Naughty Teacher and Her Pet

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Finally, I decide we should celebrate this dream come true for you. “Pull my panties off completely,” I instruct you.

With no question or hesitation, you follow my command. Once my panties are off, you reach out to hand them to me but I shake my head and give you further instruction: “First, use them to wipe our combined juices from my pussy.”

Obediently you start to wipe between my legs. Were it not that the class was due back soon, I could easily see this leading to round two—perhaps you would fuck me on my desk even. But any minute those bastards will invade this space, so I must force myself to be patient for now.

Once you’ve sufficiently cleaned my tingling pussy, you again extend the panties to me, but again, I shake my head. “Put them in your pocket,” I instruct, “and throughout the day, as you change classes or when those bitchy high school girls try to talk to you…I want you to smell my cum soaked panties, and remember who owns you now.”

Part 3: In the Teacher’s Lounge with Her Pet

Shortly after you came up from under the desk, the other students returned and it was time to switch classes. I thought once you were gone, I’d be able to get my desires under control. Afterall, that was the purpose of our encounter – to ease the ache. But to my surprise you are making it worse!

I was writing on the chalkboard and teaching my 5th period Physics class about Mars, and I suddenly felt like I was on Mars – so far away from my sexy young pet. I couldn’t take it any longer. There is no way I could last. I gave the class an assignment to work on and assigned a room monitor, then snuck down the hall to the teacher’s lounge. Once there, I called your teacher and explained that you had left something very important in my room – that you must come right now.

Fortunately the lounge was only a few doors down from where your class was. I stood and waited just inside the door. As you were about to walk by, I reached out and grabbed your arm to pull you into the room, catching you completely off guard.

“Miss Jenny?” you ask, perplexed. “I was on the way to your room. I was told I left something important there.”

I smile seductively, and draw you to the sofa – taking time to lock the door first, of course. “Oh yes, you left something VERY important in my room…”

We sit down side by side with our legs touching. I begin running my hand up your thigh as I further explain… “You left your sexy teacher with no panties… in a very, very horny state.” I pretend to pout. “Now, that’s not very polite of you. My good boy needs to have good manners. And he should never leave me aching.”

My hand continues its assent towards your zipper, noting the growing bulge within your pants. Your look both nervous and excited. I know you won’t deny me, but I ask permission anyway as my fingers pause just before lowering the zipper – making sure that my palm rests on your bulge as I ask, “May I?”

You swallow hard and I can feel you heart rate quicken. And of course you nod. As I lower the zipper and free your cock, I give a victorious smile. Impressive. Much larger than I expected. Fully erect already – and what a beautiful head!! Finally, I verbally acknowledge what I’ve discovered, “Oh yes, I think you have exactly what I need to take care of this ache and many more to come.”

I apologize in advance for the rush: “I’m sorry we don’t have much time, pet. It won’t always be so rushed. One day, I’m going to take my time and love on your cock properly with my mouth, but for now, I just need you to fuck me hard and fast. Can you do that?”

Slowly you nod and I can see your excitement building as you whimper, “Yes, Miss Jenny.”

You stand and say, “Turn around Miss Jenny. I am going to take you from behind as we don’t have much time…”

I do as you say and I place my hands on the sofa as you roll my skirt up over my ass. With no warning at all, I suddenly feel your hard cock thrust into my moist pussy for the first time. My lips spread over the tip of your cock and I grip your shaft as you slide in all the way… I feel dizzy with excitement and lust. The smell of sex is permeating the room.

“Is this what you needed, Miss Jenny?” you grit out. “…for me to fuck you hard and deep with my thick cock?” You continue to driving into my tight wet cunt without pause.

“Yes!” I manage to say. “Don’t stop!” Don’t ever stop!!

You reach your right hand around and begin rubbing my clit back and forth as you pump into me with long deliberate strokes. Between your finger caressing my clit and your thick cock pumping into my pussy I can feel myself getting close to the edge in no time. I moan softly, and bite my lip trying to contain my pleasure but I know I can’t hold back… Suddenly I arch my back and push back to meet you as my orgasm takes hold of me… My pussy convulses and tightens around your cock and grips firmly on the head with each backstroke which sends you over the edge as well. Your balls tighten as your warm seed explodes inside me, filling me with your hot creamy load. You lean into me after your final release and press your mouth to my ear, whispering, “Fuck, Miss Jenny. Your pussy is so tight… Can we do this again?”

Part 4: Going for a Ride

I smile to myself as I’m walking to the parking lot at the end of the day. What an amazing day I had: I’ve had my breasts felt up, my pussy eaten out, and I’ve been fucked in the teachers’ lounge, all by my hot young pet. And this is only the first of many days.

Suddenly I stop dead in my tracks at the site before me. What the hell? In the student lot, adjacent to the faculty lot, I see you standing by your car and the head cheerleader is next to you, holding onto your arm and giggling. I see red!! I’m overtaken by a fit of jealousy I’ve never known. I won’t stand for this!

I disguise my anger with the sweetest smile I can fake. “Oh, hi! I’m glad to see a familiar face,” I say to you as I approach you and the bitch. “It seems I’ve lost my keys. Would you be a dear and give me a ride to my house?”

The slut shoots daggers at me with her eyes. What? Did I mess up her plans? As if I care!

As she finally removes her hand from you and walks away, you turn to me and smile while you open the door for me. “Yes, Miss Jenny, I’d be happy to give you a ride.”

Hmm, I can’t be sure, but I think I may have detected a bit of naughty in your tone… I like it.

We each get into the car and you exit the parking lot. Once on the highway, you turn to me and ask, “So where do you live, Miss Jenny?”

I smile mischievously and say, “Just keep going straight, I’ll let you know when to turn.” Like a good boy, you do as you’re told and ask no more questions.

We drive for about five minutes in total silence. Considering the day we’ve had, I’m surprised you have not taken your eyes from the road. I place my hand onto your thigh and lightly rub. As expected, your trousers instantly tighten and I hear you swallow. I laugh lightly. “Were you waiting for me to touch you?”

Without hesitation, you shyly admit, “I was hoping.”

With that, my hand slides further in and is no longer resting on your thigh, but on the growing bulge in your pants. “Mmmmmm,” I purr… “I love that your cock gets so hard for Miss Jenny.”

As I gently stroke through the denim I slide a little closer to you so that I’m now whispering in your ear. “So tell me, does anyone else make your cock this hard, this fast?” As I finish my question, I let my tongue slip out to touch your ear. I notice it produces an instant chill.

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