t quite manage. All the while, I’m still continuing to slide my pussy up and down over your cock.

“Fuck me!” I finally say as I pull away from your lips just far enough to say the words. “Fuck me hard and fast as if this is the last time you will ever be inside me!”

You reach down and put your hands on my ass, where you begin to lift and lower me over and over at such a rapid pace I feel certain if your hand were to slip I’d fly through the roof. But there’s no chance of you letting go. No, you are holding tight to what you now must surely know is yours.

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