Naked Tease

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By the time we arrived at the apartment, Trish was already presentable and we walked on to our unit. I went to fix us a drink and get some prime smoke that I had put aside for a special occasion. When I returned to the living room I was pleased to see that although they had dimmed the lights, and were dancing to some soft music, they had not begun anything sexually while I was absent. Todd and Trish joined me on the couch and we visited again while we enjoyed our drinks and smoke. I began to complement them on their graceful dance movements at the club, and teased them that they had captivated the attention of the whole room.

Todd took that as an invitation to ask Trish to dance again. This time, dancing just a couple of feet from me they danced more sensually to the soft romantic music. Todd held her close and dipped his head to brush his face against her hair and nuzzle at her neck, and she swayed in his arms with both arms around his neck and her cheek against his chest. Todd slid his hand down the small of her back to come to rest on her firm ass. However this time he openly squeezed and fondled her ass as they danced while working the hem of her dress up inch by inch. She made no move to discourage him. I watched attentively as more thigh was revealed until the bottom of her globes peeked into the light and his fingers found bare skin. He suddenly pushed the back of her skirt to her waist and claimed the only intimate part of her body he had not explored. She allowed him to run his hands freely across her naked skin, dipping his long black fingers into the crack between her cheeks. To encourage his touch, she spread her legs slightly and rose to her tiptoes to allow his fingers to trace the satin string of the thong as it passed between her legs. I watched my fantasy come to life before my eyes as he openly pet my wife’s most private places. Their actions were incredibly arousing, but the contrast of their skin tones made their contact appear even more naughty and daring.

He released her dress to allow the hem to drop back to its normal position as he moved his hands to the sides of her head. Holding her petite head in his massive hands, he tilted her face up to kiss her sweetly on her lips, before moving his hands to trace the back of his fingers across her cheek, neck shoulder and the sides of her breasts. Oh my God, it was about to happen! He was going to unbutton Trish’s dress in front of me and she was going to let him. Trish back slightly to allow him space to unfasten her dress but continued to flutter sweet soft kisses on his lips and chin. She was definitely giving him the “green light” to continue.

Then it hit me like a tun of bricks. My darling beautiful wife had chosen to willingly give herself to her muscular buck. My mouth hung open and dry. I was barely breathing, and my stomach was doing flip flops. I could hardly sit still and wanted to scream for them to stop. My voice was caught in my throat when I began to see her through new eyes. I had forgotten how alluring, how seductive, how sexy she could be! It was all new to him and he was obviously captivated by her seductive appeal and was excited that she was about to bless him with her feminine charms. Her gift to me was an opportunity to observe her intimate contact with fresh eyes. Suddenly my anxiety and fear was replaced with pride, lust and a sense of awe.

As that perspective sunk into my brain, her dress fluttered to the floor and she stood gloriously naked except for her panties and heels before an admiring stranger. My trance was broken as he spoke for the first time, “My God, you’re a goddess!”

“I’ve never seen a more spectacular woman.”

“You’re even more beautiful than I imagined!” She stood patiently, arms at her sides, shoulders back and allowed her partner to enjoy her naked tits. Trish remained motionless as he traced the contours of her breasts with his fingertips before lifting them to test their weight and firmness. He applied gentle pressure on her nipples, seeming enjoying the way they popped back into position, fully erect as his thumb passed over them proclaiming her arousal. Trish smiled and melted back into his arms. I beamed with pride at his complementary observations. They continued to dance with him fully dressed and her almost naked in his embrace. In a few moments Trish unbuttoned his shirt and pushed is over his shoulders, baring his heavily muscled chest to her touch. She sensuously stroked his pecks and fondled his abs until she reached and unfastened his belt buckle. Todd took her hint, stepped back a step, and dropped his shirt, shoes, socks and slacks to the floor. Now both in their underpants they stared at each other for a moment. Trish’s eyes traveled down and back up his body before locking eyes with Todd. With a flash in her eyes and a mischievous smile on her face, she pushed her panties to her ankles and displayed her naked, perfectly manicured pussy to his view. Following suite, he removed his boxers and allowed his manhood to bounce fully erect from his loin.

Then, each completely naked, they moved into each other’s embrace. Trish reached forward to grasp the end of Todd’s cock. With the underside of his ebony pole lying in the palm of her right hand and her fingers wrapped firmly around its girth, she pulled it slightly up and away from his body, cupping his balls in her left hand. She didn’t stroke him but held it in reverence as if she had picked up a precious but heavy trophy from a low shelf. She tilted her face back in invitation for him to kiss her. He bent at the neck as he caressed the side of her face with one hand and they began to trade soft, teasing, lingering kisses while his other hand tenderly explored the folds of her pussy. They held that pose for what seemed minutes and I’ll never forget it. She stood poised and still on tip toes in her heels, sharing tender “butterfly” kisses, cradling his black cock as if it were valuable Vencian glass, allowing him to play freely in the downy fur between her legs. With light circular caresses of her clit he soon had her audibly whimpering at his touch. Before long she was hunching at his finger as it disappeared between her distended lips, stroking his dick and literally licking and sucking on his tongue as if it were a miniature cock!

I was overwhelmed with lust. Because to them I had faded into the woodwork as if I was no longer in the room, I was free to release my own cock and began to frantically beat my meat as I watched my wife perform in a live sex show just feet from my position! Oh my God . . . She was so beautiful and sexy!

It was like Trish was in another world, parting her legs, and wildly hunching his fingers; releasing his tongue from her lips only long enough to babble incoherently, moan and whimper. He whispered something to her and then pushed on her shoulders to direct her to her knees. In her kneeling position his swollen ebony cock hung just inches over her upturned face. There was an undeniable submission in her eyes that I had never seen as she stared at his meat. He gave her a long look and then to my surprise turned abruptly and stepped to the couch with his cock bobbing before him.

He sat on the edge of the couch next to me and lay back against the cushions with his legs widely parted. What happened next just blew my mind. He locked eyes with her and ordered, “Come here!” I had never seen anything like it. Never loosing eye contact she began to crawl, breasts hanging, the muscles on her ass and flanks rippling like a cheetah stalking her prey. Upon reaching her goal she used the flat of her tongue to lick, ever so slowly, across his dangling black ball sack, up the length of his shaft to kiss him tenderly on the tip.

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