Naughty Teacher and Her Pet

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Note: Though it is not stated in the actual text, this story is written about what *I* imagine to be an 18

Part 1: Naughty Teacher Chooses her Pet

I stay at my desk as I watch your classmates file out of the room ahead of you. With all students facing away from me, I reach down and slip my panties off and stick them in my purse. I stand and adjust my skirt.

Just as you are about to exit the room behind everyone else, you glance back and I catch your eye. “Can you stay back and help me?” I ask, looking straight at you. “I’m in need of a bit of assistance.”

You turn to come back into the room, but I hold up my hand to stop you. “Close the door,” I say. And as you do, I softly add, “And lock it.”

You swallow hard, but do as you are told… good boy.

“Come here,” I purr softly, using my finger to draw you towards me. As you walk near, I unfasten the top buttons on my blouse. Your eyes are instantly drawn to my breasts.

I smile as I practically read your thoughts. “Do you like my breasts?” I slip my hand under my blouse and start to caress them as I wait for your answer. I realize this gesture is causing a delay in your response, but I can’t resist.

Finally, you stammer nervously, “Yes.. Miss Jenny, they… are… lovely.”

“Would you like to touch them?” I ask sweetly, enjoying both that lump in your throat as well as the one I see growing in your trousers.

Confused, you stammer again, “Excuse me?”

I chuckle slightly. “Dear boy, what kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t know each of my students’ needs? I know exactly what you need and it’s my job to see that you get it.”

I reach out and take your right hand and bring it to my breast over my blouse. I close my eyes and sigh as I drag your large hand across each one, forcing you to massage one and then the other.

I open my eyes to find you staring in awe at my protruding nipples now straining against the fabric. Your breathing is heavy. I can see now that your cock is very hard. Satisfied by your response, I take each of your hands and slide them up underneath my silk blouse and place them on my bare breasts. I hear you wimper as you come in contact with my bare skin, almost as if you’ve been burned. But this is not a painful touch. Oh no, you definitely want this as much as I do.

With your hands massaging my breasts, my hands covering them to ensure you don’t retreat, I bend towards you and whisper in your ear, “Do you want to fuck me?”

Your hands freeze and I’m pretty sure a heart attack is imminent, but still I continue speaking into your ear as I lower my hand to cup your throbbing cock that is bulging in your pants. “Miss Jenny needs a teacher’s pet. Someone I show special attention to… and give special rewards to. Would you like to be my pet?”

Speechless, you slowly nod your head.

“I need a verbal answer. Would you like to be my pet? My special student that gets to stay after class and help me out… in special ways…?”

Part 2: Grading Papers with the Teacher

Just twenty four hours ago, you agreed to be my teacher’s pet. Now, I’m dismissing the class to go to lunch, but not you… Miss Jenny needs you to skip your lunch today. Oh don’t worry, you’ll get to eat though…

Once everyone is gone, I take you by the hand and lead you to my desk. “You have no idea how much I hate grading papers,” I explain. “I’m going to need your assistance.”

Eagerly you nod, “Okay Miss Jenny. Do I need a red pen?”

I can’t help but laugh at your sweet innocence. “Oh, no, dear boy. I will grade the papers, but while I do, I need you to crawl under my desk.” I pause, giving you time to form a mental picture, then I explain, “It is your LUNCH period… You’ll find your lunch under my desk…specifically under my skirt.”

Your eyes widen as you suddenly realize what I’m implying. Without further hesitation, you drop your bag beside my desk and fall to your knees. You can surely smell the sweet aroma as you crawl under the desk and I slide my chair up close to you. With a growing confidence, you move my panties to the side and I hear you inhale at the first sight of my smooth pussy. Not used to good grooming from these teenage sluts, I’m sure.

As I begin to mark the papers, I feel your tongue run slowly between my soft lips. First you suck my lips into your mouth, then you begin to twirl your tongue in circles… The sensation is intense. I drop my pen and toss the papers. I reach for your hair, guiding you as I moan softly, letting you know you are doing well— and because I couldn’t keep quiet if the principal were standing right beside my desk!

You bury your tongue deep into my cunt and savor the moment as I push myself at you—grinding my pussy on your chin. Your intensity is increasing—you are loving this!! You pull your tongue back and pinch my clit between your teeth then begin flicking your tongue back and forth with just the tip – steadily increasing the pace until you can go no faster.

At last, with both hands in your hair, I pull you firmly to me as I start to twitch and I feel my orgasm begin to ripple through my body. My juices pour forth and coat your chin. It’s like a tsunami has just ripped through me! I ride out the rhythm —my body exploding!!

At last I am able to form words. “Good Lord!! Well done!” I praise you as I slowly come down from my orgasm. With my legs trembling, my heart racing, and my fingers still woven into your hair, I tilt your head up towards me and I smile weakly. Then I bend forward and lick some juices from your chin. “I see I chose well. Yes, you are definitely the kind of pet I have been needing. I don’t know the last time my pussy has been feasted on in such a way.” Then I pause and carefully consider a possibility… “Dear boy… have you dreamed about eating your teacher’s pussy?” Bashfully you admit, “Yes mam, almost every night.”

This teacher could not be prouder. Oh Yes, I definitely made the right choice when I picked you over all the other boys in the school.

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