Naked Tease

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“Oh yeah,” he moaned, “lick my nuts.”

I was worrying about how far she was going to let things go, but also so aroused that I could not speak. I sat there stroking my cock and stared as she dipped down deeper between his legs and began to paint his scrotum with soft strokes of her tongue.

“That’s it, baby . . . lick them all over . . . lick them good!”

“You like licking my balls, don’t you baby?”

“I know you like it.”

When his balls were shiny with her saliva, she again licked back to the crown. This time he pushed against the back of her head in encouragement and directed,

“Suck it down, baby.”

“Suck it all the way down!”

I watched in amazement as his cock disappeared down her throat. Pangs of jealousy wracked my mind as he inserted his black dick to the hilt. With her lips stretched to accommodate the girth of its base, he instructed, “Look at me, Trish.” With her mouth stuffed with cock and his balls pressed against her chin she flashed open those pleading baby blues. I had never seen anything so sexy and so decadent in my life. In one more test of trust, he reached forward and squeezed her nostrils shut. Her eyes grew wider but she waited breathlessly, her mouth and throat stuffed with cock, her eyes tearing.

After what seemed like an eternity, he released both her nose and the back of her head. She popped off is cock, gagging and gasping for air. Tears were running down her angelic face, her mouth gaped open to show ribbons of saliva and precum clinging from the roof of her mouth and tongue. I thought she would be pissed and started to go to her rescue, when she gasped, “Give it to me!”

“Let me have it!”

She was like a woman possessed, as she sucked his dick in a frenzy of lust, bobbing her head repeatedly down its full length and then sucking so hard it released with a “pop” on each upstroke. The tables were turned and he was the one who was moaning as he approached orgasm. Trish released his pole from her mouth and grabbed it firmly in both hands, one at the base and one at the crown. Each hand twisting back and forth in opposite directions as she pulled to milked his organ.

“Cum for me!”

“Squirt it!”

He blew his load. It erupted like a volcano with heavy squirts striking her cheek, neck and breasts. The remainder oozed from his dickhead and ran like molten lava down her hands.

Todd went totally limp, completely exhausted. Still holding his softening shaft, she kissed his sticky, sensitive crown, flashed that mesmerizing smile, and purred to him, “Did you like that, baby?”

Cradling his deflated cock with gooey hands and semen rolling down her cheek and breasts, she turned to me and repeated, “Did you like that, baby?”

Trish went to the bedroom to freshen up, Todd recovered and dressed, and I took him back to his car as promised. On the trip to the car Todd was complementary to Trish and appreciative to me. Just before he exited the car he turned and said in a believable tone, “You are a very luck man.”

“If you ever decide to do that again, please think of me.” I promise I will stay within your boundaries. “She is such a fuckin babe!”

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